Blood Pressure, Glucose, and Cholesterol — What are the Norms these Days?

Dr. John Reizer

When a person visits a medical doctor, the attending nurse first weighs the patient. Next, the person is led to an exam room, where a short conversation occurs between the patient and nurse.

After a review of the patient’s history, the blood pressure is taken. Next, the doctor enters the room and listens to the patient’s lungs, abdomen and heart.

After the exam is finished, blood work is ordered and sent to a lab. The lab tests are returned with the results stating a particular category is low, high, or within an acceptable range.

If the test results are flagged for being too high or low, the patient can expect to be prescribed drugs.

The scenario I have described above is how modern medicine is practiced. It appears to the average person as being very scientific.

It is not!

Most people don’t know that the lab tests are rigged in favor of big pharma. It’s like walking into a casino and believing you will come out on top. It is not going to happen! The house (casino) is going to win most of the time.

When I was going to school decades ago, many of the normal lab values were higher than today. For example, let’s examine cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure:

The 1980s – 90s

Normal cholesterol: 250-300.

Normal glucose: 80-120

The 1970s

Normal blood pressure was considered 100+ your age over 80-90.

In today’s medical narrative, normal cholesterol is a reading of below 200.

In today’s medical narrative, a normal glucose level is between 70-100.

In today’s medical narrative, high blood pressure begins at 120/80. For example, a blood pressure of 119/79 is within the normal range, but a blood pressure of 135/85 is stage 1 (mild) hypertension.

How has so many normal value ranges for labs and medical tests changed through the years?

To be perfectly honest, the normal value ranges for labs and medical tests have been purposely changed over the past four decades to sell more drugs. It’s as simple as that!

Blood pressure norms are achieved by taking the blood pressure readings of millions of people in hospitals. Those readings are then used to create a statistical average.

Patients in hospitals are not going to have high blood pressure readings because most patients in hospitals are on high blood pressure medications. Because of this fact, the statistical average of blood pressure readings worldwide has become lower and lower over time.

The same can be said for blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Millions of people who have contributed to the statistical average of these lab categories were medicated to lower their readings. Therefore, national and international normal ranges have been artificially lowered.

All of these lower normal lab value ranges found in today’s medical world have been achieved by drugging patients and using them in studies to get more people on prescription drugs.

Organized medicine and big pharma are criminal enterprises that have been over-medicating humanity for a long time.



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Written by MJ Palo and John Reizer

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4 thoughts on “Blood Pressure, Glucose, and Cholesterol — What are the Norms these Days?

  1. lhakes12 August 9, 2022 / 10:34 pm

    The Paleo Cardiologist by Jack Wolfson DO FACC

    “It is very clear cholesterol, LDL, HDL, and triglycerides serve a purpose. We evolved over a million of years and contain these molecules for a reason. Without them, animal life does not exist. Yet the medical establishment continues to treat lipids as the enemy. The quest to discover more drugs to combat cholesterol seems never-ending. We need to realize cholesterol does not cause disease. What does cause disease is eating unhealthy foods like sugar, wheat, soy, and corn. Living in a world filled with air pollutants, heavy metals, toxic laundry products, and plastics also lead to health problems. What we call disease is really the body’s response to these poisons.”

    • Dr. John Reizer August 9, 2022 / 10:42 pm

      Yep! 🤣

      The medical profession is based on lunatic narratives and scientific fraud. And those are the nice things I have to say about the profession.


  2. Tamaks August 11, 2022 / 11:23 am

    Hi Dr. Reizer! And also Medical Drs, will not recommend nature healings or wonders i.e food or tea that can lower blood pressure, blood sugar cholesterol etc. that have been used by the ancient times for 100’s of years, for their is no money in nature, nature cannot be patented and worst Big Pharma even will hired PR to discouraged using nature. However, the positive part of the Big Pharma controlling the world in terms of medication and healing it helps U.S economy, Big Pharma profit is part of the 25 trillion U.S. GDP. Just like U.S. military arsenal profits it helps the GDP, It sad though making profits in exchange of people’s life.

    • Dr. John Reizer August 11, 2022 / 11:30 am

      Thanks for sharing, Tamaks! Great points. 👍🙂


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