According to officialdom, some viral pathogens cause more diseases in colder months and climates

Dr. John Reizer

According to mainstream science, many viral pathogens seem to cause more illness in the fall and winter months because they are enveloped in a lipid membrane.

The lipid membrane is supposedly sensitive to heat and summer-like conditions. Therefore, many viruses like influenza and sars-cov-2 don’t infect as many people during this time of year.

If we look at COVID-19 case numbers reported by the mainstream science community, we observe a decrease in cases in the spring and summer months and a spike in cases in the fall and winter.

According to an article published in Science,

“Except in the equatorial regions, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is a winter disease, Martinez wrote, but chickenpox favors the spring. Rotavirus peaks in December or January in the U.S. Southwest, but in April and May in the Northeast. Genital herpes surges all over the country in the spring and summer, whereas tetanus favors midsummer; gonorrhea takes off in the summer and fall, and pertussis has a higher incidence from June through October. Syphilis does well in winter in China, but typhoid fever spikes there in July. Hepatitis C peaks in winter in India but in spring or summer in Egypt, China, and Mexico. Dry seasons are linked to Guinea worm disease and Lassa fever in Nigeria and hepatitis A in Brazil.”

In other words, depending on the bacteria or viral pathogens in question, they can wax and wane at different times of the year.

Is sars-cov-2 enveloped?

Since health experts claim COVID -19 cases decrease significantly in warmer conditions and return with a vengeance in the fall and winter, does this mean the virus has a lipid envelope surrounding it?

Nobody has the answer to that question because no scientists anywhere in the world have isolated or photographed the infamous pathogen.

We are currently being told by health regulatory agencies that COVID-19 case numbers are spiking in the United States and Europe. Keep in mind that both locations are experiencing unprecedented heat waves. Why would the case numbers be on the rise at this time of the year?

My theory has always been that Influenza and colds increase in the fall and winter because millions of people receive vaccinations in late August and onward. The vaccines cause the proliferation of diseases worldwide. There’s no telling what poisons are loaded into those shots.

I also believe that the diagnostic tools being used to document the presence of bacteria and viral infections in humans are completely flawed and not reliable.

PCR testing has been used for many years to detect most viral infections including Influenza. More recently, PCR testing was conveniently introduced to drive the COVID train into the pandemic station.

Microbiology has become a playground for fraudsters and infectious disease psyop architects. PCR tests are incapable of giving accurate diagnoses for any bacteria or viral diseases let alone one like sars-cov-2 that doesn’t exist.

I contend that the case numbers for any infectious diseases can be artificially manipulated by the powers that be by simply rigging the diagnostic tests given to the general public.

No COVID or monkeypox pandemics are occurring in the world. PCR pandemics are occurring that make it appear as if infectious diseases are spiking throughout the world.

Remember, as long as pandemic labels remain in effect, emergency use authorized COVID and monkey pox vaccines can be administered to the general population.


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4 thoughts on “According to officialdom, some viral pathogens cause more diseases in colder months and climates

  1. lhakes12 July 24, 2022 / 8:18 pm

    I agree with you, John. I think that they claim colds and the flu come about in the colder months of the year because of the big vaccine push during those times.

    And I grew up in the Midwest where the winter tundra months could be bitter cold. But I had always been told that the cold weather does not cause illness. It might make an existing cold worse, but it is not responsible for the sickeness itself.
    But I have no scientific data to back this up. It is just word of mouth where I grew up.

    But the controlling powers seem to want people to believe cold weather is responsible so that they can influence them to come in for their shots. And isn’t it a bit of a twist with them now claiming people are becoming sick in the summer months?

    I have heard that they plan on having more boosters ready by October. They must want to get those false positive PCR test results ready in high numbers by that time so that people will believe that they need to go in for their jabs. The fear factor traps are being set!
    That is my assumption as to why we might have so called summertime sickness now.
    And are people still voluntarily taking the covid tests or are the powers that be just plain lying about the numbers? Although I do know that there are still a lot of people that have to go in for regular covid testing for their jobs. The system is fixed!


    • Dr. John Reizer July 24, 2022 / 9:09 pm

      I think the system is definitely fixed! 🤣
      Thanks for sharing, Lisa.


  2. Kenneth T. July 24, 2022 / 9:12 pm

    Perhaps… I don’t know… people stay inside during colder months so any “viruses” like colds or flu can spread around easier?
    AND— during this hotter than normal summer, people are (uhh) staying indoors again, spreading anything anyone might have.

    But I don’t know I’m trying not to play these coldvid/moneypox games

    • Dr. John Reizer July 24, 2022 / 9:27 pm

      Thanks for sharing, Kenneth! 🙂

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