The Ridiculousness of the Nuclear Weapons Narrative

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Dr. John Reizer

The nuclear weapons narrative regularly appears in mainstream and alternative news media stories. Whether it’s the doomsday plane circling the arctic circle or President Joe Biden and his team of advisors making contingency plans to duck and cover should North Korea conduct a nuclear weapons test while the Americans are visiting South Korea on an upcoming trip, the constant threat of nuclear war is repeatedly played up and publicized to the masses.

The controlling powers want to continually remind everybody that a handful of countries allegedly possess nuclear weapons and that these end-of-world devices can be detonated at any time whatsoever.

This storyline about nuclear weapons has been ongoing since the 1940s, when America reportedly dropped two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, to expedite the end of World War II. But many people don’t buy that story and instead believe the two atomic bombs were fake, and the two Japanese cities were carpet-bombed with conventional weapons. I think that too!

In February 2022, the mainstream press hyped up the storyline about the potential use of nuclear weapons in the Russian and Ukraine conflict. There were stories about people buying and installing underground bunkers, a shortage of iodine pills, and other nonsensical fairytales. As I predicted in earlier writings, no nukes would be used. That’s because nuclear weapons do not exist!

Enough already with the nuclear weapons hoax. Like its second cousin, the Apollo moon landing fakery, the two claimed technologies are both products of industry lies used over the years to procure funding for black op projects that have produced dangerous technologies that remain unknown to the global citizenry.

If you tell the average person what I have written about in this post, they will think you and I are crazy. People will continue to embrace the storyline even though there has been no proof that nuclear weapons have ever been detonated (outside of the few CGI productions of mushroom clouds and secret underground government tests).

Many things are being reported by the mainstream press as I write these words to throw people off track about the crucial things transpiring. Every person needs to understand the most important story occurring — a global genocide continues to be in play through a mass vaccination program.

The world pandemic is a psyop and was never about an infectious disease. The other stories about variants and viruses (monkeypox) are also fake. Millions are dying, and millions more will perish from the vaccines. There needs to be a plausible explanation for the public to grab hold of concerning all the deaths. Monkeypox and other fictitious variants will be the answer given to the gullible masses. These alleged pathogens will also allow government health regulatory agencies to push for more booster vaccines.

Millions of people have been murdered by their sovereign governments that have genuflected to a world government calling for a culling of the human population. That storyline has been covered up, and anyone trying to bring the narrative to light is routinely censored and prohibited from having a credible platform.


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2 thoughts on “The Ridiculousness of the Nuclear Weapons Narrative

  1. lhakes12 May 21, 2022 / 8:39 pm

    John, the controlling powers are certainly giving it their all to keep the truth hidden.

    A Share:

    Top 5 Signs of a False Flag Terror Attack:

    1) Horrific images are over-used by the media to shock the public

    2) Drills of a similar attack occur the same day in the same area.

    3) Eyewitness accounts do not match the official story.

    4) Conflicting evidence is not repeated by the media.

    5) Used as an excuse to curtail rights or start a war.

    (And these false flags are nothing but distractions and fear mongering tactics.
    We need to shut them out and focus on our own lives.
    My family had a squishmallow celebration for my daughter’s 23rd birthday today.
    Adorably soft squishmallows of many different varieties of animals and what have you. They are the new thing with young people. Not a bad thing. They are kind of comforting! I even got a few very colorful squishy alien squishmallows for myself. These aliens are of the good kind! 😂
    John, maybe your daughter has a few of these squishy lovable pillows, too! 🙂)


    • Dr. John Reizer May 21, 2022 / 10:25 pm

      Thanks for sharing, Lisa! 👍

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