NASA expects full cooperation with Russia moving forward?

Dr. John Reizer

“WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said on Thursday that he has full confidence Russia will extend its cooperation with the United States on the International Space Station (ISS)…”

The idea that the American Space Agency and the Russian government are going to cooperate during the current state of affairs is laughable.

For three months, we have been force-fed nonstop crap about impending nuclear war between these two countries. Now, we are supposed to believe that the two governments are going to work together on the fake space program.

Keep in mind that neither the United States nor Russia has any nuclear weapons in the first place. It’s all a giant baloney sandwich that is being served to the gullible public.

Do people honestly believe that two countries about to launch world-ending nuclear technology on one another would continue to work together on space projects?

The American and Russian governments administered bioweapons disguised as vaccines to their citizens. Both countries genuflect before a world governing construct hidden in the shadows.

Don’t believe the lies that America and Russia are enemies. They are but two players of many involved in a global plot to reduce the human population over a pre-calculated period.


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One thought on “NASA expects full cooperation with Russia moving forward?

  1. Lisa April 27, 2022 / 10:52 am

    A lot of conflicting messaging going on, John.
    They just want us to take one big bite out of a baloney sandwich after another! 😂

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