The COVID Narrative is Crumbling!

The plandemic has demonstrated to those people paying attention many important lessons:

1. We can not trust political candidates to do the right thing.

2. We can not trust organized medicine or pharmaceutical corporations to look out for humanity’s best interest.

3. All sovereign governments are attempting to kill their citizens.

4.We are in a war against a segment of society that views themselves as elitists.

5. In war there are no rules, only ways to survive or perish.


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5 thoughts on “The COVID Narrative is Crumbling!

  1. Lisa April 26, 2022 / 2:46 pm

    Great video, John!

    Max Igan is inspirational in that he says leaders need to teach others to be leaders themselves.

    And he says people really need to get to know themselves and others better.

    Plus, he states that the controlling powers goal is falling apart. Many people can’t help but see the insanity!

    Additionally, I like what like what Jean Nolan states about perceived heroes such as Elon Musk. What they do in the background is opposing to what they do out front!

    “He runs a company that wants to control your brain and buys twitter so that you can have free speech!”

    PArry Masons (cuz Jeff):
    Yesterday, Facebook

    (All good/ couldn’t make up my mind on which one to put out!)

    “If someone was truly trying to save the people from these lying parasites

    It certainly wouldn’t be a household name
    Who is a celebrity or billionaire
    Working public theater on the global stag

    The people trying to save Humanity are already censored, banned suppressed and in most cases
    Called domestic Terrorists, anti semites and
    Conspiracy Theorists

    We’re everywhere
    But you don’t see us

    Because we’re not who you expect

    The real truthers aren’t Roman princes

    And there is no one person who is gonna save us

    Because we All need to save ourselves”

    “It’s rather comical that
    Mr. Depp is so prevalent in the news lately
    Considering one of his most famous roles was as
    Capt Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean
    Comical because that’s exactly who we’re dealing with

    Modern day pirates
    The Merchants
    The money changers
    And the Illuminati

    It feels like the elites are all laughing now at how dumb we the people are
    How we never make any synchronous epiphanies in our world And continue to just eat up their shit

    And now they are taking us all to Davy Jones locker

    But I’m totally serious
    The metaphoric language is ridiculous

    Playing you all like a fiddle

    Our generation is Hollywood brainwashed

    Our perception of the Pirate is Disney

    Just another example of the lack of knowledge our generation has inherited through culture conditioning”

    “Why is a pirate symbol used on the
    Ivy league secret society
    At Yale University??

    Has anyone ever made the connection between
    Masonic Lodges, illuminati brotherhoods, and the
    Pirates of East India Trade company

    Or it that all Mickey Mouse to you?

    Because there is good reasons
    Why Hollywood films reflect truth
    Like former Presidents serving in secret societies such as the
    Skull and Bones society”

    On Jeff’s profile picture on Facebook he has Mickey Mouse slammed into a mouse trap!

    A great depiction of what Disney deserves!

    But for some reason, I still find it a little painful even though I am awake. I feel like I am mourning some loss of friends I thought I had in my upbringing. I guess it’s that brainwashing of the warm and fuzzy feelings they want children to have to lure them into their satanic ways!


    • Dr. John Reizer April 26, 2022 / 3:11 pm

      You and your cousin are spots on, Lisa! The only person who can save us is us. When people wake up from the coma they have been in the system will be taken down.

      Our best opportunity for changing the world is to have more educated people around. That’s why NoFakeNews is here, to educate the public!

      Great stuff as always!


  2. Lisa April 26, 2022 / 4:09 pm

    NoFakeNews is one if those leaders out there to help make others to be leaders themselves, John!
    And you are a leader!
    Plus, all it takes is an interest to seek the truth a few steps further than what you may already know, and start being active yourself to become one.
    I should know, because that’s how I got here. And I might have got a bit of tugging on from the universe, too! 🙂 👍

  3. Dickie April 27, 2022 / 8:11 pm

    I dont see it that way its just that they introduced the ukraine variant to the trained herd as the next phase The lies must get ever bigger it prevents any rational analysis Because everyf-ingthing cant be a lie can it? No! Not everything…normies dont want to face the truth…and i cant blame them really… Dont pull the thread on the sweater… As Jack London wrote more than 100 years ago He had torn the veil from Truth…and the sight was too terrible to stand… nothing new under the sun!

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