Very minimal reporting on COVID and vaccine deaths as war and pending food shortages occupy the headlines

Dr. John Reizer

It’s hard to find a story headline at the moment about COVID and the millions of vaccine deaths. I am referring to alternative media as well as mainstream products.

Society’s attention is now centered on the scenarios possibly coming from war and food shortages.

I am not saying that war is not possible in our future and that manufactured food shortages are out of the question. It just strikes me odd how the world narrative and conversations, in general, were so quickly changed from COVID, venom peptides in Remdesivir, and the deadly vaccines to war and famine.

The conversation changes are intentional. There’s a major push by the controlling powers to steer the public’s focus away from the vaccine murders. Unfortunately, many alternative media platforms are unknowingly playing along.

It’s estimated by some people that 34 million Americans already died from COVID vaccines. This number is calculated based on reported VAERS numbers in conjunction with a Harvard study claiming VAERS stats are 99 percent underreported.

A large number of vaccine deaths and the venom theory which appeared to have some disturbing truths attached to it is why, in my humble opinion, we are having so much national and world media coverage about war and expected food shortages. I believe this tactic is another psyop to prevent people from connecting the dots about vaccine recipients dropping like flies.


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