More science fiction from the powers that be

The powers that be want everyone to continue to be afraid as the fake nuclear war psyop heats up.

The same psychopaths that brought you the great world pandemic scam are gearing up for the nuclear weapons bull$hit storyline.

Why would any country need to stockpile thousands of nuclear warheads if it only takes one or two of these bombs to destroy the entire world?

What do the Apollo moon landings, coronavirus, and nuclear weapons programs have in common? They are all hoaxes!

More lies designed to keep us afraid and distracted from the global vaccine genocide!


Last year Mad-Wife productions filmed and produced the pilot movie The Target List. The story is now going to become a full-feature movie that will be released in 2023.

The fact that the story is going into production at all is amazing. The serious illness I suffered last year almost prevented the movie from being made.

I knew when I was writing the novel it was a special project. After my brother read the manuscript in 2019, he told me it was the best thing I had ever written.

I can not overemphasize how happy and proud I am that this particular work is going to be a full-length film. I will provide additional information and updates here as they become available.


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