A Significant Event is Coming! (From March 2015)

“The simulation is nearing its endpoint and the avatars illegally operating in the game without the permission of Vast Intelligence are desperate to interrupt the kill switch instructions.

“2015 marks the commencement of the endgame with closing ceremonies to be fully implemented by 2115. Nothing can stop the end of the Earth game simulation!

What to expect:

“A significant event will be executed by the illegal avatars soon. Their goal is to disrupt Vast Intelligence’s termination instructions coming through in the way of universal frequency codes.

“The significant event will be a major happening and affect every sovereign territory on the gameboard (Earth). A modification within the genetic code of human beings will be attempted through mass vaccination. The plan has been in the works for decades. Time is of course illusionary outside of solidification, but I write about time as it applies to all avatars playing inside the game.” — Michael Morris — March 2015


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