Nothing in health care is free except for the COVID vaccines

Dr. John Reizer

Nothing in the history of medicine has been offered to society for free! In America, if you stroll into a hospital setting for anything — you’re going to be billed thousands of dollars. Stay in that same hospital for a week, and you could easily have a bill that is hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In countries where socialized medicine exists, citizens pay plenty for that care through income taxes. There are no free lunches within corporate healthcare — people are robbed of their health and financial assets by the pharmaceutical industrial complex — unless we are discussing the COVID-19 vaccines. In that case, citizens are just robbed of their health, the bioweapons are gifts from the managerial elites.

In all seriousness, COVID-19 vaccines are free for everyone. Governments worldwide have seen to it that the expensive experimental drugs are paid for so that all citizens can have access to these diabolical poisons that are wreaking havoc on the people dumb enough to receive them.

Heart Disease — $18,953 per patient per year

Dementia — $24,000 per patient per month

Cancer/Chemotherapy Treatments — $102,395 per patient per year

Cancer/Radiation Therapy Treatments — $8600 per patient

Autoimmune Disease Management — $100 billion annually

I found the costs listed above through search engines, and many of them were recorded using statistics reported five and ten years ago. The same diseases cost considerably more to manage/mitigate in 2022. I am attempting to point out that medicine (Big Pharma) is a lucrative and very profitable industry, among other things. There are no freebies handed out.

Many health-related challenges affect the wellbeing of global citizens, and I am not even talking about the subjects of hunger and malnutrition.

An imaginary cold virus comes onto the scene that allegedly endangers the lives of everyone, and suddenly there are lockdowns and draconian restrictions announced and implemented worldwide. Scientists are thrown into laboratories across the planet and burn the oil night and day to amazingly come up with a vaccine recipe capable of preventing/curing the deadly virus in less than a year.

Meanwhile, the same geniuses haven’t been able to cure any other diseases ever?

Oh, and don’t forget that the life-saving medicinal products are being offered for free to everyone. In fact, not only are they offering the miracle elixirs for free — the different sovereign governments want to make them mandatory because these leaders are so concerned about your health and safety.

Officialdom (Official-Dumb)

Without a doubt, the official narrative surrounding the world pandemic has to be hands down one of the most ridiculous stories ever circulated by the controlling powers. Not only does it make no sense whatsoever from a scientific standpoint, but it also appears stupid and badly contrived to laypeople who can apply even the most minimal of critical-thinking skills.

Yet, here we stand as global citizens in January 2022, and a good portion of the world’s population is still buying the baloney sandwich being served by the medical cafeteria. The nonsense being peddled by scientism as officialdom is enough to make a sane person go mad.

But let’s cut to the chase and make one thing exceptionally clear. These past 24 months have never been about science, medicine, or a public health emergency. This exhibition is and always has been about population control and the extinguishing of human lives. If you attempt to apply logic or science to what is happening, you are wasting precious time.

If people think that the legal system will save them — their constitutional rights will prevail — they are mistaken. What we are going through collectively on this planet makes the Holocaust in Nazi Germany look like a small event. And I don’t give a damn if what I have written offends some people because it’s time people wake the heck up and understand just what is taking place.

COVID-19 is a global genocide, and there’s no other way to describe what is in play.

If people think that Bill Gates and a few other public figures are the masterminds behind the entire operation — think again. These public figures are frontmen and frontwomen. There is something much grander going on than what meets the public eyes of perception.

If this were indeed the machinations of a few technocrats, the perpetrators of the criminal acts would have been arrested and thrown in jail long ago. No, something far more profound and disturbing is taking place than Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab running a global reset. The real criminals running the COVID show are invisible to the public. I don’t believe we will ever get to see the actual men and women pulling the psyop’s strings behind the curtain!


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4 thoughts on “Nothing in health care is free except for the COVID vaccines

  1. Lisa January 7, 2022 / 3:04 pm

    John, an excellent description of the travesty going on in the world today!
    And how accurate, ” a good portion of the world’s population is buying the baloney sandwich being served by the medical cafeteria. ”
    That sums it up in a nutshell!
    And they have served up this lethal baloney sandwich in a very timely manner. The people have been enticed into swallowing it by every means possible. Including by bribery of receiving cash, food and more. It is even been sold by offering to inject your creme filling into the doughnut yourself with a large sryinge. Isn’t that entertaining? I would call that brainwashing. They call it the injectable doughnut. How sick is that!
    And now the bribery is starting to wear off, and the controlling powers are becoming more threatening.
    No vaccine, no job! And no entry into concerts, restaurants and more.
    The mere fact as to how quickly they are dishing out their lies is suspect in and of itself. As Dr. Nagase , the microbiologist in the video recently posted here stated, it takes over twenty years to test if a drug or therapy is safe.
    And I notice the video is missing from nofakenews now. I am guessing censorship!
    I had tried to put the video on a group on Facebook, but it did not go through. Although strangely, I still have it on my Facebook page.

    • John Reizer January 7, 2022 / 4:01 pm

      Yes, the link to the doctor discussing the mRNA vaccines was no longer working so I pulled the page.

      Thanks for the link and excellent feedback.


  2. nomad January 9, 2022 / 2:05 pm

    “The real criminals running the COVID show are invisible to the public. I don’t believe we will ever get to see the actual men and women pulling the psyop’s strings behind the curtain!”
    curious. few want to speculate about who these hidden criminals are.

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