Latest Update

August 30 – I began running a fever and it lasted for an entire week.

September 7, my oxygen saturation dipped into the low 80’s.

September 7, I felt that I would not survive the night and asked my wife to take me to the hospital.

I was diagnosed with Covid and placed on high concentrations of oxygen.

On September 11th, my family was told that my heart and lungs were affected and my only chance for survival was to be placed on a ventilator.

I remained on the ventilator for 18 days. Somehow, I survived the ventilation process.

I then had to battle GI bleeds that required seven different surgical procedures where I almost died several times.

I have been in a hospital bed for over 60 days and lost most of my muscle tone.

I am currently rehabbing to regain my ability to walk and function independently.

At no time whatsoever did anyone force me into taking medical procedures.

Without the help of my doctors, wife, daughter and family members, I would have died.

When I have recovered, I will give you a better account of my journey to hell and back.

Please do not write nasty emails to my family or me as we have no ulterior motives. I am not an operative or disinformation agent.

Thanks for your understanding.

Dr. John Reizer

4 thoughts on “Latest Update

  1. Jami Hanes November 16, 2021 / 9:55 am

    Hey John. I have been quietly following your posts for well over a year now. I am interested to hear more of your experience and your take on things now. I am so sorry that you have gone through this. Praying to the great Healer and Physician to renew your strength and give you clarity of mind. Sincerely, Jami

  2. SeeBee November 16, 2021 / 10:34 am

    Click to access covid-19-pdf-1.pdf

    Very Happy you are feeling better and reporting from the field. Please let us know if you have been jabbed and how you feel following it. Thank you.

  3. Derek November 16, 2021 / 10:04 pm

    Hope you’re doing well! Sorry you and your family are going through this. I know it’s hard. The medical Ozone breathing might be worth looking at when you get home. Promolife is where I got my supplies. You can get an oxygen concentrator cheap on E-Bay, Craigslist, or OfferUp. God bless you and your family. Hope you have a speedy recovery!

  4. Dickie November 17, 2021 / 9:42 pm

    Glad you are ok dont let nothing get you down Aint nothing guaranteed In 2016 a very dear friend of mine fell ill with a flu She was fitness model healthy no conditions Was hospitalized overnight then sent home Two nights later she died in her sleep at the age of 44 its still unbelieveable and devastating But when God says its time its time thats it and thats all and its coming for all of us Live every day as though its your last one day you will be right Look forward to your return Doctor i enjoy your writings God bless you and your family

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