The Vaccines Are Worse Than Dr Mikovits Thought

When vaccines are introduced into humans, they bypass the regular portal of entry and overstimulate portions of the immune system. This, unfortunately, causes an overabundance of junk antibodies to be produced.

The vaccines stress the immune system and can throw it out of balance, setting up lifelong battles with autoimmune disorders and other diseases. Also, the junk antibodies produced from the vaccines do not protect the person from the conditions in question and are direct evidence the immune system has been damaged. Booster shots are required to keep the antibodies at a high level that the mainstream scientists believe is sufficient for the human body. This is quack science!

-Dr. Reizer

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Dr Judy Mikovits said that this coronavirus vaccine could kill 50 million Americans over the next 40 years. The versions being released by Pfizer and Moderna require storage at minus 70 degrees Celsius (minus 94 F) and might be far more deadly than even she originally estimated.

Why so cold? Children’s Health Defense explained in an August 6th article, “mRNA vaccines undergoing Covid-19 clinical trials, including the Moderna vaccine, rely on a nanoparticle-based “carrier system” containing a synthetic chemical called polyethylene glycol (PEG).”

The use of PEG (polyethylene glycol) in drugs and vaccines is increasingly controversial due to the well-documented incidence of adverse PEG-related immune reactions, including life-threatening anaphylaxis.

Roughly seven in ten Americans may already be sensitized to PEG, which may result in reduced efficacy of the vaccine and an increase in adverse side effects.

If a PEG-containing mRNA vaccine for Covid-19 gains FDA approval, the uptick in exposure…

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2 thoughts on “The Vaccines Are Worse Than Dr Mikovits Thought

  1. Joyce Bowen November 26, 2020 / 2:02 pm

    I carried [and practically slept with] the vaccine excipient list for almost 2 years. Something gnawed at me as to the ingredients used.

    It finally hit me. I had denied it but no longer could. [I subjected my children to these things without researching] These ingredients and their combinations should never be injected into any biological organisms. Especially not pregnant women and little babies.

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