The Truth About the Coronavirus and Why the Case Numbers Keep Rising

By Dr. John Reizer


At the time of this writing, there have been approximately 400,000 total cases of Covid-19 reported in the world. The United States has 49,000 cases, and there have been 588 deaths reported. The number of severe cases requiring hospitalization is reported at 1,175.

The World Health Organization estimates that worldwide, annual influenza epidemics result in about 3-5 million cases of severe illness and about 250,000 to 500,000 deaths.

The severe case numbers we are seeing reported by regulatory agencies concerning Covid-19 pale in comparison to published influenza data. Strictly looking at the virus from a statistical standpoint, it’s a dud and not really a threat to 99 percent of the population.

There are a lot of numbers being thrown around by so-called experts concerning Covid-19. The problem is that there are no real Covid-19 experts in existence. It’s supposedly a new strain of previously existing coronaviruses that have infected people around the world for many years.

Also, we have to seriously question any case numbers being reported. The lab tests triggering the continuous rise in coronavirus case numbers have had severe problems associated with them since their inception. In my opinion, many false-positive cases have been recorded because of the existence of coronavirus antibodies or DNA fragments of similar viruses being present in people that have successfully defeated previous common cold infections. Many of these cold infections were undoubtedly caused by different coronaviruses. According to health experts, 20 percent of common colds worldwide are thought to be caused by coronaviruses that can trigger the same primary symptoms in people as Covid-19.

The common cold most assuredly has tenfold the number of annual cases compared to the influenza data reported. It undoubtedly kills as many people and probably many more than flu cases. You don’t hear about or see the statistics because common cold viruses are not treated with antiviral medicines and are not associated with vaccines. Therefore, common cold viruses are not discussed by the medical-industrial complex because there’s no financial incentive to warrant a discussion. In fact, many of the influenza case numbers are published higher than they should be because, during the flu season months, the common cold cases and deaths from these viruses are incorrectly recorded as influenza statistics.

Statistics can be telling or downright misleading depending on the accuracy or inaccuracy of the data being input. How can we trust regulatory agencies such as the CDC and the WHO when they have been found in the past not to be trustworthy? I am sorry, but I have little faith in these regulatory agencies, and I don’t trust the case numbers being reported.

Another big piece of disinformation that keeps being repeated by government leaders and so-called health experts is that the virulence of Covid-19 is the determining factor in whether people become infected or not. This is the longstanding lie tethered to mainstream microbiology.

Bacterial and viral microbes don’t determine if a particular person gets infected. The human immune system is the sole determinant in the equation. If a person’s immune system is working correctly, bacterial and viral microbes are a non-issue for human beings.

When the powers that be paint a picture that invisible microbes are lurking around every corner, waiting to infect the next unfortunate person that happens to come along, it makes for a far better and much scarier story. In this scenario, it’s easier to get people all worked up. It’s also easier to push the pharmaceutical-industrial complex’s agenda of getting the world’s citizens to voluntarily take antiviral medicines and vaccines that are already in production facilities.  These are hazardous medicines (poisons) that will make society sicker than any virus supposedly impacting the world.

I don’t think most people realize that the vast majority of individuals who encounter microbes like Covid-19  will remain asymptomatic. These people are not carriers, they are healthy, functioning humans. Symptoms and signs of disease are not caused by the disease. This is another big lie sitting in the middle of the room. Symptoms and signs of illness in people are the immune system’s attempt to dismantle and destroy the microbial opportunists affecting a given physiological system.

Fever, triggered by the immune system and not by the virus affecting a body system, prevents a viral microbe from replicating. If allowed to run for many hours and not artificially inhibited by over-the-counter medicines, the increased body temperature will kill the infection.

For years, drug companies have been selling a lie through mass marketing campaigns that fever is dangerous, and people should take anti-fever, reducing drugs to prevent brain damage. These corporate lies have led to a culture of healthcare consumers that have traditionally worked against their immune systems’ attempts to rid the body of bacterial and viral infections.

The people that would be affected by Covid-19 (if this virus truly exists in the first place) are individuals that have underlying health issues. The people most likely to be affected are persons on lots of prescription drugs and people with extremely weakened immune systems.

The mainstream medical approach to solving Covid-19 and other similar illnesses is to make more FDA approved poisons available for public consumption by healthcare consumers. In the end, it’s all about selling more drugs and vaccines to the world. That’s a big part of what’s going on here. There are other agendas in play as well, but selling drugs is also a part of the plan.

Covid-19 has been made into another intellectual property owned and operated by big pharma. It will produce billions of dollars like influenza in the years to follow.

I think it’s time for the governments of the world to come clean and stop the fearmongering campaign and psyops agenda that’s been taking place. Enough is enough; we can’t shut down the world indefinitely over a common cold virus.

It’s time for people to call their state and federal representatives to end the “cure” before it kills us!

Tell your representatives to reopen the country for normal business immediately!

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3 thoughts on “The Truth About the Coronavirus and Why the Case Numbers Keep Rising

  1. Kenneth T. March 24, 2020 / 10:45 pm

    The (false) numbers keep rising because we (the general public) are not scared enough – yet.

  2. tiredofit March 26, 2020 / 9:20 pm

    This is why they should be hunted down and castrated or sterilized.These monsters should not be allowed to live as well as the puppets they have hired.

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