Did Moon Hoax Become too Difficult to Continue After Early 70’s?


By Dr. John Reizer

It’s become blatantly obvious to those paying close attention that the moon landing deceptions of the late 60’s and early 70’s eventually became too difficult to continue. The chances of too many people uncovering the truth about the hoax increased dramatically with the passing of time which brought with it the advancement of technology becoming available to the general public. This is technology that has allowed for careful examination of the photographic records of Apollo. It is technology that has proven the photos were not taken on the moon or in the vacuum of space.

Interesting to note, none of the Apollo cameras used to capture the moon photographs were brought back to earth. I believe the real reason for that is because analysis of said cameras would have confirmed that they would have been useless and incapable of taking photographs in the vacuum of space. It was best for NASA to leave those cameras on the moon where they were out of harm’s way or away from the eyes of researchers.

There are so many videos out there attempting to debunk the moon landings and Apollo. There are even more videos attempting to debunk the Apollo debunkers. It’s absolutely amazing to see the lengthy productions that have been created addressing this and other space missions.

In the end, the smoking gun that speaks volumes about Apollo and other NASA missions being frauds are the inabilities of any space agency to  successfully replicate manned missions beyond LEO’S (Low Earth Orbits) since Apollo allegedly did so 50 or more years ago.

Take a look at any piece of technology that is 50 years old. Look at the modern versions of those models and you will observe marked improvements in all of them. Phones, cameras, computers, refrigerators, televisions, automobiles, and others; they’ve all been improved drastically in their design and technological development. Not the case with space ships and their abilities to visit the moon and other celestial bodies.

NASA supposedly lost the technology to get astronauts beyond LEO’S and to the moon. REALLY?

You don’t see General Electric losing the designs for the toaster oven or electric range. You don’t see General Motors losing the technology to manufacture cars. Can you imagine the Ford motor company announcing next month that they can no longer manufacture pickup trucks because they misplaced the plans?