The Most Dangerous Weapons in the World are Inside Your House

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at


People have known for a long time that governments around the world have created devastating weapons of mass destruction. It is common knowledge that such weapons can annihilate society and its infrastructure in a matter of minutes. Nuclear bombs, EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) technologies, biological warfare, HAARP weather modification, chemtrail aerosol programs and many other sinister products have been designed by scientists or borrowed from off world cultures that the general public is unaware of at this time.

Weapons of mass destruction are very real and regularly affect countless lives either directly, through their application on members of society, or indirectly, through the threat of their application on members of society. As bad as this list of weapons might be, they’re probably not the most dangerous weapons in existence.

The most dangerous weapons in the world, in my opinion, are innocuous looking instruments…

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