A Question about Chemtrails for Michael Morris

By Dr. John Reizer

Editor at NoFakeNews.net

A reader of this blog,  Katie sent me a private message and wanted to ask my alter ego,  Michael Morris if chemtrails were being sprayed for the sole purpose of creating weather modification scenarios around the world. This is what Michael had to say regarding this subject:

” The aerosol spraying operations,  known as chemtrails, currently taking place on earth are multipurpose in nature with regards to what they were designed to accomplish for the powers that be. While it is true that weather modification is a small part of the chemtrail science,  there are other nefarious objectives in play.

“Aerosol spraying programs were designed and implemented to ultimately deliver to humans the following agents: viruses, fungi, bacteria, forced immunizations, genetic modifiers, stimulants, sedatives, hallucinogenic pharmaceuticals, and amnesia inducing agents.”

Thanks,  Katie for your question and for following the website.