The Sad Truth About Diamonds

By Melissa A. Reizer

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w-Melissa52_bwRecently, there was quite a bit of excitement in South Africa where a 232.08 ct White Diamond was unearthed. The estimated worth of this rare stone was thought to be at around 20 million dollars.

The huge diamond was mined in Pretoria, South Africa. Experts within the gem mining industry pronounced the asset as “rare and unique”.

I saw pictures of this beautiful diamond and read news headlines that were just bragging about its exceptional size and clarity.


Diamonds are valued based on their physical characteristics. The physical characteristics of diamonds are regularly graded by jewelers using the 4 C’s:

1st C is Carat – Unit weight

2nd C is Cut – Brilliant is most preferred

3rd C is Color – The less color the more valuable

4th C is Clarity – Internal flawlessness

The particular mine where this diamond was found is known for producing some of the most valuable diamonds in the world. These rare stones have attracted some very wealthy clients over the years.

What the article I read failed to mention was what the 4 C’s associated with mining diamonds really stand for:

1st C is Criminal Activities

2nd C is Cruelty to human beings

3rd C is Corruption

4th C is Captivity/Slavery of human beings

Hopefully, people will think long and hard about the tremendous loss of human life and suffering that is often associated with the sale of these magnificent gems before purchasing one this coming Valentine’s Day.

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