Public Disclosures Concerning Intelligent Life on Mars and Our Moon Have Already Occurred!

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at

As many of you already know, I have written several articles detailing the evidence compiled by other researchers that proves or highly suggests the planet Mars is inhabited by intelligent life. The evidence that suggests Mars is home to at least one highly advanced civilization comes in the form of countless photographs that have been captured by the Malin Space Science Systems’ Mars Global Surveyor. In other words, the evidence has been captured by our own US space program. There are other photographs that have been captured by different US space probes that also suggest intelligent life exists on Mars and our moon.

The facts that the discovery of intelligent life on Mars and our moon have been accomplished through the US Space Program and its associated equipment speaks volumes about how troublesome this is considering no mention of said discoveries have ever been released to the taxpayers of the United States that fund said space program.

Why is it that none of the convincing photographs have ever been released or revealed to the general public to date? Or have they?

The truth be told, public disclosures regarding intelligent life on Mars and our moon have been kept very quiet by our space agency. The raw data and information concerning these discoveries have technically been made available by the US Space Agency with regards to the general public. Although plenty of raw data, in the form of countless photographs, is currently accessible to the general public through the Malin Space Science Systems’ websites, it must be understood that the average person would not be in a position to make sense of the evidence available for review.

Let’s illustrate for just a second how difficult it might be for a person to make sense out of images coming back from the planet Mars or the moon by using the analogy of a layperson viewing and trying to make sense out of information coming back in the form of medical diagnostic tests. If a layperson had access to very sophisticated medical diagnostic tests such as MRI or CT scans, it does not mean that he or she would be able to properly interpret the data and come up with a proper diagnosis. Only trained professionals could read and make sense out of the data on the medical diagnostic scans. Laypersons, although the information would be directly in front of their eyes, would be blind to the pertinent information.

The US Space Agency makes available, on different websites, the photographs that have been captured by its various spacecrafts. In some situations there is indisputable evidence that obfuscation techniques have been employed by the government to hide evidence of intelligently made structures on Mars and our moon.

Even if the average person happened to accidentally wander onto one of the Space Agency’s public domain websites, it is highly unlikely that he or she would ever be able to see the evidence in photographs of intelligent life that would literally be right in front of his or her face.

Technically speaking, the evidence has always been made available for any person to access. In reality, the information is quite useless to the average person. In reality, the space agency and the US Government have denied full disclosure regarding intelligent life and intelligently built structures on both the planet Mars and our moon.

A doctor or other trained specialists have the responsibility to read data and diagnostic scans and report accurately about the information to the laypersons they work for. Likewise, the scientists and professionals that work for our space agency have a responsibility to accurately interpret the photographic records captured by our spacecrafts and to report honestly back to the laypersons they work for – US taxpayers.

What do you think about this subject?

6 thoughts on “Public Disclosures Concerning Intelligent Life on Mars and Our Moon Have Already Occurred!

  1. Nomad November 8, 2014 / 9:28 pm

    Come on John. No offence, but Intelligent life on the Moon and Mars? That’s a non starter. Yes it’s true that the laymen out there are ignorant and uneducated regarding such matters.

    I’ve spent most of my life learning about the sciences. If one is versed on these sciences, than it’s quite obvious that these silly conspiracy theories are just that…silly conspiracy theories.

    Think about this. With today’s technology and the high powered backyard telescopes available to the public, any laymen can produce pictures of these so called “structures” on the Moon and Mars then post it on the web for the world to see.

    I remember our conversation about a year ago where you pointed me to a couple of sites claiming pictures of a rodent on Mars. It was only a rock. Same as the so called “face on Mars”

    If you look at the middle of our deserts here on Earth, have you ever seen a rodent, during the daytime, beside another rock in the middle of nowhere?

    I’m not saying extra-terrestrial life is not present in our solar system, I’m convinced there is. But not on the Moon. As for Mars, with less than 1% of an atmosphere compared to ours, I suspect we will find evidence of microbial life past or even present.

    Saturn’s moon Europa with more water mass than we have here on Earth is probably the best place to find multi-cellular life. Maybe even on Titan.

    Intelligent life on Mars and the Moon? Come on now. It doesn’t make sense scientifically.

    Bottom line, don’t believe these what these sites are claiming. It’s ridiculous. Anyone can build websites these days and spread disinformation, misinformation and straight outright propaganda for the “Sheeple” to swallow.

    I’m interested and studied Paleontology, Biology, Astronomy Archeology and Astrobiology and logic and reasoning dictates to me that these claims are unbelievably unscientific.

    There’s an old saying, “Don’t believe anything you read and only believe half of what you see”.

    Again, no offence.

    T. Blank

    • Dr. John Reizer November 9, 2014 / 9:25 am

      Hi Nomad!

      The truth be told, not everyone can build a website that can show detailed images of structures on the moon and Mars. The pictures and links I am referencing, demonstrating evidence of intelligently built structures on the moon and apparent civilization evidence on Mars, have come from closed and very secure websites owned and operated by NASA, JPL, and the United States Government. No one, except for government officials and employees of the US Space Agency, is entering data on these websites. This is not the work of hoaxers putting together CGI presentations.

      The picture of the “Rodent on Mars” also came from a secure NASA website. It was not captured by a backyard telescope. I have no idea, and either do you, if the picture in question captured rocks or an actual animal. Unless we were standing on the planet’s surface at the time the picture was taken, we could not be sure about the information in the picture.

      You and I have no idea how much oxygen is on the planet Mars. We must take the word of NASA and other “scientific sources” that claim to be reporting accurate data to laypersons. There is plenty of evidence that the sources most people embrace and believe are credible are in fact quite disingenuous and cannot be trusted. Whenever a person writes or speaks about “scientific sources” as being less than trustworthy, the words “conspiracy theories” are introduced into the dialogue. This is a convenient way to immunize the world against anything that falls outside the parameters of conventional thinking or what the powers that be want the perception of reality to be for average citizens.

      We are all disciples of unverifiable information and have to rely upon so called “trusted sources” for everything we think we know about the world. You might want to practice the same advice you gave to me in your comment. “Don’t believe anything you read and only half of what you see.” This applies to the information garnered from officialdom and the so called “trusted scientific sources.”

      As a healthcare practitioner for over 28 years, I can tell you with great confidence that many health related concepts that are taught by the powers that be and embraced by the general public are not accurate and detrimental to the health and well being of human beings. There are genuine conspiracies taking place every single day. They are not theories. They are genuine conspiracies designed to misinform and to spread disinformation to the public. This is why we have so many people in the world dying from autoimmune diseases and supposedly unknown and incurable disorders.


      • Nomad November 9, 2014 / 3:06 pm

        Hi John,

        I agree with some of the things you state, however, when it comes to these massive conspiracy theories you claim, I beg to differ. And I stand corrected. I did some research regarding these conspiracy theories and found an article from, Ted Goertzel, a retired professor in the Sociology Department at Rutgers University –, who studied and taught on this very subject.

        I even wrote about it on my site.

        Here’s a debate on –

        I’ve learned, from his writings, that the main reason people believe in conspiracies despite their absurdity is helplessness!

        Unemployment, under-employment, lack of education, substance addiction, chronic illness, dysfunctional families, failing relationships and more, all contribute to a person feeling helpless.

        People are all different, so the reasons for them believing in conspiracies cover a broad range of factors. In general, though, people tend to believe in conspiracies because of helplessness.

        Ted Goertzel found that belief in conspiracy theories is strongly linked to insecurity about employment, alienation, lack of interpersonal trust, and minority status – all forms of helplessness.

        Conspiracies are easily disproved by a wealth of evidence and some basic, sound reasoning, and yet sizable portions of the population continue to believe in absurd ideas such as the following:

        The moon landings are claimed to be hoaxes manufactured by large-scale government collusion. Why spend billons of dollars to perpetuate a hoax, then why do it 6 times?

        Aliens in Flying Saucer’s are claimed to have visited earth but their presence is concealed by malevolent agencies in some kind of human-alien exchange program. Would we develop an exchange program with a colony of ants?

        Modern medicine is claimed to be toxic and “alternative” medicine is claimed to be miraculous, but a global conspiracy involving greedy drug companies conceals these facts.

        Trails of ice particles left by airplanes in the sky (“contrails”) are claimed to really be toxic chemicals (“chemtrails”) being sprayed on the whole earth by a secret group intent on destruction and domination.

        The AIDS virus was allegedly constructed in a laboratory and is deliberately used by a secret society as a tool of destruction.
        Fluoride is claimed to be added to drinking water by secret government programs in order to exert mind control. It’s been 50 years and we’re all still sane and independent free thinkers?

        A New World Order of elites is claimed to be secretly controlling all governments for malevolent purposes.

        The Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and other terrorist attacks are claimed to be carried out secretly by the people’s own government in an effort to foment war.

        Free energy devices are claimed to successfully create energy out of nothing, but their widespread use is suppressed by powerful conspiracies involving energy companies.

        Genetically modified crops are claimed to be dangerous and a vast conspiracy is claimed to be suppressing evidence showing this fact.

        Despite the fact that conspiracies such as these run completely contrary to a giant body of evidence, and indeed go against logical reasoning itself, such conspiracies continue to be believed by many people.

        In order to cope emotionally with such situations, many people blame their helplessness on conspiracies; giant secret societies with amazing power that control everyone for sinister purposes.

        The belief in conspiracies gives those in hopeless and destitute conditions something to hope for. “If the conspiracy can just be exposed”, they think, “I will no longer be destitute”.

        The belief itself becomes empowering to many in helpless situations.

        They see the rest of the world as mindless sheep controlled by the élite, and themselves as the enlightened few. The belief in conspiracies also enables such people to emotionally cope with the chaos that surrounds their life by believing there is an overall ordered society of elites that controls the world.

        Even though they see this society as secretive and evil, the belief itself in an ordered, controlling society is enough to offer comfort to one who feels surrounded by chaos and helpless to their situation.

        Although a person may be safely employed in a rewarding career, a lack of education can be enough to render him subconsciously helpless and therefore susceptible to conspiracy theories.

        When a person does not understand the basic physical laws that govern the universe, daily events seem random and nonsensical. Being confronted day in and day out with a jumble of intelligible events is harrowing.

        To deal with this mental commotion, many people see conspiracies as the driving forces behind the seemingly random string of events. In reality, the laws of science run the world. But it is much easier to believe a secret society runs the world than to try to understand science for those who have a poor education.

        Helplessness can take many other forms. Even wealthy, educated people get cancer. The miserable, ongoing, and terminal nature of serious diseases can make even the richest and smartest of people feel helpless.

        When modern medicine fails to help them (or just takes too long to help them), many people turn to conspiracies to cope. It’s more comforting to believe that a miracle cure is available but is kept just out of reach by a conspiring pharmaceutical industry, than to accept the reality that some diseases simply do not have cures.

        It’s more comforting to believe that your cancer was caused by chemtrails, water fluoridation, genetically modified crops, aliens, western medicine, tooth amalgam, household cleaning supplies, or power lines than to accept that cancer is a natural part of life that just happens.

        Goertzel states, “…during periods of insecurity and discontent people often feel a need for a tangible enemy on which to externalize their angry feelings. Conspiracy theories may help in this process by providing a tangible enemy to blame for problems which otherwise seem too abstract and impersonal.

        Conspiracy theories also provide ready answers for unanswered questions and help to resolve contradictions between known “facts” and an individual’s belief system.”

        Note that some conspiracies are real. But the real conspiracies are quickly dismantled by the justice system and are well documented by mainstream scientists, journalists, and historians.

        Also, real conspiracies tend to involve only a handful of people and are rarely successful. Most real conspiracies fall apart before they even get started, while the rest are eventually exposed and dismantled. Giant, powerful, successful conspiracies do not happen for the following reasons:

        It only takes one whistle-blower to bring down an entire conspiracy. The more people there are in a conspiracy, the more potential whistle-blowers there are, and the shorter the conspiracy lasts.

        The most successful conspiracies (such as Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme) involve only a handful of people, and they still eventually fail. Sustaining a global conspiracy among medical doctors would require convincing every single one of the millions of doctors from all religions, nations, and cultures to participate in a coördinated cover-up.

        People are inherently independent minded. Sustaining a global conspiracy would require making millions of people from all walks of life have the same goals and motives, and be willing to do what ever they are told to perpetuate the conspiracy.

        In the business world, people quit their job, move, start their own business, and campaign for reform whenever faced with too little independence. These types of actions would doom a conspiracy.

        History teaches us that the level of authoritarianism needed to sustain a global conspiracy leads to violent revolution by the masses. A large conspiracy would be doomed by internal warfare before it ever got off the ground.

        People are inherently decent. The vast majority of people on the earth are ethical, law-abiding citizens that pursue careers and causes in order to benefit society. A giant conspiracy would require a large number of people to lie, cheat, and purposely harm their family, friends, neighbors, and country.

        We are all human. Doctors get sick too. Doctors therefore have a strong personal incentive not to suppress medical treatments that succeed. Government employees live under the same sky and drink the same water. They have a strong personal incentive not to poison the water or fill the sky with chemicals.

        Large organizations are inherently too inefficient, cumbersome, and complex to carry out a large, coördinated plan of evil secrecy. Even the most successful large-scale secretive agency in the world – the CIA – has security leaks (such as the Snowden affair).

        The difference between the CIA and a conspiracy is that the CIA’s mission is supported by the will of the people and is seen as generally beneficial, so it survives its security leaks. A large-scale conspiracy would not.

        My Two Cents

      • Dr. John Reizer November 9, 2014 / 7:49 pm


        I understand you are comfortable in believing that everything is on the up and up, but this is crazy even for you. Your reply was ten times longer than my original article. As fun as it was to read it all, it still didn’t address the facts that there appear to be intelligently constructed structures on the moon and Mars that were captured by NASA spacecrafts. The photographic evidence is on their secure websites and are not photo-shopped or CGI presentations.

        And yes Fluoride is a poison and is placed unnecessarily into water supplies in many locations throughout the world under the false pretense that it prevents dental caries. People have suffered from this absurd practice and other harmful medical objectives. The horrific results of these medical procedures are quite evident when we take an honest look at so many people that suffer from autoimmune disorders and other deadly diseases that were virtually nonexistent just a few decades ago.

        Ignoring the evidence that is presented is what most people do. It is ultimately how all of these conspiracies can take place over such an extended period of time.

        Giant conspiracies do not require the “many” to understand the machinations that are taking place and designed by the “few”. That is the grand illusion.


  2. toughquestionssite November 13, 2014 / 5:04 pm


    As a healthcare professional myself, I agree with you. Fluoride calcifying the pituitary gland (we learned in school to use displaced position of highly visible calcified glands to look for brain tumors and told the gland was not well understood, but not important)

    We now know melatonin, calcified pit., and puberty onset in women linked in multiple studies.

    The Germans were not stupid when they used massive amounts of fluoride water to keep prisoners docile.

    Anyway, what you said is spot on. Some people, especially those with a science background, are the most resistant to the truth. Future
    Generations will laugh at us, papers written about “how we didn’t know, and many of us will be embarrassed.

    Just because something is a “conspiracy theory” doesn’t mean it’s not true.

    I cite:
    1. NSA spying on us
    2. 6 wealthiest families collude to get Woodrow Wilson elected
    And rig bank with Federal Reserve
    3. Tuskegee Exp injecting syphillis
    4. Gulf of Tonkin
    5. WMD in Iraq
    I can name 30 more conspiracies that were true.

    My point is you nailed it. Proof is blinding us in the eye. The “rodent” pic I downloaded from NASA and easy to miss (sanitIzer overlooked?) and damning evidence.

    The Face on Mars is 96 percent symmetrically and at over a mile and a stones throw away from the D and M pyramid (that dwarfs the Giza plateau) screams artificial.

    The Mars sky is blue, it’s looks like Arizona, and NASA been caught changing the color repeatedly (or else our flag is now Purple stripped) to make its appear dead. The Raleigh light scattering principle proved sky blue as well as leaked photos.

    I wish people would take a step back and realize the real comfort and willingness to deceive themselves is being on the side of skeptics having a false sense of infallible intelligence even in the face of damning evidence over and over.

    The Apache Indians say it
    Only takes one white cow to prove all cows aren’t brown. Well from photo evidence, expert testimony, NASA (Never A Straight Answer) lies, independent researchers I’ve seen 50 plus white cows, but yet I’m a crazy conspiracy theorists.

    • Dr. John Reizer November 13, 2014 / 5:21 pm

      Thanks for commenting on!

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