NASA Scientists: Organics (Life) Found on Mars!

By Dr. John Reizer

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In 1976 NASA sent an unmanned spacecraft, named Viking, to search for extraterrestrial life on the planet Mars. According to the space agency, the craft’s robotic arm scooped a sample of the Martian soil, tested the materials in an on-board laboratory, and found no signs of life on the foreign world.

For over three decades, American citizens were told by our space agency that there was no life on Mars. And now, just like that, NASA scientists have suddenly changed their minds. The lab results of the soil samples have been reassessed and the new results demonstrate that “organics” were present on Mars in 1976. The new consensus of scientific opinion is that Viking did find evidence of microbial life on the planet’s surface.

Why is the mainstream media re-releasing this story to the world in the middle of April, 2012? The new study that determined “organics” were present on the red planet was first announced in an article that was published by Discovery News on January 4, 2011. Why are the fake news agencies pushing old news from 2011 as if it was just released a few hours ago?

Is this an attempt by “the powers that be” to prepare the masses for an upcoming announcement that intelligent life exists on Mars? Is the secret finally being let out of the bag?

With the introduction of undeniable evidence by researchers, Norman Bryden ( and Joseph Skipper ( it’s getting harder for NASA to maintain its ridiculous position that Mars is a dead and barren world. Bryden and Skipper have located buildings, towers, foliage, waterways, and civilization evidence on the Martian surface, and they’ve done so using NASA’s photographs.

What else could NASA possibly do? They’ve put themselves in an extremely awkward situation by covering up, for so many years, the fact that Mars is apparenly littered with intelligent life. Enter their latest piece of spin news; a story that claims scientists have reevaluated a three decade old lab experiment and the new results demonstrate microbial life is present on Mars.

Many citizens will applaud the new Mars study while a large segment of the population will cling to primitive belief systems that preclude followers from entertaining ideas about the existence of life off world.

In the end, NASA was able to maneuver itself into a much better position than it had been in prior to the “life on Mars announcement.” The space agency has gotten away with hiding important information from the country and the general population could care less.

What do you think about this developing story?

4 thoughts on “NASA Scientists: Organics (Life) Found on Mars!

  1. David Anderson April 14, 2012 / 4:45 pm

    I think that NASA has been distorting the truth for years. I believe the entire NASA operation was designed as a cover program to fool the public. There is probably another space program, utilizing different technologies, operating behind the scenes somewhere.

    I also believe there is life on Mars (intelligent life) and that something is happening on the moon. The pictures you posted from the Clementine Mission clearly show large buildings on the lunar surface.


  2. Christopher Leonard April 15, 2012 / 4:28 pm

    Don’t you just love how NASA and its mouthpiece organisations throw these stories out to the brain-dead public? You’d think news this fantastic would have been blasted all across the globe back in January, 2011?

    It’s hard to take anything that NASA says seriously. How do we know if they are telling the truth now? Maybe NASA is just saying there’s life on Mars to play with our minds? They’re not a credible source so we really can’t believe them one way or another.

    Maybe Mars is just a lifeless world?

    Christopher Leonard

    • Dr. John Reizer April 15, 2012 / 4:40 pm

      Hi Christopher,

      I happened to be online when your comment came through. You make an excellent point. NASA is not a credible source and so we always have to proceed with caution when assessing their statements. Having stated that, I still have to disagree with your point that NASA would be putting out erroneous information about life being present on Mars. That’s not their style nor is it the type of disinformation campaign they’re trying to regularly promote.

      There are lots of examples of images that have been obfuscated from NASA photo catalogs. You will not find images, however, that have been obfuscated so that they edit buildings and structures into the records. What you do find, regularly, are images that have had content erased or smudged so that artificial structures are no longer visible.

      You don’t spend 34 years hiding lab results if your disinformation campaign is predicated on conveying the perception that life exists on a foreign world.

      No, there is life on Mars. NASA is finally telling a partial truth because they’ve been forced into a corner with evidence being plastered across the Internet. Evidence that is coming from their own catalogs which could not have been photo-shopped by civilians. The life that exists on Mars is highly advanced just as it is here on Earth!

      Dr. John Reizer
      Editor at

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