Tresantaras – A Novel By John Reizer

(c) 2012  By John Reizer

Reprinted with permission from Win-Can Publishing



Chapter 1

In the year 2019, Earth suffered the worst cataclysm in modern, recorded history. A small meteor, known as TS-723, struck the Pacific Ocean in-between the Hawaiian Islands and the western coastline of the United States. The energy generated from the small, celestial object sent a 400 foot tall Tsunami wave in multiple directions which affected virtually every major landmass on Earth.

The shockwave that was generated from the object’s impact with the ocean water caused a massive electromagnetic pulse to form which proceeded to spread out across the entire planet at the incomprehensible speed of several thousands miles per hour. It fried, cooked and melted every electronic component imaginable, and set off a myriad of inland explosions that matched the intensity of hundreds of nuclear warheads being detonated simultaneously.

In a span of several hours, the world’s major cities had been dealt a deadly blow and the global population had been reduced by over fifty percent. The planet’s technological capabilities became virtually nonexistent.

The United States, China, Russia and several other traditional super powers, that had previously ruled the world, were reduced in strength and status to that of a third-world country.

For almost three years, the most advanced forms of communication were strictly limited to very rudimentary equipment systems. Shortwave radios, portable phone kits, walkie-talkies, and very basic computer systems were eventually manufactured and distributed to locations that had been resettled and designated to be the new cities of the post cataclysmic world.

By the year 2044, the ingenuity of mankind had blossomed, once again, across the entire planet. The new Earth featured a civilization that was fast becoming as technologically advanced as the one that had been vaporized just twenty-five years earlier.

Although the new Earth resembled the old one from a technological perspective, it was very different in many ways. New Earth’s governmental design was based on a global construct instead of the traditional model of sovereign countries that had been used on the planet for as long as modern history had recorded. The older format of governmental regulation, that was predicated on independent territories attempting to get along with one another, had been outlawed by global citizens. A new world government had been elected and was located at the planet’s South Pole.

With the advent of a new global government, many of humanity’s past mistakes had been averted in the post cataclysmic world.

War, which had been such a major part of old Earth, had been outlawed by the New World Government along with the existence of military installations and armies.

By the year 2089, most of the planet’s younger people didn’t remember the great catastrophe of 2019. They only learned about the tragedy through public schools and by watching television documentaries that discussed how, in the old world, people from different territories would routinely wage war on one another and steal each other’s natural resources.

In retrospect, the great catastrophe of 2019 was commonly thought of, in the new world, as a great blessing. It became known to scholars as the cataclysm that saved planet Earth.


Chapter 2

In the year 2094, post cataclysmic Earth elected its fifth president, Roberto Hernando Chavez. President Chavez had been voted into office for a ten year term via the same election system that had been implemented and utilized in the new world since the year 2044. Chavez received the most popular votes of any previously elected president that had presided in the south polar office.

President Chavez was a favorite of the world community, and like all political candidates that achieved elected status in the new world, his ideas about running the government were extremely popular and resonated well with world citizens.

Modern politics had changed dramatically on post cataclysmic Earth. The elimination of political parties was one such change that was widely embraced by people around the world. It had been broadly determined by citizens that political parties, generally speaking, precluded a society from being able to elect free thinking leaders that were unencumbered and free from the influence of cronyism and other types of political, conflicts of interest.

In the new political system, politicians ran their campaigns on a more genuine platform and their political strategies were based solely on their own ideas and were not bound to a thematic paradigm supported by an entire party.

The World Government of post cataclysmic Earth worked as well as it did because the framers of the government set out to create a new constitution that was fair and balanced. Their goal, from the onset, was to ensure the world’s citizens a safe governing system that wouldn’t trample the rights of common people. The document they created was well authored and it had been built on ironclad principles that were kind and fair to all law abiding citizens.

From the very beginning, citizens living on post cataclysmic Earth made a collective decision to eliminate as much crime and corruption as possible. Criminal activities were no longer tolerated and those individuals that were found to be committing acts of behavior outside the laws of the land were sentenced to extremely harsh conditions.

In the new world, the global prisons were all built and maintained at the North Pole. There were no second chances for people that disregarded the law and there was a zero tolerance policy for any individuals that committed violent crimes such as rape and murder. Such individuals were systematically euthanized in an expedient manner.

By the year 2094, violent crimes throughout the world involved less than five percent of the global population. It was a statistic that had continued to decrease steadily, according to the World Police Force, over the past 20 years.

Never, in the history of modern Earth, had the planet’s inhabitants acted with more humanity towards fellow human beings. The principles and basic structure of the New World Government were working and the planet, for the first time ever, was truly a peaceful place.


Chapter 3

In 2097, something truly remarkable happened to the people living on post cataclysmic Earth. It was the 21 day of October when the event occurred and, like the great catastrophic happening of 2019, what transpired on this particular day would forever change the lives of almost every person within the global community.

President Chavez was in the middle of a meeting with his administrative staff when he was interrupted by the Senior Director of the World Space Agency. Chavez was escorted into a secure conference room that was detached and far removed from the more public locations within the Presidential Complex.

Robert Johnson, a medium built man with dark skin and a well manicured moustache entered the room carrying a black leather briefcase. Johnson was well dressed in an expensive dark blue suit and red tie. He closed the door to the conference room behind him and proceeded to walk over to Chavez and shook the President’s hand.

“Good afternoon, sir,” Johnson began. “We have a developing situation that I need to bring you up-to-date on.”

Chavez swallowed hard. He was almost afraid to ask what the director of the space agency had to report. He was praying that it wasn’t another meteor on a collision course with Earth. “What is it?” Chavez asked.

Johnson opened up the briefcase he’d been carrying and pulled out a stack of papers. He laid them out on the large, Maplewood conference table that occupied a good portion of the room. “Sir, we have achieved contact with an alien civilization.”

Chavez stared at the papers on the table. There were a number of lengthy reports, diagrams, and charts. Chavez noticed that one of the papers Johnson had placed on the conference table appeared to be a chart of a foreign looking solar system. His mind was racing in a thousand different directions. “Are you certain?” the commander in chief asked.

“We are 100 percent certain about the authenticity of the contact,” Johnson replied.

Chavez smiled briefly and shook his head in utter disbelief. “What do they want and are they friendly?” he wanted to know.

Johnson was very businesslike, a consummate professional. “It appears, sir, that they are not hostile and pose no immediate threat to the people of Earth. As for your question about what they want; they would, very much, like to speak with you.”

Chavez laughed nervously for a split second. “You’re kidding, aren’t you?” he asked the director.

Johnson nodded in the affirmative. “I am quite serious, Mr. President.”

“When and how do we do this?” Chavez wanted to know.

“Within the hour, sir. We’ll use a television linking system.”

“They can understand the World Language System?” Chavez asked.

“Yes, sir.”

“Where are these beings from?”

“A planet that is ten thousand light years from Earth.”

“Did you say, ten thousand light years?”

“I did, Mr. President. The name of their planet is Tresantaras.”

“Tresantaras,” Chavez said, repeating the name slowly. “How can we communicate through a television signal if they’re ten thousand light years away?”

“They have a high speed relay system on the moon which allows communications to take place instantaneously.”

“I see,” Chavez replied. “And who else knows about this?”

“The Director of Defense, the Director of Sky Shield, myself, and now you, Mr. President.”

“When did they initiate contact?” Chavez asked.

“Approximately nine hours ago, sir.”

President Chavez stood up straighter, took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. “Okay, Mr. Johnson, set up this meeting as soon as possible. I want to see what our extraterrestrial friends really want.”


Chapter 4

It was Monday, November 1, 2097 when President Chavez announced to the global community that an alien race of beings had contacted the World Government.

Citizens around the world had different reactions to Chavez’s press conference. Post cataclysmic Earth was still a venue that featured a population base that had a strong spiritual connection with several major religions. The largest organized belief system at the time, which had the greatest spiritual influence on the world, was Catholicism.

Vatican City, which existed in World Zone # 10, still considered itself an independent nation. It did not recognize the World Government’s reclassification of countries into federal zones. Because of this heated disagreement between the new government and the Papacy, Vatican City was eventually granted the right to maintain its independent status as the only remaining country in the world.

The World Government’s decision to eliminate countries and create federal zones on post cataclysmic Earth had more to do with the federalist’s beliefs that it was necessary to create and maintain a strong relationship between the new government and its citizens, than anything else. It was believed by World Government leaders that such a bond between citizens and its governing body would create a synergistic effect, and this would ultimately yield a more peaceful world.

Chavez, like his predecessors, was a big believer in the principle of synergy. He had stated, for the record, on many occasions that a world with independent countries was a world divided. Chavez believed that independent territories were inherently divisive and that the last thing the new world needed was different segments of the population working against one another. That model, according to the President, had been used on Earth for the longest time and lead to wars, bloodshed, and a completely dysfunctional planet.

Chavez’s career as a medical doctor, prior to entering politics, made him realize that an organism was only as strong as its physiology allowed it to be. He understood that the wellbeing and strength of human physiology was directly dependent on all the bodily organs working together for the common good of the larger being. It was when organs and systems followed their own agendas that cancers and other diseases developed.

President Chavez didn’t want sovereign countries to exist in the post cataclysmic world because he wanted global citizens to work for the common good of the entire planet. He wanted a world that would become stronger through time and completely free of any political cancers.

The Papacy, on the other hand, had written publicly, about their disdain and total lack of respect for the New World Government. The Pope, on more than one occasion had openly referred to Chavez as a direct threat to the Catholic Church.

After President Chavez went public with his announcement about the Tresantarians, the Catholic Church came out with a very strong statement of its own. The Papacy alluded to the fact that Chavez and the World Government had fabricated the story about the aliens in an effort to mislead and confuse followers of the church. According to Vatican officials, the New World Government wanted to destroy Christianity.

Vatican City maintained its rigid stance on the Tresantarian situation over the next several years. The Catholic Church routinely referenced traditional, biblical scriptures that supposedly proved God had only made one planet in the universe with life. The Papacy discounted any World Government claims that the alien culture was a real race of benevolent beings.


Chapter 5

In January 2098, The Tresantarian Civilization unveiled itself to the people of Earth by participating in a live broadcast on the World Television Network. The presentation lasted for only thirty minutes and marked the first time ever that the people of Earth listened to a message from sentient beings that resided on another world.

The speech was warm, informative, and a wakeup call to many that the universe was a lot more complex than had been previously understood by humanity.

The head of the Tresantarian Leadership Council addressed the global community using the World Language System that had been developed on post cataclysmic Earth shortly after the new government was elected and assumed control of the planet’s business affairs.

The World language System made it easy for everyone on the planet to understand communications coming from the World Government. In the past, language barriers had been a serious concern for the human race and were one of the many reasons that tensions, regularly, arose between sovereign territories.

The Tresantarians explained to the people of Earth that they had contacted human beings in the hope that the two civilizations could form a mutually beneficial relationship.

Once the message had been delivered, there were plenty of conversations, theories, and ideas, by the global community, about what the extraterrestrial civilization truly desired from human beings.

Many of the federal zones became pro Tresantarian while other locations, heavily influenced by the Papacy, maintained a more pessimistic attitude about the intentions of the aliens.

In the months that followed, the Tresantarian Leadership Council continued to reach out to the people of Earth by broadcasting a number of important messages that explained the civilization’s goals and aspirations concerning the global community. They also created a basic outline that detailed what they had hoped the Tresantarian and Human races might be able to accomplish together, in the immediate future.

Near the end of 2098, the Tresantarian Civilization invited ten thousand global citizens to move to the planet Tresantaras so that they could learn in-depth lessons about the new alien culture and help transfer Tresantarian technology back to the people of Earth. It was decided by President Chavez that the ten thousand lucky space travelers would be chosen through a world lottery system.


Chapter 6

Everything had happened so damn fast that he didn’t have much of a chance to think about the significance of his decision. When the opportunity originally presented itself, he reflexively agreed to be a participant. In retrospect, he would have liked to have had a chance to speak with some of the project’s representatives regarding their overall goals and expectations.

But after each drawing, the invitations were thrown on the table quickly, so to speak. None of the candidates were permitted a lengthy period of time to consider the once in a lifetime experience that awaited them. And he knew there were plenty of people that would be champing at the bit to take his place.

He sat at the small, yellow kitchen table staring at the copy of the lengthy agreement he’d signed less than six hours ago. It was a done deal. He was in the program. There was no need for him to continuously rehash, in his mind, what had already been legally executed on paper and finalized in the eyes of the law.

Tresantaras! He was really going there along with 9,999 other lucky people.

During his lifetime, David Hutchins had entered the six ball lottery many times. But he’d never won much to write home about. In fact, he always considered himself one of the unluckiest players in existence. Many of his friends had won smaller prizes. In all the years he’d bought lotto tickets, David had only won a few hundred dollars.

But this time around his luck had changed drastically. He’d won the biggest lottery game ever conducted in the world. The prize wasn’t a monetary award for him. There was money involved, but that was being paid out to his ex-wife, Marie and his adopted daughter, Annie. Annie was Marie’s biological child from a previous marriage before she’d met David.

The money that had been earmarked for Marie and Annie would help support them, for several years. In actuality, it was a long term severance package designed to replace the loss of income they would endure as a result of David’s absence from his current job as a postal worker.

In his complicated and ugly divorce settlement, David was responsible for both alimony and child support until Annie was 18 years old. She was currently 15. That meant the lottery commission would have to take care of David’s legal responsibilities, to financially provide for Marie and Annie, for the next three years.

Each of the ten thousand individuals that had won a seat to Tresantaras would have a similar compensation package offered to eligible family members. In some cases, very large amounts of money were being paid out by the lottery commission. It was a pretty good deal, financially speaking, for many people. Of course the emotional factors involved were difficult to measure. The permanent separation from loved ones, in certain cases, was too difficult for quite a few of the lotto winners.

The winners that had voluntarily opted out of claiming their prizes, for various reasons, were replaced by new players that had been selected from subsequent lottery drawings. The ongoing process of winners opting out followed by subsequent drawings went on for several months until the ten thousand seats to Tresantaras had eventually been filled with people like David that had signed an official agreement of commitment.

David’s lotto number had also been selected in a subsequent drawing. He recalled, as he sat down looking over the signed contract in front of him, how the lottery contest had quickly become the talk of the entire planet after it was first announced, two years earlier.

David had only bought a dozen chances in the big game. Many of his friends and coworkers had purchased hundreds of tickets. Each ticket had only cost him five World Dollars. He never expected to win a seat to Tresantaras, but the idea of winning, and escaping from his real life troubles, kept him happy and he reasoned that the fantasy, itself, was worth the sixty bucks. Entering the lottery actually gave him something to look forward to. That “something” had previously been missing in his life for a long time. At the time he’d purchased the tickets, David’s life had been coming apart at the seams. He’d been trapped in a job he despised and his marriage of seven years had long since ended.

After he purchased the lotto tickets, David used to look forward to coming home from the postal service to watch the latest news updates about the lottery, Tresantaras, and what a journey to the foreign planet would mean for the contestants as well as for the entire world.

It had been estimated, by the Global Census Services, that nearly three billion players entered the unique lottery for a chance to become one of ten thousand people to be selected to travel one way to Tresantaras. It was a chance to do something that no one from Earth had ever done before. Not even the World Space Program, or its professional staff of astronauts, had ever traveled to another planet, let alone one that was ten thousand light years away from Earth. David was now a part of this magnificent opportunity. He was about to become a modern pioneer within the field of deep space travel.


Chapter 7

David made himself penne pasta and mixed the noodles in marinara sauce and parmesan cheese. The dinner wasn’t very fancy, but he enjoyed it nonetheless. His days of sitting down, family style, with Marie and Annie had come to an end many years ago. Meals were now much less sophisticated and not at all formal occasions. David would usually eat breakfast, lunch and dinner on the run or out of a box. And the silverware, in his apartment, was used sparingly and always cleaned right after each meal and put back into the cupboard.

Today was an important date. David was scheduled to participate in a special webinar that was being presented exclusively for the lottery winners traveling to Tresantaras. It was scheduled to begin at 1300 hours Eastern Standard Time. Each passenger had been emailed a special website address along with a passport code to access the presentation.

David had already logged onto the special website through his laptop computer that was situated on the kitchen table. He shoved a forkful of penne noodles into his mouth while concentrating on the computer screen. It was a simple webpage that read:


The dark haired man, with patches of grey that were quite evident near his temples, looked at the code he’d copied from the email, and typed it into the shaded box that was situated in the middle of the webpage. He typed each key carefully making sure that he got the sequence of numbers and letters entered accurately:


David pressed the enter key and waited patiently as the computer screen showed a picture of an hour glass that repeatedly turned itself over. As the website went through the authentication process, David ate more penne noodles and sipped on some bottled water. Finally, the computer screen switched to a new webpage that was shaded in yellow and featured the unmistakable picture of the planet Tresantaras. The large globe, made up of the colors green, red, blue, and yellow, was spectacular to look at even on the website. After a few seconds, the words, “Welcome to your new home,” flashed across the screen.

David smiled and waited for the presentation to begin. There was a digital clock on the screen and it was slowly working its way down to the start of the webinar. There were only 3 minutes and 47 seconds remaining.

David’s cell phone rang. It momentarily broke his concentration from the laptop. He frowned as he eyed the device that was resting on the kitchen counter. He got up and took the call. He looked at the incoming number on the caller ID and immediately became annoyed.

“Hello, Marie.”

He listened to his ex-wife as she complained about a past due electronic transfer she hadn’t received from him.

“I sent the transmission like I always do,” he replied.

She was speaking incredibly fast and David was splitting his attention between her and the clock on the website that was getting closer to the start of the webinar.

“Marie, Marie,” he tried to interrupt her. He knew that once she got on a roll it was hard to stop the woman. “Marie, I have to go. I can’t…” She was still talking and showing no signs of slowing down. “Marie, God dammit, shut up for five seconds and listen to me!”

There was finally silence in David’s receiver. He tried to compose himself before he spoke again. “I have to participate in a webinar in less than two minutes. I cannot get into a major discussion with you about a transmission that I already sent out.”

She started up again, complaining about the payment.

“Jesus Christ, Marie, I’ll send you another God damn transmission. Give it a rest already.”

Marie was still talking over him and not listening as usual.

“Look, I have to go now. I’ll send you a new payment. I said I’ll send you a new payment. Bye, Marie. I’m hanging up. I will. I’ll transmit it today. Yes, today. Bye!” David ended the call and powered his phone off. He set the phone down on the counter and walked back over to the laptop. The webinar was beginning.

“Greetings from Tresantaras,” a pleasant sounding female voice began speaking. “It is with great joy and honor that we welcome each and every one of you to your new home.

“During the next three months we have a lot of information to explain to you. We want to be able to respond to all your questions and plan to do so. However, we ask that you be patient with the overall process we have designed to make your transformation to our world as pleasant and as easy as possible.

“Let me first say that many of the questions you have will, undoubtedly, be answered as we work our way through the various information webinars we have planned. In the unlikely event that we do not answer your questions during these informative sessions, we will gladly address such concerns long before you commence your journey to Tresantaras.

“As you already know, Tresantaras is a world that is over ten thousand light years away from your planet Earth. Using conventional Earth technology, it would be impossible for Humans to make such a trip to our world. There are, obviously, inherent problems associated with getting back and forth from our two worlds using rocket technology. Number one, the Human life span is relatively short when compared to a Tresantarian being. Number two, the distance between our two worlds is not practical for utilizing rocket, combustion engines.

“Luckily, neither of these concerns will come into play during your upcoming journey to Tresantaras. In a few moments I will explain, in greater detail, what I mean.

“All Tresantarians are immortal beings. The reasons for this are somewhat complicated to understand, but I will do my best to explain the differences between Human and Tresantarian physiology.

“To begin, let me preface my remarks by saying that Humans and Tresantarians are genetically related. We have had a direct connection to your species since its inception. We have also played a part, along with other civilizations, in the process of seeding Human beings. It is because of this relationship that we have always felt a sincere desire to interact with your world. This is not simply an act of charity on our part, although we consider ourselves a “service to others” species. We have a genuine, vested interest in your daily affairs. The success or failure of Human beings to evolve physically, spiritually, and emotionally has a direct effect on our own world. Although it is difficult to explain all of the details about why this is so, I can tell you that we are all connected and that how people on Earth act or react to cosmic circumstances definitely has an important effect on Tresantarians and the planet Tresantaras. The fact that our worlds are so distant from one another is irrelevant when it comes to discussing the genetic and soul connections that both our species share.

“In order to make a successful journey to Tresantaras, you will have to undergo a series of treatments that will alter your DNA. The changes to your DNA will not affect your basic personalities and, for the most part, you will not notice much of a difference, physically speaking. Although I do believe you will, over time, feel a bit lighter as you walk around in your new body.

“Tresantarians, unlike the people of Earth, are light beings. Our bodies are comprised of high energy wavelengths and operate at a much different frequency than humans that reside in physical bodies. The transformation you will undergo, in the next three months, will recalibrate your DNA and physical bodies into a different frequency. The change in your DNA will also modify your lifespan so that it is on par with immortal, Tresantarian beings. These are necessary changes that must be made in order for you to survive the long journey to our planet and also so you will be capable of acclimating to your new home.

“In relatively simple terms, this process will prepare your physical body to be able to survive in a foreign world. You should think of your body as a space suit and your soul as the person within that suit. We are not changing the person, just the space suit the person is wearing. The space suit you have now is appropriate for living on Earth. The new space suit you will be changing into will be more appropriate for living on Tresantaras.

“The transformation process will be quite painless. In fact, you will not be able to feel much of anything. By the time you are ready to begin your journey to Tresantaras, the process will be well underway.

“You will receive a separate email, later today, that will explain the details regarding where you are to report for treatments. The daily sessions should take no longer than two hours per day. So you should plan your schedule accordingly.

“We will be having weekly webinar updates, each Saturday afternoon at 1300 hours. It is imperative you attend the webinar sessions at the scheduled time. Please bookmark this web address in your “favorites section” on your computer and keep handy the passport code you entered to gain admission to this presentation.

“Once again, please check your email within the next hour for an important document that will explain where to report for daily treatments that are to commence on Tuesday, February 28.

“We truly look forward to your arrival at Tresantaras. If we can be of further assistance, in the interim, please contact your personal ambassador at the contact address that will be provided in the incoming email communication. Have a pleasant day.”

The webinar presentation ended and the webpage changed back to the original website that contained the shaded box where David had entered the passport number.


Chapter 8

It was about two hours later, that same Saturday afternoon, when the email finally came through on David’s account.

He’d been anxious to open the file and had checked his email several times after the webinar ended. David clicked on the message and waited for the document to open:


Dear Mr. Hutchins,

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the planet Tresantaras. In order to comply with our travel requirements it will be necessary for you to attend daily treatment sessions at the Hamilton Outpatient Facility on 1611 Morgan Street. Please bring a bathing suit or a comfortable pair of shorts that you can change into. You will be required to lie in a machine that is very similar to a tanning bed. The approximate duration of the treatment will be two hours.


Your initial session is scheduled to commence on Tuesday, February 28 and will begin promptly at 1100 hours and will conclude at 1300 hours. You should print two copies of this email and retain one for your records. Please bring the other copy with you to the first scheduled session.


There is no food or drinking restrictions prior to each session. However, it is recommended that you do not engage in strenuous activities following a treatment session for at least ninety minutes.


If you have additional questions concerning your treatment protocols or your upcoming journey to Tresantaras, please do not hesitate to contact your personal ambassador at the following email:



The Transformation Team


Chapter 9

On Tuesday morning, the 28th day of February, David arrived at 1611 Morgan Street. It was a modern looking complex that appeared to have many different offices inside. The actual building was fourteen stories tall. David quickly found a business directory inside the main lobby. He noticed that the “Hamilton Outpatient Facility” was located on the sixth floor.

David took the elevator up six levels and was surprised to learn the entire sixth floor had been dedicated to the facility. There was a reception desk situated right in front of him as he exited the elevator. An attractive blonde woman, in her early twenties, was seated at the desk. A large company logo, which spelled out the words “Hamilton Outpatient Facility,” was visible on the wall directly behind the young woman.

“Good morning,” David said as he approached the receptionist.

She smiled, briefly acknowledging his presence while holding her hand up in the air to ask for his patience. “Yes. This Thursday at 1400 hours would be fine, Mr. Drake.” The receptionist was wearing a small head set and microphone so that she could speak with callers on the company’s phone system. “We’ll see you then, sir. Goodbye.” The young woman looked up at David and smiled again.

“Hello,” he said again. “I have an appointment this morning at 1100 hours.”

“Do you have a registration notice?” the receptionist asked.

David reached into the right front pocket of his denim jeans and produced a copy of the email notice that had been sent to him on Saturday afternoon. He handed the document to the receptionist.

“Thank you,” she said before glancing at the paper. She looked at him. “Oh, you’re one of the lottery winners!”

David smiled weakly and then looked around the room to see if anyone else was watching them. There was no one in the reception area. “Yes, I am,” he replied, trying to keep his voice down as he answered her.

“I’m sorry,” the girl said in a softer voice. She was, obviously, embarrassed she’d blurted out the comment. “That was completely unprofessional of me. I was just excited to meet someone that was actually involved in the Tresantaras Program. You’re the first one, you know?” she explained.

“The first one?” David asked.

“Yes. You’re the first one to visit us for treatments. We’re taking care of twelve patients at this location. It’s so exciting. The equipment was delivered here last week. They’re big machines. They look a bit like tanning booths.”

“I see,” David replied.

“You can take a seat in one of those chairs over there,” the girl said as she pointed to a cluster of red chairs in the far corner of the room. “It’ll be just a few minutes. I’ll let them know you’re here.”

David hesitated a moment before heading over to the waiting area where the chairs were located. Then he turned back around and faced the receptionist again. “What other treatments do you perform here?” he inquired.

The receptionist looked up again. “Excuse me?” she said softly.

“What other types of treatment does the Hamilton Outpatient Facility administer?”

“We administer a lot of outpatient services. We could be doing anything from laser hair replacement to laser vasectomies. Whatever the doctor orders, we, pretty much, deliver the goods.” The receptionist smiled and then returned her attention to some paperwork that was on her desktop.

David walked over to the chairs and picked up one of several digital magazines that had been placed on a coffee table in the middle of the waiting area. He selected a publication about professional sports and flipped through the electronic pages. He quickly found a story about baseball. The first expansion team in ten years was going to debut this spring. David wondered if they had professional baseball on Tresantaras. He thought about the prospect of not being able to watch sporting events anymore.

“Mr. Hutchins, you can come back now,” a woman’s voice interrupted his train of thought. He broke eye contact with the digital magazine and looked across the room at an attractive, brunette woman that was dressed in a white nurse’s uniform.

He placed the electronic magazine back on the coffee table and walked towards the nurse.

“I’m Mallory,” she said holding out her hand.

“David Hutchins,” he replied as he took hold of her hand to make her acquaintance.

“Did you remember to bring a bathing suit?” Mallory asked.

“I’m wearing one underneath my clothes,” he explained.

“Excellent,” she replied. “Please follow me to the treatment room.”

They walked down a long hallway that was well lighted by the glow of soft fluorescent bulbs. At the end of the hallway they entered a small room that contained three machines that resembled tanning booths.

“Mr. Hutchins, I’ll need you to strip down to your bathing suit. You can place your clothes on this small table,” she explained pointing to what appeared to look more like a metal shelf than a table. “I’ll return in a few minutes so that we can begin your treatment.”

After the nurse left the room, David quickly peeled off his clothes and neatly arranged them on the metal table. Then he made his way over to one of the machines that he would be getting into in just a few moments. He was curious about the contraption. He wondered who had constructed it and how they delivered the machine to the outpatient facility. He looked at the bottom of the middle bed and saw that it had the name TRYTON ELECTRONICS conspicuously listed on its metal base.

“Tryton Electronics?” he said softly to himself. He knew that Tryton Electronics was a World Company that had manufactured thousands of products throughout its long history.

“Tryton Electronics won the contract from the World Government to manufacture the beds,” Mallory said as she reentered the treatment room. “I’d imagine that it was a sizable contract and there was a lot of competition for the job.”

David wheeled around to face the nurse. “How did they know how to build the damn thing?” he asked.

“The Tresantarians engineered the device and sent the blue prints and specs to the World Government. Once the contract was awarded to Tryton Electronics, the specs were delivered to the engineers and the assembly process was started.”

“You think it’s safe?” he asked Mallory with a sardonic grin.

She walked over to the bed and pushed a button that slowly opened the top of the machine. “I’m sure everything will be fine, Mr. Hutchins.”

“Please call me David.”

“David, I’ll need you to position yourself in the bed, face up.”

He hoisted himself inside the long cylindrical tube and proceeded to make himself comfortable. “This isn’t too bad,” he assured her.

“The training team explained to me that you shouldn’t be in any discomfort once the process begins. If you feel like sleeping it’s perfectly okay.” Mallory handed him a pair of small goggles. “Wear these during the entire treatment and make sure you do not take them off. Your eyes could become damaged without the protective eyewear.”

David put on the goggles and watched, patiently, as the top of the bed slowly descended.


Chapter 10

“So let me get this straight, David,” Marie said. “You’re going to give up your life here, not to mention your career at the postal service to live on some alien world?”

“I think it’s really cool,” Annie chimed in. The fifteen year old was seated on a tan sofa inside Marie’s home. She’d been leafing through an electronic brochure that gave statistics and facts about the planet Tresantaras.

“Keep out of this, Annie,” Marie yelled at the teenager. She gave her a nasty look before returning her full attention to David.

“I hate the postal service, Marie. I’ve been telling you that for years but you never listen to me,” David replied.

“I’d bet a job like that would really suck,” Annie said as she continued to peruse through the brochure.

Marie gave her daughter another quick look that could have removed the paint from the wall. “How do you even know it will be safe there? Suppose you get to this planet and they make you a slave or something worse?”

David smiled at Marie and then began laughing. “Do you honestly think that an advanced civilization, like the Tresantarians, would waste the time and energy to create this program just to enslave ten thousand humans?”

“How the hell should I know what they’re planning? That’s the point of my argument, David. I don’t know what their intentions are, and either do you.”

“Marie, the World Government is onboard with the entire program. They’ve assured us that the Tresantarians only have the best of intentions for the participants and for the Earth.”

“And you believe everything that the World Government says?”

“I believe that the Tresantarians are genuine. I believe that they want to help our planet.”

“God, I wish I could go with David. This planet looks totally awesome,” Annie interrupted again.

“Shut up, Annie!” Marie warned her.

“Why do you treat her like a baby?” David said defending the young girl.

“Don’t worry about how I treat my daughter. Obviously, you don’t care about her or me. If you did, you wouldn’t be leaving us for a bunch of friggin aliens half way across the universe.”

“Listen, Marie, I am not leaving you without resources. Your financial needs are being taken care of. The lottery commission will pay you everything that I would have had to come up with. And I already told you that I am transferring all my assets to your accounts before I leave.”

“David, you think everything is always about money. There are other factors in play here. You have an obligation to us.”

David sat down on the sofa next to Annie. “Marie, we’re divorced and our relationship’s been over for a long time.”

Marie walked over towards him and got in his face. “What about your daughter? You adopted Annie. You made a commitment to her and now you’re walking away from that commitment.”

“You’ve got my permission to go, David,” Annie said smiling at him.

“Go to your room young lady,” Marie ordered Annie.

“But Mom, I…”

“Annie, so help me God, I am not going to ask you again.”

The young, brunette girl sprang up from the sofa and walked briskly down the hallway towards her room. After a few seconds, she slammed the bedroom door shut.

Marie frowned as she stared in the direction of the hallway. Then she slowly walked over towards the kitchen and grabbed a soft drink for her and David and proceeded to pour the refreshment into two tall goblets. She walked back towards David and handed him a goblet. “Tell me what the purpose of this program is. I don’t understand how ten thousand individuals leaving for another world will help people back on Earth. It’s not like you’re ever coming back. What in hell are we going to learn from your absence?”

David smiled and took a sip of the sparkling drink. “They’re giving the World Government technology and scientific advancements in medicine that will benefit human beings for years to come, Marie. The cure to incurable diseases will be available to you, Annie and anyone else that needs them. Free energy, for everybody, will soon become available. And it’s not like you’ll never hear or see me again. We’ll be making weekly communications to family members through special satellite transmissions. We’ll still be able to converse and see one another.

“Marie, this is an opportunity of a lifetime and it can allow me the chance to be able to contribute to our planet and civilization in a way that I never could if I stayed here.”

Marie smiled and took a sip of her refreshment. “I just think it’s God damn ironic that the best way for you to contribute to this lousy world is by having to leave it.”

“Life is definitely strange, Marie. You never know where the hell it’s going to lead you.”

“Yeah, that’s for sure,” she replied. The two of them touched goblets and finished off their drinks.


Chapter 11

It had been one month, exactly, since David had begun the series of required treatments at the Hamilton Outpatient Facility. Up until this point there was very little in the way of physical changes he’d noticed. His appetite had remained steady along with his weight, and nothing appeared out of the ordinary whenever he looked at himself in the mirror. Other than the fact he no longer had to report to work, he went on with his life as usual.

Over the years that David had been employed by the postal service, he’d accumulated a lot of sick time. He very rarely missed work. As a result of being relatively healthy, he built up a large inventory of paid sick time. The postal service informed him he could either have the value of the days he’d accumulated added to his monthly pay or he could stay home and continue to receive his regular salary. He elected option two.

David had made good use of his time away from work. He verified that all his business and personal affairs were in order. He was especially careful in making sure that Marie and Annie had complete, legal access to his worldly assets. Once everything had been straightened out with the attorneys and accountants, and he knew the two of them had been taken care of, he was able to finally relax.

David used the time off from the postal service as a paid vacation. He read four novels and downloaded several movies he’d been meaning to see before his journey to Tresantaras.

At 2100 hours, the president of the World Government, Roberto Chavez, was scheduled to address the entire planet to present updates on the newly established relations with the Tresantarians. David had invited Sarah Goddard and Peter Vance to his apartment for pizza and to listen to the telecast.

Sarah and Peter were lottery winners like David. They too were receiving treatments at the Hamilton Outpatient Facility. The threesome had met at a social gathering put together by the facility’s staff. They immediately connected with one another.

Peter Vance was a tall, almost gaunt looking, man with brown hair and big, bulging, brown eyes. He was in his early forties and had worked most of his life in the banking industry as a branch manager for the World Banking Association. He, like David, decided to walk away from his job as soon as he learned that he’d won a seat to Tresantaras.

Sarah Goddard was an attractive 38 year old divorcee that was extremely anxious to move to a new world. She’d had a tough life and marriage that ended two years earlier after she discovered her husband, at the time, in bed with her best friend. At least she thought Carrie Hendricks had been her best friend. But as it turned out, she’d been a lot closer to her ex-husband, Martin. Now that Sarah was headed to Tresantaras, she felt happy for the first time in a couple of years. She truly believed she finally had an opportunity to start her life over and possibly change everything for the better.

President Chavez addressed the entire planet on the World Communications Network at 2100 hours as previously advertised. He was a big, husky man with white hair and a healthy looking complexion. He had deep; penetrating, blue eyes that seemed to reached out from the television and grab the audience. They made it feel as if he was right there in the same room with you. David quickly grabbed the television remote and raised the volume of the telecast.

“Greetings, my fellow citizens; I’d like to thank you for taking precious time out of your lives to listen to this important update. It is with great pleasure and excitement that I speak to you about our new friends the Tresantarians.

“As you already know, a little over two years ago we were contacted by a benevolent race of beings that reside on a planet very far away from our own world. The Tresantarians live on a beautiful planet approximately ten thousand light years from Earth. Tresantaras, from what I have observed, seems like a special world that is inhabited by beings that have a special bond with the people of Earth.

“After engaging in formal discussions with the Tresantarian Leadership Council, two years ago, I became extremely impressed with the level of sincerity, help, and cooperation they, unselfishly, offered our civilization.

“Advances in medicine, energy, and scientific knowledge have always been the centerpiece of our strategic plan to better the world. In addition, I have always believed, from my earliest days as a world leader, that our collective goals and ambitions must include scientific breakthroughs that can help us to better our lives as well as the lives of our children.

“I am happy for the people of Earth because we finally have a future that is incredibly promising. Just two years ago things looked a lot less promising. But the future of our world has changed drastically in the past 24 months.

“The scientific capabilities we now possess, thanks to our Tresantarian space brothers, have already saved millions of lives and have allowed for the construction of advanced technologies that have made living on Earth easier and more enjoyable during the past two years.

“While being very generous, the Tresantarians have asked very little in return from the people of Earth. They have gone to great lengths to initiate contact with our civilization because they continue to believe our wellbeing, both now and in the future, is directly connected to the viability of their own world and species. As it was explained to me and other members of the World Government, we are genetically connected to the Tresantarians. They have further explained that their species is a mirror reflection of us in the future.

“Earlier this week I had a unique opportunity to take part in an important conference call with the Tresantarian Academy of Science and Research. The results of our meeting have brought about a completely new set of opportunities for our world and its citizens. The academy has put forth a brand new offer that is unprecedented.

“After consulting with some of the most brilliant scientific minds on Earth, I have been thoroughly convinced that it is in our best interest to cooperate fully with the Tresantarian civilization and to take full advantage of what these benevolent beings have offered to humanity.”

David briefly glanced over at Peter and Sarah. Their eyes were glued to the television screen. David usually hated watching telecasts from the World Government. But Chavez had his interest at the moment, and probably the entire world for that matter. He wondered what this new offer could be and more important how it would affect his upcoming journey to Tresantaras.


Chapter 12

David couldn’t believe what he’d heard. Sarah quickly shifted her body towards him.  She looked at David with confusion visible in her eyes. The pretty brunette was caught off guard by Chavez’s statement.

Peter stood up from one of three chairs David had positioned around the television. He was obviously concerned about the President’s announcement. “How can they change gears like this in the middle of our treatments?” he asked. “What does this mean for the lottery winners? And who, on this Godforsaken planet, wouldn’t take advantage of this?”

David thought hard, for a few seconds, about Peter’s last question before responding. “I can think of a lot of people that might want to pass on such an offer,” he finally said.

“You’d have to be a complete idiot to pass on a chance at immortality.”

“Will the two of you please keep it down? I want to hear what else he has to say,” Sarah complained.

Chavez was now in the process of going into greater detail about what the Tresantarians had proposed.

“…When the Academy first explained the details of the program and how this could benefit humanity, I was unsure how to react. Obviously, I’d never heard of anything like this before. But the benefits, in my opinion, outweigh any possible negative factors.

“It’s important that all our citizens realize the significance of what the Tresantarians have presented.

“Earth is regularly challenged by an expanding population base. We are also challenged by a lack of sustainable, natural resources. What the Tresantarian civilization has proposed will eliminate such challenges both now and in the future. In fact, these challenges will never be a problem for our planet again.

“I realize the prospect of living forever is a strange concept and that many citizens will have difficulty trying to relate to what has been proposed. Naturally, I had lots of questions that I wanted the Tresantarians to answer. It took a while, but I have received long, detailed explanations that have put my mind at ease and removed my initial concerns about the generous offer currently on the table.  Now that my questions have been thoroughly answered by the Tresantarian Academy of Science, I thought it prudent to explain the complete proposal and associated details in a public forum.

“One of the things I wanted to know was how our world would deal with a population base that would continue to expand. If people no longer died, it seemed quite logical to me that Earth would have a very serious population control problem and our resources and supplies would become more of a concern than they already are.

“The Academy explained to the World Science Panel and also to the World Medical Council that once immortality had been achieved, for human beings, our biological needs to consume food and water, as well as our needs to eliminate toxins and wastes, would become dormant. Similarly, our reproductive capabilities would also become temporarily suspended.

“If, as a society, we decided to suspend immortality, the normal biological tendencies, that we have always been familiar with, would become inherent within our species once again. In a nutshell, humanity would begin to age and die off as it did prior to accepting the Tresantarian’s offer.

“If we, collectively, agree to accept this gift and embrace immortality, there are many adjustments that will have to be made to our modern society. We must learn a completely different way to co-exist in a world that will look similar, but be very different in many ways.

“The lifestyles we currently experience on Earth would have to be altered dramatically. Education, careers, businesses, legal issues, spiritual practices, social issues, taxation policies, governmental structure, and so many other facets of our everyday lives would have to be significantly modified.

“The easiest way to accomplish what I am proposing would be to have our lottery winners travel to Tresantaras and learn, from the masters themselves, how to construct and develop a model society that can sustain an immortal race of beings. Only after our lottery pioneers have been taught everything necessary to help Earth transform itself into a new society would they return home to guide us through the most important transformation process this planet has ever known.

“Ladies and gentlemen of the Earth, the opportunity that has been presented to the human species is like nothing we have ever encountered before. Upon our acceptance of this gift, death will be suspended until we decide otherwise. People will no longer grow old and die from natural or unnatural causes. It will be impossible to leave this venue.

“There are many philosophical and spiritual questions that will be debated by citizens concerning the Tresantarian gift. Every person on this planet must give serious attention to such questions and decide, for themselves, if this is something they want to participate in.

“In one week we will hold a world vote that will determine if the citizens of Earth will accept or decline the Tresantarian offer of immortality. As always, we will decide this important issue like any other question. We will decide the referendum as a global community using a democratic process that affords each and every citizen an important voice in all worldly affairs.

“I hope every citizen will meditate and completely clear their minds before considering this most unusual gift. I anxiously await your decision next week. Have a pleasant day.”


Chapter 13

The following day, David met Peter and Sarah for drinks at a local pub on Thompson Street. It was a hole in the wall establishment but there seemed to be an unusually large crowd of patrons present for a Sunday afternoon. The three friends were seated at a small table directly in front of the bar.

Sipping suds was not something David did with regularity, but Peter and Sarah had convinced him to come along and listen to a few of the locals that were going to debate the pros and cons of accepting the “gift.” That’s what the Tresantarian’s proposal was now being referred to.

Father McAndrews, from St. Mary’s Catholic Church, was seated in a chair on a makeshift platform that had been constructed of plywood near the front of the establishment. Alongside the priest were the town’s sheriff and a city councilman.

After a few minutes of sitting around and waiting for something to happen, the sheriff, Bill Elliot, finally got the ball rolling, so to speak. “I’d just like to begin by going on the record and saying that this is a fantastic opportunity that cannot be passed up. The gift is something that can truly help to bring balance to a global community that lacks just that.”

Father McAndrews cut in abruptly interjecting his and the Catholic Church’s opposition to the Tresantarian offer. “It’s fundamentally wrong and against biblical principles for human beings to interfere with God’s laws. Our Lord would, certainly, not approve of a decision to make His people immortal beings. If the Creator wanted us to live indefinitely, He’d have designed life on Earth to operate in such a manner.

“The Vatican is extremely upset by the fact that the World Government is even considering such an unholy offer. The Pope has sent an official communication to President Chavez asking him to cancel next week’s vote and to reject the gift.”

A chorus of obscenities could be heard throughout the pub as people verbally voiced their displeasure with the clergyman’s statements.

“No one gives a rip about what the Pope or the Vatican says, McAndrews. You’re living in the Dark Ages,” a man from the back of the room yelled out.

Another fellow from the opposite side of the establishment threw out his two cents. “The Catholic Church can kiss my arse. You’re a member of the most corrupt organization in the world. Your Pope is afraid that he will lose the one thing he cannot afford to lose – power. The church has always feared losing control over the people. You’re just worried that this will be the case when the gift is accepted and embraced by the World Government.”

Father McAndrews stood up and yelled back at the man. “Sir, you will pay dearly for the blasphemy you utter. You are, obviously, not a God-fearing man and the Almighty will not tolerate such behavior from anyone at anytime. By making those comments you risk being condemned to hell for all of eternity.”

“You just don’t get it do you priest?” another man yelled out. “Once the gift is accepted, next week, the issue of punishment from the Almighty is a moot point. We are never going to die. We are never going to have to face the prospect of being sent to heaven or hell. We will no longer need the Catholic Church or any other formalized religions to guide us spiritually.”

“You’re dead wrong, sir,” Father McAndrews shouted back. “You will always need the Catholic Church. This gift is nothing more than a test. It’s a deceitful form of trickery to trap the citizens of the world and condemn them to an eternal life with Satan.”

“Hey, hey, calm down. I think we should maintain some sort of respect for Father McAndrews,” Harlan Andrews, the town’s lone councilman in attendance, yelled out. “I disagree with Father McAndrews and his position regarding the gift that’s on the table. I, like many of you, believe the Tresantarians are offering us something too good to be ignored. But I dislike the fact that so many people in this room are attacking a priest. He is a man of the cloth and should be respected.”

A woman seated at the bar turned around and shouted to the crowd. “It’s going to be accepted, you know.” She’d been reading an electronic news tablet. The woman held up the device and pointed to the instrument. “The latest polls show the referendum will pass in the 91% range. It’s not even close.”

The crowd inside the bar went crazy and people began to celebrate by buying drinks for one another.

Another man, that had already downed a few drinks too many, voiced his opinion. “Fer Christ’s sakes, jest this mornin the polls had the gif at 83. Sher looks like yer ole Pope’s not gonna git his wish on this one, McAndrews.”

The priest got up from his seat, disgusted, and quickly stepped down from the platform. “You can laugh and make fun of me all you want. Remember, it is not I that you need to fear. The wrath of God is nothing to joke about. Think carefully before you cast your vote for Satan’s gift. Because once you do, you won’t get a second chance.” Father McAndrews walked away from the platform and exited the bar as the people in the crowd continued to heckle the holy man.

“Hey Harlan,” yelled another patron that was seated beside David and his two friends. “Aren’t you going to chase after him? You being such an upstanding member of the church and everything; I’d think you’d want to go and comfort his holiness.”  The crowd let out a mighty roar in response to the man’s comments.

Harlan shrugged his shoulders and then looked towards the sheriff for some friendly advice.

The sheriff frowned for a second and then stepped forward to the front of the speaking platform. “Do you idiots want to have an intelligent discussion about the gift or would you prefer to get completely liquored up and so inebriated that I have to haul most of your backsides down to the lockup?”

“Oh don’t be such a damn stick in the mud, sheriff,” a young red haired woman yelled out. “McAndrews is so damn full of himself. We’re all tired of his self righteous, overbearing, religious bullshit. He basically deserved what he got.”

The sheriff spoke again. “Look, let’s calm down a bit and give some of the people in here, that are not completely wasted, a chance to address some important issues.”

“Who wants to speak?” the red haired woman asked the crowd. “Besides, what good is talking about any of this? It’s obviously a done deal according to the polls.”

“I’d like to say a few words,” David said as he stood up from his chair. Peter and Sarah quickly turned to look at their friend. They were shocked that he’d singled himself out from the rest of the crowd.

“Who the hell are you?” asked an overweight man that was leaning up against the side of the bar closest to the speaking platform.

David paused for a moment before answering in a very firm voice. “My name is David Hutchins and I’m one of the lottery winners that will be traveling to Tresantaras.”


Chapter 14

Everyone in the pub stopped speaking. There was complete silence and all eyes were fixed on David.

“And these are my two friends; they’re also lottery winners.” He pointed to Peter and Sarah.

Peter and Sarah looked like they wanted to crawl underneath the table.

“I came here this afternoon,” David began, “because I thought people were going to ask intelligent questions. So far I’ve heard nothing but insults, and a lot of stupid remarks being made by people that have had way too much alcohol to drink.

“I don’t mean to come across like the priest that just left, but isn’t anyone even the least bit concerned about some of the changes that are about to affect our lives and the lives of our loved ones?”

David walked up to the front of the room where the speaking platform had been constructed. After stepping onto the stage, he looked back at Peter and Sarah and motioned, with his hand, for them to join him. “Could you guys please come up here? After all, we’re the ones being prepped to visit Tresantaras so that we can eventually come back here to teach everyone else how to adapt and function in a new society.”

Sarah and Peter hesitated momentarily then slowly got up from their seats and walked over to the speaking platform.

The sheriff and Harlan Andrews brought up two additional chairs to the platform so that Peter and Sarah could sit down alongside David.

David began his interaction with the crowd by bringing up an interesting point. “One of the concerns I have has to do with how people will react to the drastic changes that will take place once we become beings that no longer consume or utilize material products.

“How will we feel about not buying food or being a consumer based civilization? We’re probably going to need a lot of therapy, don’t you think? Will you still embrace immortality when you’re unable to have a drink, sex, or a smoke?”

“It’ll be a hell of a lot cheaper to live,” a short woman from the back of the room yelled out.

“You make light of the gift right now. But how funny will it be when you have to live with the coming changes for the rest of eternity?” David replied. “When you are used to living a certain way, it’s got to be pretty damn hard to suddenly switch gears.”

“I’ve been reading some government downloads online,” one of the pub’s barmaids said. The pretty brunette placed several drinks she’d prepared on a tray. “According to that information, we’ll take on a more youthful looking appearance once the transition is complete. I could definitely get used to that.”

“I read all that stuff online too,” David said. “There’s no doubt that what the Tresantarians are offering is something very special. I know that there will be no more diseases. I understand people will maintain a very youthful looking appearance. It’s going to be nice not to ever get hungry or thirsty and to never have to rest or sleep. Like I said, it’s going to be a completely different way to exist.

“But you have to understand there, potentially, could be problems directly related to such a transition. Light beings that have a recent memory of being physical beings might suffer psychologically, and become completely miserable.”

“What about those of us that make a living in the service and products industry?” a brown haired waitress asked the patrons in the room. “What will we do after the transition? Nothing we produce or offer in the way of services will be in demand after we accept the gift.”

Peter raised his hand, like he was in a high school classroom, indicating his desire to contribute to the conversation. “I would first like to say that I’ve been in deep thought about all of this stuff since Chavez’s primetime announcement last evening. For the last month, the lottery winners have been taking daily treatments to prepare for life in a new world. Last night was the first time I ever heard anything about people on Earth living forever. There were never any communications, I’m aware of, that even mentioned the subject of immortality for humans.

“I’m very concerned about the sudden change in plans concerning our world. The three of us,” Peter said pointing to David and Sarah, “have been spending two hours a day in a machine that’s supposedly changing our DNA so that we can acclimate to a new world where the beings are immortal. Why is it that the people on this planet were never told about the gift of immortality prior to last night?

“I think we deserve some direct answers about why the Tresantarians have had a change of heart and are now offering us eternal life. I’m damn suspicious and uncomfortable about the entire situation.”

Sarah entered the conversation. “I think Peter has a valid point. What exactly are we signing up for here? Someone needs to ask this question. In fact, there are a number of important questions that should be addressed before any type of vote is conducted. How in hell can we vote on this issue without having access to all the facts?”

“People are too damn trusting,” Peter added. “They’ve already decided that they want to vote yes before understanding everything the offer entails.”

“Don’t you know all the polls are rigged?” the brown haired waitress said as she reached for some shot glasses from behind the bar area. “Electronic voting is the biggest fraud going. The World Government is just creating the illusion that we are voting for the gift. The bastards have already decided ‘yes’ for the entire planet.

“How can they come up with an accurate head count so fast?  What’s their sample size and margin of error? It’s ludicrous to believe anything Chavez or his cronies say.”

“Elaine, you’re just a crazy, damn conspiracy theorist,” said a male patron sitting at the bar. He was speaking to the brown haired waitress that had filled up another tray with drinks and was making her way back onto the pub’s floor. “You don’t trust anyone and everything is always tied to some kind of secret agenda in your world.”

“Don’t be such an ass,” the waitress fired back at the man from across the room. “If you want to sign up for a program without having all the facts, that’s your choice. As for me, I want to know what I’m in for. I’m not interested in just the very appealing highlights that Chavez has been advertising. I want to know the bad points too. There are always good and bad points in every situation. I want to know what they are.”

“I think we need to start an electronic petition and get it to the World Government as soon as possible,” David said. “We have to come up with a set of tough questions and force Chavez to respond to our concerns.”

“There’s not enough time for that,” Harlan Andrews interjected. “The vote is this coming Saturday.”

“We have to at least try,” Sarah fired back. “To sit here and remain silent is not an option.”


A few hours later, David, Peter, and Sarah went back to David’s place where they began composing questions they wanted the Tresantarians to answer. When the friends began working on the project, they realized it would be easier to submit the questions, via email, directly to the Tresantarians through the personal ambassadors they’d each been assigned.

Sarah reasoned that getting a response from Chavez’s official website, that routinely accepted questions from World Citizens about a variety of subjects, would be time consuming and most likely not very productive.

After working most of Sunday night, they finally produced a finished document that contained three power packed questions. They transmitted the document to David’s Ambassador early Monday morning. They believed the questions covered the major concerns that most people would naturally have regarding the gift. They didn’t know if and when the Tresantarians would reply, or if what they had submitted would have any real impact on the upcoming vote. Nevertheless, the process of thinking about the proposed changes to human physiology, psychology, and spirituality had been extremely productive for all of them. It had also turned into a healthy therapy session.


Chapter 15

The planet Tresantaras might have been ten thousand light years away from Earth, but the vast distance between the two worlds didn’t seem to affect the speed in which the Tresantarian Ambassador responded to the three questions David, Peter and Sarah had submitted.

On Tuesday afternoon David received an email from his personal ambassador with the subject line: Re: Questions Concerning Human Transition to State of Immortality

David immediately read the message and noticed there was a file attached to the communication. After opening the document, he called Peter and Sarah and asked them to meet him at his place as soon as possible.

By the time they arrived, David had finished reading the answers the ambassador had provided in response to the group’s questions. His anxieties had been alleviated.

Peter and Sarah each pulled up a chair alongside David’s computer and began studying the detailed reply.


Dear Mr. Hutchins:

I have now had an opportunity to review the list of questions you, Mr. Vance, and Ms. Goddard submitted. I have attempted to answer each question as best I can.


Please take the time to carefully review what I have written. If after reading the answers you still have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact me so that I may attempt to provide you and your friends with a resolution to your concerns.


Please understand that it is not my intention, nor is it the intention of the Tresantarian Leadership Council, to purposefully provide you or any other lottery winners with misleading information regarding our world, culture, physiology, or lifestyle.


It is my wish that the answers I have provided in this document will put your minds at ease.





QUESTION: Why has the Tresantarian Leadership Council suddenly offered the gift of immortality to the people of Earth?


ANSWER: It has always been our goal to share science and technology with connected civilizations. Depending on the civilization, and the civilization’s abilities to make use of specific information, we routinely offer and, at the same time, withhold certain gifts.


Civilizations can vary, greatly, from one another depending on their age, DNA construct, and dimensional position within the universe. While one set of gifts might be very helpful to one venue, they can be completely devastating to another. It is important that the givers of knowledge (The Tresantarians) assess a potential, recipient civilization adequately and be cognizant of whether or not a planet and its inhabitants will be capable of using a particular gift responsibly.


During our initial assessment of Earth, we were undecided as to whether we should offer the gift of immortality to human beings. Our leadership council seriously debated this question before finally deciding in favor of including the gift.


Because the council’s decision was pending for a period of time, we were unable to disclose any information about the subject of immortality until recently.


Immortality is a complex issue and it involves very careful implementation and counseling by the recipient civilization.


It would be very counterproductive to offer such a gift to certain worlds.


In reality, there is no death and all soul groups, that occupy physical bodies on various planets, regularly recycle/reincarnate into different bodies in order to experience very important, universal lessons. Said lessons provide invaluable opportunities for spiritual growth but can only be accomplished when the accompanying illusions of life and death are perceptible by the participants within the game.


It was our council’s decision, after reviewing your civilization, that the people of Earth have already gained maximum benefit from sequential and simultaneous incarnations and that the illusions of physical birth and death were no longer necessary to maximize the acquisition of universal knowledge.


QUESTION: Can the decision to accept or reject the gift of immortality be made on an individual basis?


ANSWER: Humanity’s decision to accept or decline the Tresantarian offer of immortality must be made, collectively, as an entire civilization. The reason for this requirement has to do with the extraordinary number of soul groupings that are interrelated. It would become quite cumbersome to manage the current system of sequential and simultaneous life expressions if some of the players elected immortality while connected companions elected to remain in a reality construct that featured sequential and simultaneous incarnations.


QUESTION: How difficult will it be for human beings to adapt to completely new lifestyles that are devoid of “normal” physical activities (consumption of food, water, air; sex, etc.) and possibly injurious to the emotional psyche of our species?


ANSWER: It is a completely natural process for all beings in the universe to be able to successfully transform back and forth between different densities. All life forms are rooted in lighter densities. In other words, human beings are light bodies (spiritual beings) first and physical beings second. The fact that many soul groups decide to experience a given reality construct in heavier densities, for the purpose of gaining new universal experiences, has little effect on their abilities to transform back to lighter densities at the termination point of a given physical destination.


Soul groups that wish to express themselves in lighter densities (as light beings) can choose to do so in any physical expression of their liking while residing on a heavier density planet. The majority of light beings that voluntarily choose a physical body expression, on a planet such as Earth, tend to do so by restoring their most recent physical expression into a more youthful appearing vessel.


If and when your species elects immortality, they will experience the best of physicality and be able to eliminate the nuisances associated with being trapped in a heavier density body. If light beings want to experience the human pleasures of food consumption, sexual intercourse, and breathing fresh air, these illusions will still be perceptible and available for their enjoyment.


There are many types of light beings in existence that regularly travel to different venues throughout the universe in order to perceive new experiences in varying densities. Humans would, potentially, have the same capabilities after fully acclimating to the offer of immortality currently on the table.  


Sarah looked at David; a broad smile was etched across her face.

“Pretty reassuring, wouldn’t you say?” David asked her.

“I’m happy with the response,” Sarah replied. “I think the ambassador’s answers should be translated into the World Language System and published so the entire global community can have access to the material.”

Peter picked himself up from the chair and grinned at David and Sarah. “This is fantastic. It explains, very clearly, what the world will have to look forward to. I’ll be honest; I don’t foresee too many people having a problem with the gift after reading this.”

David sat down at the computer and began stroking the keyboard.

“What are you writing?” Sarah asked.

Peter hunched over to look at the computer screen.

“I’m writing to Halevstren,” David replied. “I want him to send his answers to the World Government as soon as possible.”

“That’s a good idea,” Sarah said.

David continued tapping the computer keys. “If we can get this out on Chavez’s website or on some of the other official sites, I think it would help a lot of people to feel more comfortable about what’s taking place.”

“But, David, the polls already indicate the referendum’s going to pass in a landslide victory,” Peter explained. “Who are you trying to convince?”

“I think the polls are rigged and a lot of people are scared of the gift. We have a responsibility to get the truth out in the open. I want to help everybody have a clear picture of what’s happening here.”


Chapter 16

The polls were scheduled to close on Saturday evening at 1800 hours Universal World Time. David voted in favor of immortality, in the morning, and then decided to visit Marie and Annie at Marie’s place.

It had taken him less than five minutes to get into a full blown argument with her over the world vote. Marie had been adamant about voting against the gift. She was a devout Catholic and, naturally, sided with the church and the position they had taken.

David argued with his ex-wife for over an hour, but it did little good. When it came to issues that involved spirituality and the Christian religion, Marie wasn’t interested in being flexible. She’d never change her mind and go against the Vatican. It didn’t matter how long David argued with her.

“It’s downright sacrilegious,” she yelled at him.

“Says who,” he replied.

“The Pope!”

As was the case on many occasions when he visited Marie, David became irritated and ultimately overwhelmed by her inability to be reasonable. After realizing it was pointless to continue the argument, he left for Sarah’s house on Kendall Street.

When David arrived, Sarah was finishing a workout routine in her living room apartment. She was very health conscious and quite particular with keeping her body toned.

David had been attracted to her since the very first time they’d met and was excited about the fact she was a lottery winner and headed to Tresantaras.

Sarah found David attractive, too, but had given him fair warning that she wasn’t particularly interested in having a physical relationship with anyone. This had more to do with the fact she was preparing to travel off world, as a light being, than anything else.

When the issue of immortality was first introduced by the Tresantarians, Sarah realized that there would be no more opportunities for sexual relationships. She didn’t want to engage in a sexual encounter with David and then have that physical bond removed forever. It was better for her not to start anything of a physical nature with him.

As a future light being, Sarah was lead to believe that she would have to give up many Earthly pleasures indefinitely. Then they received the extremely encouraging news from the Tresantarian ambassador and Sarah had a sudden change of heart.

David had been taken by complete surprise when Sarah showed up, unannounced, at his place late Tuesday evening in the mood for physical contact. They’d made love several times that night and then again early the next morning. The intense extracurricular sessions continued throughout the week. They were really into one another, like a couple of college sweethearts.

“Tough workout,” David asked as his eyes scanned the two-piece, turquoise body suit she was wearing.

“Did you vote?” she asked.

David returned his thoughts to more earthly issues. “Early this morning; I wanted to get it out of the way before I got preoccupied with other things.”

Sarah waked over and gently rubbed up against his body. “How’d you vote?” she asked jokingly.

David immediately became aroused. “Against the referendum, of course,” he kidded her.

She walked to the other side of the room and closed the window blinds. “The hell you did,” she said, and proceeded to remove her top, exposing her breasts.

“I thought I’d treat you to lunch and we’d invite Peter over to my place, this evening, to watch the official results come in.”

Sarah smiled as she seductively peeled off the rest of her workout suit. She was standing in the living room completely naked and very wet. “I’d really prefer dessert before lunch,” she explained. Wearing only a smile, she very slowly made her way into the bedroom.

“Yes, I guess we could do that too,” David replied and then proceeded to follow after her.


Chapter 17

On Saturday evening David, Peter, and Sarah ate Chinese takeout at David’s place. At 1800 hours the electronic polls closed and voting on the referendum was officially suspended.

Like they always did, the World Television Network had exclusive rights to broadcast the voting results globally. It didn’t take very long for the news agency to report the results once the polls closed.

Roger Adams, the longtime network anchor was commenting on the referendum within the first five minutes of the telecast.

“With less than 1 percent of all global precincts reporting, we are ready to declare the question officially answered,” the broadcaster announced. The blonde haired, blue eyed man was dressed in a dark brown suit and gold tie. “We predict the global community has voted in favor of the referendum 83 percent to 17 percent. Humanity has made a statement by accepting the gift of immortality from the Tresantarian Leadership Council. This is a historic moment and one that will be remembered, very well, for a long time to come.

“Aaron, what do you make of the voting results and what have you heard from some of your contacts at the World Government Palace?”

The television screen split so that Roger Adams and field reporter, Aaron Sanders were both visible at the same time. Aaron was tightly bundled up in heavy, winter weather attire as he assumed a position directly outside the World Government Palace at the edge of the South Pole.

“Well, Roger, I have to tell you that World Government officials are not, officially, commenting at this time, however, I’ve had an opportunity to speak with a few people, on a condition of anonymity, and they explained to me that the president’s administration was expecting nothing less than the referendum to pass by a very wide margin.”

Roger began speaking again. “As you already know, Aaron, we’ve declared the question officially answered and project the referendum will pass 83 to 17 percent. Has anyone you’ve spoken to down there commented on the network’s official announcement?”

“Like I said, Roger, the official sources here are not making any statements yet regarding the results. I think the strategy of the Chavez Administration is to assume a conservative approach, at least for the time being. As more of the votes are tabulated and the percentages continue to hold, I think you’ll begin to hear and see more of a response from President Chavez and his administration.”

“That’s probably the case, Aaron,” Roger replied. The screen switched back to a normal presentation, showing only Roger Adams in the studio. “We’ll check back, periodically, with Aaron as the evening progresses or whenever an official announcement from President Chavez becomes eminent.

“Right now we see the percentages off a bit from before. With 7 percent of the votes being reported the referendum has a passing score of 81 percent.

“WTN has already declared that the referendum will pass at 83 percent. We base our projections on a number of exit poll surveys that have been conducted by Global Research Services.”

Peter got up from his chair and reached for some more Wonton soup and Chinese noodles. “This is a complete dog and pony show. It’s as if the entire telecast has been rehearsed and they’re just going through the motions.” He sat back down in his seat and drank some soup before continuing to speak. “Did you really expect the vote to go in another direction? I mean this thing was decided before they ever announced anything last week.”

“Well I think the answers that came back from the ambassador, that we were able to get posted on the government website, helped to calm a lot of people’s concerns,” Sarah interjected.

“No, I agree that the ambassador’s reply probably helped, Sarah,” Peter said. He sipped on some hot tea and then cleared his throat. “But you have to admit that these damn votes aren’t on the up and up. Do you really believe that the World Government is going to leave important decisions, like this, in the hands of everyday citizens?”

“No, I certainly don’t,” David chimed in. “It’s more about appearance than anything else. They have to make it look like there’s a process that affords everyone an opportunity to participate. Our leaders want to present the illusion of choice rather than actually giving us one.”

“I don’t agree with that,” Sarah shot back.

“Come on, Sarah, let’s be real here,” David responded. “How in hell can the World News declare the referendum decided, one way or another, with only one percent of the vote in? They knew the outcome before the telecast began. Peter’s right, this is a damn show.”

“I don’t understand the two of you knuckleheads,” Sarah said, her lips tightly pursed together. “You act as if you’re both pissed off that the referendum was approved. I thought that’s what we wanted? Am I missing something here? Did we not spend almost an entire evening writing up questions for the ambassador?”

David turned the volume down a bit on the television. He was smiling at Sarah and attempting to swallow a sizeable piece of egg roll at the same time. “I do,” he said and then paused momentarily before looking at Peter who was trying his best not to laugh. “We do! We all want it to pass, Sarah. That’s not the point of…”

“What’s the point, then?” Sarah interrupted him.

David raised his right hand and waved it in front of Sarah in an attempt to calm her down. He could tell she was annoyed. “The point is that the voting systems, the elections and general questions, have been rigged for years. It’s an exercise that’s more about giving people the belief that they’re engaged in a democratic process than anything else.”

“I disagree,” she said, obviously, agitated with his remarks.

“Well how about we just agree to disagree?” David smiled at her.

Sarah picked up some Chinese noodles and proceeded to fling them at him before breaking out into laughter. “You know, you can be a real jackass sometimes.”

Peter, who couldn’t contain himself any longer, laughed aloud at Sarah.

She quickly grabbed another handful of noodles and threw them at Peter. “You’re just as bad,” she said jokingly. “I’d expect that kind of behavior from David, not you.”

“Look!” David said excitedly. He was pointing towards the television. “Chavez is preparing to make an official statement.” He grabbed the television remote and quickly turned up the volume.


Chapter 18

It was a very confusing time on Earth after humanity chose eternal life over certain death. The global community had made its choice and decided to accept the Tresantarian gift of immortality. But there was still plenty of uncertainty, in the minds of many individuals, as to how and when human physiology would change.

One of the hot topics of conversation, after the passage of the referendum, had to do with the rights of terminally ill patients and their eligibility or lack thereof in regards to accepting the gift.

The question being debated by many people was whether or not such individuals would be allowed to take advantage of the extraterrestrial offering. Would these poor souls be granted a state of immortality and be restored to a healthier time in their lives or simply die off before the new system had been officially activated?

People believed they had a right to know when the benefits associated with the gift would commence. They also wanted to know whether the new state of immortality would include persons that had died right after the referendum had passed.

After several days, it was determined by the Tresantarian Leadership Council that the state of immortality, as it applied to human beings, became effective immediately upon passage of the global referendum. Those individuals that had died prior to the referendum passing were, unfortunately, not covered. Others, by a matter of minutes, had qualified for an eternity of protection.

The citizens that had died right after passage of the referendum were revived and later restored to the most flattering expressions of their prime years of life. Others, on the opposite side of the timeline, missed out on opportunities that were only possible to experience through eternity.

There were countless stories every evening on the World News about people that had nearly lost loved ones. These feel good documentaries showcased people that witnessed their friends and family members being resuscitated from the dead because the individuals in question were lucky enough to have died on the right side of the timeline period. This made them eligible for immortality. The news segments were commonplace, initially.

Other interviews focused on family members that had lost someone to death by just a few minutes, and in some cases by only a matter of seconds. Such stories were heart wrenching. In certain instances, the individuals under review had missed the timeline cutoff by less than two seconds. For the survivors, the gift had become nothing more than a cruel hoax.

The Tresantarians always remained objective when attempting to assess eligibility factors based on timeline considerations. These beings didn’t view life and death in the same way that humanity had. The Tresantarians maintained a deep understanding about what human birth and death really represented. Those representations were nothing more than illusions. They knew the people that had missed out on eligibility this time around would recycle into another venue. This knowledge helped the Tresantarians remain completely objective when assessing eligibility factors for other civilizations.


Chapter 19

There were many rumors floating around about how the gift would be applied to the human species. Conspiracy theories ran amok almost immediately after the referendum had passed.

One website, which had been traced back to the Catholic Church, put out an erroneous story about a supposed vaccine that was going to be forced on the entire global population. The propaganda had frightened large segments of people in many federal zones. The theory contended that the Tresantarians would attempt to deceive humanity by encouraging everyone to voluntarily accept a deadly, medicinal concoction that would wipe out all human life. The extraterrestrials would supposedly tell the world’s citizens that the change to immortality would have to come through the special vaccination process.

Another conspiracy theory, also suspiciously linked to followers of the church, purported that the Tresantarians were secretly terraforming the earth with bacteria and viruses that were naturally occurring on their own world. The devious process, in theory, was supposed to create an atmosphere on Earth that would support life for the alien culture so that they could invade the planet and proceed to kill off the human race.

In reality, the Tresantarians were able to affect change in the physiological construct of the human species by slightly altering the slope and structure of its unique DNA molecule. This was not done through a vaccine, but rather through an invisible radio frequency that was broadcast across the cosmos directly to the planet Earth.

The particular structure of human DNA allowed it to act as a radio receiver which was capable of reading frequencies in the universe that it efficiently translated into a very unique perception of reality. That perception of reality was depicted by the human mind as a five sense world, otherwise known as the illusions of life and death. This was, in reality, what human beings referred to as mortal life.

Once the Tresantarians directed the new frequencies towards humanity, the promised change of immortality began. Through a process that had been perfected by many creator civilizations beforehand, humankind had been instantly modified into a new species of light beings.

The greatest achievements that any civilization could ultimately produce were rooted in its creative libraries. Creativity was, in a sense, the conduit between all sentient beings and the Master Creator Forces that designed and operated all expressions of intelligence throughout a never ending series of dimensional frequencies.

The true Gods (Creators), which existed throughout the universe, were the countless civilizations that functioned in different dimensional constructs. In their infancy, they all learned basic lessons and eventually became capable of constructing their own civilizations.

The whole purpose of experiencing sequential and simultaneous incarnations (lifetimes) on a venue such as Earth was to learn as much as possible as a species. This was important for a number of reasons, but primarily so that the civilization could one day create its own civilizations and gain even more knowledge. It was a universal process that never ended. It was designed in this manner to ensure that civilizations could continuously educate themselves and hopefully create new civilizations that could live out additional experiences that would help garner new ways to understand and gain more knowledge.

The universe was absolutely nonjudgmental. It only cared about one thing – the acquisition of knowledge. The Tresantarian civilization was only one of an infinite number of creator races that had regularly contributed to the genesis of intelligent civilizations. Their special ability to create civilized worlds and later reconnect with them was developed over time. The process was important and was the only way they could expand an ever increasing knowledge base.

Another illusion that had existed on a five sense world was the illusion of time. On Earth, the passage of time had been a natural part of human, perceived reality. The human mind, and its compatible DNA, would read universal frequencies and transcribe them into a three dimensional, holographic form that provided the illusions of depth and physical matter. Traveling from point A to point B, or between two pieces of physical matter, required the illusion of time. Outside the artificially constructed illusion of a three dimensional reality, the time illusion was unnecessary. Outside the third dimensional illusion, experiences were always learned through simultaneous expression and not sequentially. Sequential experiences and lifetimes were only perceptible options in a three dimensional reality construct.

As the human race would soon learn, the Tresantarians were their real Gods. They were the creator race that seeded the planet, and projected the frequencies that depicted third dimensional reality. They were also the engineers that supplied the illusions of life, death, and time.

In reality, the Tresantarians didn’t provide human beings with the ability to be immortal beings. They merely changed the Human understanding of reality. All beings that expressed themselves in any reality construct were, in a sense, immortal beings regardless of whether they lived or died in an illusory world like third dimensional Earth.


Chapter 20

The Earth was a magnificent projection, created by the Tresantarian civilization, to help humanity, ultimately, learn important lessons. But because the planet, to a large extent, was an illusory world, it also provided an opportunity for other dimensional entities to take advantage of the Human race.

There were numerous interdimensional beings that shared the projection of Earth with Humans. Some of these civilizations were benevolent while others were parasitic and attempted to manipulate and harm the Tresantarian creation.

The abilities of several alien civilizations to directly influence the political happenings on Earth, throughout its history by hijacking its political leaders, were difficult for humanity to overcome. Not until the great catastrophe of 2019 did mankind clear the key hurdle and become a true “service to others” civilization.

The changes that the global community had made from that point forward demonstrated to the Tresantarians that humanity had, indeed, mastered the necessary lessons it had been prescribed.

The major religions of the world had been introduced repeatedly, through the illusion of time, by the alien, parasitic cultures. They created the religions of the world so that the Human race would never be able to reconnect with its true Creator, the Tresantarian civilization.

Religious dogma, and organized religions, in general, created the exact opposite effect of what they disingenuously attempted to project to the global population. Organized religion’s only goal was to impede Human, spiritual ascension and its connection to the Tresantarian civilization.


Chapter 21

Years later, the pioneers of deep space travel came back to earth in an effort to teach the global community the valuable lessons they learned from the Tresantarians.

People like David, Peter, and Sarah volunteered to come back to Earth because they had a strong desire to explain the truth about the Tresantarians and their remarkable history. It wasn’t until the return of the original lottery winners that the immortal light beings of planet Earth understood the remarkable connection they shared with their real Gods.

The Tresantarians were actually the simultaneous expression of humanity in a different frequency. They were Human beings in the future, which was a difficult concept to understand considering that time was gradually becoming less of a factor on a planet that had recently experienced a dimensional shift.

As the people of Earth continued to study and master the teachings of the Tresantarian civilization, they began to realize that sometime very soon they would also be creating their own world and civilization, and that someday they would attempt to reconnect with that creation. They knew this all too well because they finally understood that they were the Tresantarians, situated in heaven, looking at themselves in the future.


About the Author

 John Reizer is a freelance writer and practicing chiropractor. He resides in Inman, South Carolina. John has written numerous bestselling books on the subject of chiropractic as well as six science fiction novels. Additional information is available at

Extraterrestrial Civilizations: Why Public Disclosure Has Been Delayed

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at

There are, undoubtedly, several major reasons why “the powers that be” have not publicly disclosed information proving the existence of extraterrestrial beings and that contact has already been established by certain people on this planet.

If one thinks about this subject with complete objectivity, it is easy to figure out that public disclosure of technologically advanced alien beings would create some serious problems for the 200-400 corporate elitists that really run the world.

The technological advancements alone, that these global space travelers have brought to the table, would forever change the way energy systems were used on our planet. Huge corporations, that currently hold humanity as debt slaves, would lose their wealth and, ultimately, the power they so vehemently crave. Can you imagine a world where every person had access to free energy? Can you imagine not having to pay for an electric bill or for fuel for an automobile?

What you and I might consider a good thing for global citizens, and our environment, is considered a nightmare by powerful industrialists that currently dominate and control the geopolitical structure of Earth. The elite’s fear of losing control of their slave population is a major prohibitive factor concerning the public disclosure of ET civilizations.

Earlier this year, I wrote a short novella titled “TRESANTARAS” that discusses these same important issues. In that story, I wrote clearly what I believed it would take for humanity to garner a public disclosure statement from government as well as a “benefits package” from a distant, but not so foreign, civilization. I highly recommend reading the book. Not because I wrote it, but because there is a lot of truthful information embedded within the 100 or so pages.

In an article that was previously published on this website and subsequently picked up by the UFO Digest Magazine, I mentioned the work of Dr. Steven M. Greer who is in charge of an organization known as The Disclosure Project. Recently, I came across a fantastic video Dr. Greer created that explains, very well, what is happening behind the scenes regarding the ET situation. There are four parts to the video and the entire presentation takes about 50 minutes. Please take the time to watch this short film so that you can understand what is really happening behind the scenes.

Be sure to leave me your comments after watching the presentation.

What the Heck is a Tresantaras?

By Dr. John Reizer

Editor at

One night, not too long ago, I found myself watching the evening news. That was an amazing thing in itself due to the fact that I had not watched the news in several years. I decided, for some reason, to tune into the matrix on this particular night. As I sat there, in front of the propaganda box, I began, subconsciously, tuning out all the negativity that was being reported. Then I began daydreaming about a place where there was no war and peace reigned across the entire planet. After several minutes passed, I was actually able to see, in my mind, this beautiful location where human beings worked together for the greater good of the planet.

Have you ever tried to imagine a world where there was absolutely no killing? Do you think you could visualize such a place in your mind?

As the idiot box, in front of me, kept spewing out the daily prescription of corporately, packaged lies, I kept thinking about what it would actually take for human beings to stop murdering one another and behave like civilized beings.

The network programming was in full stride at this point. The news anchor was knee deep in crime and war. I realized, then and there, humanity was cheating itself and that society had fallen miserably short of its true potential.

In less than ten minutes I had managed to become completely frustrated and stressed out from watching the damn mainstream news. It was at that exact moment when the word first popped into my head.


What was a TRESANTARAS? I kept saying the word over and over again as I attempted to recall what it meant. I could see it as clear as I could see the television.


It sounded so very familiar, yet I was completely clueless as to what it meant.

Then something truly amazing happened. I went to the computer and Googled TRESANTARAS. The search yielded no results! Then onto the word processor and into a Microsoft Word document. One more time: TRESANTARAS. And as I typed the word this time, the most amazing story formed inside my head.


In the year 2019, planet Earth faces a catastrophic event that forever changes the construct of modern society. The world is thrown into chaos and becomes devoid of modern technologies. The United States, Russia, and other super powers, that have traditionally ruled the planet, are quickly reduced in strength and status to that of a third world country.

The population base, reduced to half its original size, is hellbent on not repeating the mistakes of its ancestors as it methodically attempts to rebuild itself from the ground up, using a new system of governmental control that has outlawed the existence of sovereign territories and all acts of war.

As the global community enjoys world peace for the very first time in the planet’s recorded history, human beings are suddenly, and without warning, contacted by an extraterrestrial race of beings called the Tresantarians. The alien civilization has a deep connection to the people of Earth and graciously offers humanity the most amazing gift imaginable. In a flash, mankind is placed in the difficult position of having to choose between an extraterrestrial offering and the prospect of abandoning all forms of organized religion.