Coronavirus Management: Sweden Has the Right Idea

Dr. John Reizer

If you want to see how a country should handle an infectious disease scenario the correct way, look no farther than the country of Sweden. I believe Sweden is the only sovereign nation that has not shut down its economy and has allowed businesses and society to continue to operate despite the threat of the coronavirus.

The Swedes have not locked down citizens, ordering them to stay in their homes because of a potentially harmful virus that’s allegedly terrorizing the world. Instead, the country and its government have put into practice the concept of herd immunity. The theory maintains that by allowing people to conduct life, as usual, members of society will garner lifelong, natural immunity from a given infectious disease faster than if they remained hidden and sequestered in a quarantined environment.

Herd immunity allows people to become infected, recover, and naturally strengthen the human immune system from potentially harmful microbes. It’s part of the innate logic of human physiology that allows people to be able to naturally adapt to their everchanging environments. This natural process of adaptation is the reason why seven billion people can coexist with trillions of microorganisms at any given time without problems. The exception to this rule would be when the population is forced to deal with a fake viral epidemic like the one currently taking place.

And if you look at the numbers being supplied by the health regulatory agencies at the time of this writing, Sweden sits at just under 11,000 Covid-19 cases with about 900 deaths. They’re doing about as well or better than countries locked down and under quarantine. When the dust finally settles, the Swedish people will have lifelong immunity from the virus, will not require any type of vaccine to protect them from future infections, and their economy will be intact.

As I have written previously, there’s no scientific proof that keeping the world’s population quarantined provides society with better protection against infectious germs than letting them face the microbes head-on. What American doctors and other healthcare practitioners have ordered in the way of self- isolation strategies, to slow down the spread of the coronavirus, is entirely ridiculous from a biological standpoint. And the results being reported daily in real-time prove that self-isolation techniques do not work.

Keep in mind that the Covid-19 case numbers being reported by regulatory agencies worldwide are inaccurate because the lab testing procedures regularly record many false-positive cases, and there are doctors across the globe being actively encouraged to falsify the number of deaths caused by the virus.