The Georgia Guidestones are Gone!

Dr. John Reizer

One day after the Georgia Guidestones were damaged by an explosive device, the remaining portions of the controversial monument were demolished by a bulldozer.

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Hopefully, people in Georgia are feeling better today than they have for the past 42 years.

A symbol of hate brought to fruition by wealthy elitists, the monument was an embarrassment to the citizens living in the state of Georgia. The Guidestones brought fame to Elbert County Georgia, but for all the wrong reasons.

The executive decision to demolish the large structure instead of repairing it was an easy one. First, the site was probably not safe for the public because the integrity of the granite stones had been made unstable by the explosion. Second, who would want to publicly be responsible for funding the repairs to a hate monument?

The fact the explosion took place at 4:03:33 in the morning could be a clue the bombing was not performed by everyday common vandals. Perhaps the attack was a message to elites and NWO types that the members of society have had enough of the Illuminati’s bullshit!

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It is interesting to note, that another structure not too far away from the hateful stones in Elbert County Georgia, and a principal player in the vaccine genocide currently in play is the CDC. Its longitude and latitude map coordinates are at 33.7993° N, and 84.3280° W.

There are no coincidences in life!


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