Is There A Financial Collapse In Our Immediate Future?

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at

According to some sources, there are currently more Americans on government assistance programs than at any other time in the history of our country. There are currently 77 different welfare programs in existence and the list of programs keeps expanding every year.

The Federal Reserve (a private corporation disingenuously dressed up to look like a department within the U.S. government) continues to print money out of thin air. It routinely makes toxic adjustments to a monetary system that has been broken for so long, the average American cannot even recognize the inherent dysfunction within the financial system’s design.

The current political system is incapable of fixing the financial problems that continue to grow because we have a two-party system (really a one party system) that answers to an elite power structure that has designed and implemented the financial catastrophe in progress.

Why is this happening? Why does the average American citizen have little to no idea that a major collapse in the entire financial system is right around the corner? The answer to both questions is that what is currently unfolding has been planned for a very long time and has been designed to occur so that the common people will not suspect a problem prior to the devastating event. The current system was designed to fail in order that a global currency could be introduced so the elite power structure, running the planet, would have greater control over the slaves (world citizens).

We are a country that runs on debt. Debt, by the way, equates to slavery. In order for our sick and twisted economy to prosper, the people already in debt have to go further in debt. In other words, the slaves need to get more financial shackles attached to them than they currently wear. This is the way the elitists designed the financial system, and it is the major reason the entire house of cards will eventually come tumbling down leading to civil unrest and a lot of unpleasant conditions in the streets of America. If the average American citizen lost access to his or her credit cards, there would be fighting in the streets already.


Do you think this is a crazy conspiracy theory that will never come to fruition? Think what you want, but the agenda continues right in front of our eyes regardless of our abilities or lack thereof to recognize the telltale signs of the financial depression directly in front of us.

Mainstream news agencies will continue to lie to the American public about the financial climate as well as other important subjects. And the sad thing about the entire situation is that most of us will continue to believe and trust the so called respected news sources that are ultimately owned by three or four elite-owned corporations. Because the real power brokers running things control the companies that influence and control public perception, they, ultimately, control reality.

So, when all of these welfare programs are suddenly and without warning pulled — watch out! It’s not going to be pretty. The austerity measures that are around the corner are not going to be embraced with open arms as they say.

Just Fix the Damn Economy!

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at

There is absolutely nothing normal about the current economic crisis. The economic problems we are presently observing are not the result of normal cycles or peaks and valleys within a healthy global or national economy.  The situation that has surrounded us, and threatens to forever change our way of existence, is the result of a very well contrived plan that has been put into action by a ruthless and very calculating group of elitists that manage the world economic picture from the top down.

A large number of business men and women are presently hurting from the recession/depression. The unfriendly economic climate and the hurt being felt by many people are likely to get a lot worse in the months and years that follow unless the leaders of our country and around the world implement real strategies that will provide us with critical adaptive measures to counteract a rapidly changing global economy. I do not know about you but I am not very confident that government leaders are going to come to our rescue. In fact, I expect the exact opposite to occur. I see government playing the same role that it has played all along. That course of action has allowed the current global economic problems to develop into a state of crisis.

The elite’s plan is progressing pretty much as it was designed and the politicians, those that are aware of the conspiracies taking place and even those who are unaware of them, are the great enablers of our time ultimately allowing the current unhealthy, economic conditions to remain in place.

Any smart business person will tell you that one of the keys to becoming successful within a given business structure is to manage your finances correctly. While it might be important to take calculated risks from time to time in order to become profitable down the road, it must also be understood that every business risk warrants a certain amount of analysis or consideration to determine if the actual risk is worth a possible reward. In other words, you sometimes have to spend money to make money however; you better make sure that you spend the money wisely.

If you or I make a bad business decision we ultimately must pay the price for our error in judgment. Whatever that price might happen to be, we have to suck it up and adapt to the problem we created. This type of accountability keeps us honest and it gives us a good reason to be prudent when making any future business decisions that might affect the viability of our respective businesses.

Debt is the real enemy and a state of slavery is created for those people or entities that are constantly immersed in unmanageable debt. The United States and the other countries that make up the world’s economy run on a system of constantly increasing debt. The problem, as I see it, is that our country is loaded with unmanageable debt and that the amount of debt keeps growing every minute of every day. Our country is a slave to debt (the Federal Reserve System) and so is every citizen in America.

A few years ago, some of us became very excited about the “stimulus packages” the U.S. government implemented in an attempt to help our nation’s economy. On the surface, these strategies may have looked like they were helpful. In reality, they were driving the finishing nails into our country’s financial coffin. The dollars that were created by the Federal Reserve System and then placed into circulation were literally created out of thin air. They were not backed by anything of substance. These funds were immediately assigned to our national debt and they became a liability for U.S. citizens the same day they were printed.

The rationale behind the stimulus concept was that some companies in America were perceived as icons and deemed “too big to fail.” In other words, they had to be rescued by the government because the damage that would have resulted if such companies collapsed would have been extremely detrimental to the health and morale of the United States.

If we look at the concept that a business is “too big to fail” strictly from a small business person’s point of view, it is easy to see that this philosophy is quite flawed. A small business that is no longer profitable and continues to lose various amounts of money is commonly redefined as a hobby. A smart business person will usually shut down a business once it is no longer profitable. In my opinion, the same philosophy should have been used by our government when it addressed the large companies that had been designated as being “too big to fail.”

The decision to continuously reward failing companies with bail out money was a poor decision on the part of our government. In true capitalistic fashion, a company that has made poor business decisions should be held accountable for such decisions and should ultimately have to deal with the consequences originating from their actions. The size of the company is irrelevant when it comes to philosophical business principles. Companies that continue to make bad business decisions will sooner than later be out of business. If the United States did not have the ability to print an unlimited amount of fiat money it would have been out of business years ago. The fact that it can continue to print an unlimited supply of money means that the rate of inflation in the United States will become even more unbearable for its citizens than it already has become.

If the leaders of our country wanted to truly fix the economy, they would have to make two fundamental changes to a system that has been designed to enslave the masses. The first item of business that should be enacted is to allow open competition in currencies such as with gold and silver (the precious metals). Congressman Ron Paul has made this argument for a long time and his reasoning behind the argument is quite sound.

Once gold and silver were allowed to be sold and used as a legal currency, the Federal Reserve System would be forced into halting the inflation of our dollar. The elimination of fiat money (currency printed on demand and essentially backed by nothing of substance) should be the second item of business to be addressed. This could ultimately be accomplished if Congress would have the guts to pass a resolution calling for the abolishment of the Federal Reserve Act.

If we truly have a desire to restore balance in our economy and create a currency that is not constantly subjected to extraordinary inflation we will need for America to be placed back on the gold standard so that our money is backed by something of substance. The current system is corrupt and allows for hyper inflated dollars to be created out of thin air by a group of elite overseers. Implement these strategies and our financial/economic system will begin to heal over time and you can take that to the bank!

One final change that needs to occur is the reversal of the philosophy that maintains certain companies are “too big to fail.” If we get rid of the companies/organizations that are draining the economic system and we just let the system fix itself we will see a healthier economy. A capitalistic government has no business bailing out banks or any other companies utilizing socialistic props!