An Up Tick in Earthquake Activity: Is it a Sign of Trouble Ahead?

By Dr. John L. Reizer

Editor at

What’s causing such an up tick in seismic activity in the past several years in areas of the world that are usually considered seismically stable?

Are we, in fact, beginning to experience major earth changes that some have claimed would occur in 2012?  Are ancient fault lines, previously undiscovered, suddenly becoming active after being relatively silent for thousands of years?

The truth of the matter is that scientists don’t really know what’s happening. The, so called, experts appearing on television programs, in an effort to assure people that everything in the world is safe, are as confused as everyone else. They don’t have the slightest clue about why we’re experiencing earthquakes in unusual areas. They want you to believe everything transpiring, seismically, is completely normal. Whether these types of activities are normal or not is a matter of opinion.

Mainstream media will always attempt to quell public anxiety by downplaying this kind of news. Others will attempt to spread fear by making more out of a situation than is really warranted. What level of concern does this subject deserve? Only the future can reveal that answer.

We are living in extremely interesting times. Of course that could be said about any period of time that has transpired on our planet. The world is always changing and adapting to its environment. Earth is a very old place and we have only experienced a brief sliver of its existence within the cosmos. Our true lack of understanding about this amazing planet precludes us from being able to understand what lies in front of us.

We should always be prepared for natural earth changes and not be so quick to dismiss the theories and ideas of knowledgeable people just because they may have different opinions than mainstream thinkers.

Our recorded history, what we routinely use to determine normal versus abnormal earth changes, does not represent a very long period of time. This is especially true when we consider the actual age of our planet. Since most everything on earth seems to revolve around cycles, it’s hard for us to be able to take into consideration the cyclical earth changes that might have happened prior to our keeping of records.

We know for a fact that areas on our planet previously covered by water are now land masses and certain areas that used to be above water are presently covered by the oceans of the world. Our planet changes and it changes more often than we might believe. It’s easy to think of earth as a stable place when you only glance at a relatively brief period of its history. Recorded history gives us the false illusion that our planet is a stagnant world and that major earth changes do not regularly occur. We must keep in mind that not every major earth change has to happen a million years from now. We might not be able to predict the future, but we can certainly increase our chances for survival by being prepared for the unusual. And we should all know by now that unusual things can certainly happen!

Just Thinking Out Loud: Would They Tell Us About an Earth Changing Event?

By Dr. John Reizer

Editor at

An earth changing event is about to take place. It’s not the first nor the last time this sort of thing has happened. According to ancient records being closely guarded and kept out of the public domain by certain world leaders, the coming event will not destroy earth, but many people will die. The passage of the event will cause massive planetary changes, affecting most forms of life. At first, these changes will be barely noticeable. Later, as the event draws nearer, the earth changes will grow in intensity and the people of the world will begin to notice that something is not quite right.

Members of the media will offer conventional explanations for the changing weather and environmental conditions. Government agencies will assure their citizens that everything taking place is perfectly normal and there’s nothing to worry about.

The leaders of the world, aware of impending doom, have long ago made a collective decision to remain silent and not alert citizens, living within their respective nations, about what is happening. It’s important to understand that there’s absolutely nothing that can be done to stop this event. To alert the people of the world is to risk worldwide panic. This sort of civil unrest could ultimately be very dangerous for people in positions of power. Riots, looting, and acts of aggression might be directly focused at world leaders.

The powers that be believe that if the general public knew massive earth changes were in motion and that life was going to be drastically changed, most people would not report to work or bother to pay their mortgages and taxes. The entire global infrastructure would likely collapse and create a hellish situation for any person in a position of authority.

The really important members of society, the elite families that have run the world for longer than most people realize, will attempt to ride out this nightmare situation in subterranean security bunkers. Their plan, very simply, is to exit such shelters after the event so they can reclaim their positions of power and wealth. They have instructed their puppets, the elected officials running various governments, to keep quiet and conduct business as usual.

By the way, are you going to watch major league baseball’s All-Star Game this week? And how much money do you think Tom Cruise had to cough up in his divorce settlement?  Who do you think will host American Idol next year?