Did Artemis 1 head to the Moon (or fall into the Atlantic Ocean for recovery)?

Humans live in a world where many of the things we believe are real are not. Whether it’s make-believe missions to the Moon, fake wars to steal money from the public, fake nuclear weapons, fake viruses used to shut down the world to convince the masses that the only way to get back to normal is to take a death shot — the same liars keep lying to us — the gullible public.

If you or I question the lies of well-known and established liars, you and I are labeled as conspiracy theorists and made to feel uncomfortable by others.

–Dr. Reizer

Artemis 1 Launch to the Moon?
Rarely seen Photos of Rocket Systems Recovery

From the comment boards:

“If you really believe you leave Earth and head in a straight line to the Moon, you should NOT be allowed outside without a legal guardian.”


“If you really believe Artemis 1 left the Earth on its way to the Moon traveling horizontally and it didn’t fall into the ocean where it was retrieved by a ship, you are delusional.”


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Artemis 1 – Going Where No Man or Woman Has Been or Can Go!

Dr. John Reizer

History, as it often does, repeats itself. In the case of NASA and the Artemis Deep Space Missions, false history will repeat itself.

Some Things Never Change!

Artemis 1Uncrewed and going to the Moon

The Artemis 1 launch has been scrubbed twice already due to equipment glitches in the past few days. The massive-looking rocket is reported ready to test NASA’s new technology to eventually get a crewed Artemis 3 mission to land the first human beings on the moon since the Apollo program back in the late 60s and early 70s.

According to recent interviews by NASA officials, the space agency and its team of geniuses lost the knowledge of how to get humans to the moon that they magically figured out six decades ago.

Some Things Never Change!

Apollo 8 – First crewed mission past LEOs

The geniuses at NASA have now relearned how to get beyond low earth orbits once more and are planning to prove that people can travel to the moon as they did with Apollo many years ago.

Artemis 2 is scheduled to take a crewed payload in a flyby mission around the moon and back to Earth in 2024, and Artemis 3 is scheduled to take a crewed mission to the lunar service most likely by 2024-2025.

Predictably, NASA is creating newsworthy storylines about its new shiny rocket ship. It will publicly demonstrate the development of space technology comes with solvable problems. So, we will see launch windows for Artemis 1 come and go. The pre-planned delays are part of the script, building and tearing down the public’s level of anticipation for the launch.

NASA has become an expert at shooting off rockets that maintain low earth orbits. The public has no way of knowing, for certain, where those rockets go after the launches, but it is pretty safe to assume that they are not going very far from Earth.

NASA is in a bind, and not looking too good for an agency stealing 63 million dollars per day from American taxpayers.

It’s time for another theatrical performance like Apollo, only this time the CGI production will be much better.

If the powers that be can successfully convince the entire world that a CGI virus was real to con people into taking a bioweapon disguised as a vaccine, imagine the fakery they can employ to convince the world they have successfully made it back to the moon again.


Inventing a cure for cancer was their first mistake!”


Coming in 2023