Check out a few chapters of Dr. Reizer’s new novella, The Blue Marble


New Science Fiction by John Reizer

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Amazon Reviews:

“This book is intriguing, imaginative, and inventive.” — Edward Shafer

“It will leave you pondering your reality and asking questions.” — Anne

Honest Reviews are Appreciated!

“They found more than just rocks on the moon!”

A Novella By John Reizer


“Curing cancer was their first mistake!”

Coming in 2023

6 thoughts on “Check out a few chapters of Dr. Reizer’s new novella, The Blue Marble

  1. Kenneth T. September 18, 2022 / 10:42 pm

    Already bought – just haven’t started reading it yet.
    Well… except for what you put here.

    • Dr. John Reizer September 18, 2022 / 10:44 pm

      I appreciate the support, Kenneth! 😀👍

  2. Kenneth T. September 19, 2022 / 5:07 pm

    I wish (no – not really) that The Blue Marble had been written 50 years ago. I would have said “we did NOT go to the moon!” Hell – I’ll say it any way… “We did NOT go to the moon!”

    Can you imagine the technology we are missing out on today, if we actually took the first powered air flight and – just a few decades later, not only space-flight, but also landing on the moon.
    We can’t even beat cancer (yes we can)… and thats just one thing hidden.

    I apologize Dr John, I’m not criticizing you newest book, however peoples beliefs sure make for good literary fodder. 😉


    • Dr. John Reizer September 19, 2022 / 5:17 pm

      I thought it would be amusing to write a story about Apollo 11, the Moon landings, and market the book as fiction that plays around with alternative history.

      Most people who read the story and are not affiliated with NoFakeNews will think the alternative history has to do with what NASA astronauts discovered on the Moon.

      Most people won’t understand that the main part of the alternative history I am poking fun at is the fact that NASA and Apollo never went near the Moon.

      In my manipulation of history, the NASA astronauts actually make it to the Moon which you and I know never happened! 🤣


      • Kenneth T. September 19, 2022 / 5:31 pm

        It’s a quick read- I read it last night while at work.
        There have been stories about something they (supposedly) discovered – perhaps they did find a working model of google earth.
        *IF they had really gone there, that is* LoL


      • Dr. John Reizer September 19, 2022 / 5:34 pm

        I appreciate your support, Kenneth! 👍😀

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