The Nuclear Psyop Narrative

The morons running the different sovereign nations that allegedly possess nuclear weapons are almost at the end of their proverbial ropes.

The nuclear weapons narrative is becoming more and more unbelievable each month. We have been presented the same hogwash every few days via sensational articles in the mainstream media suggesting the world is going to end because of a war between two nuclear weapons-bearing nations.

If the psychopaths referred to as government leaders had such science fiction toys, they would have already used them a hundred times over.

Just like the COVID nonsense has alerted a significant minority of the world’s population to the fact that large portions of allopathic medicine are enmeshed in fraud, the continual threat of nuclear conflicts with no nuclear detonations ever occurring has spoken volumes to those of us who are paying attention that the nuclear narrative is an outright hoax.

We are supposed to believe in nuclear weapons because actors posing as elected leaders say they exist.

We are supposed to believe we went to the moon because actors posing as astronauts claim we did so six decades ago.

We are supposed to believe a deadly virus that has never been isolated using real scientific methods is still floating around in the air two-plus years later because actors portraying doctors on television say so.

What proof is there that nuclear weapons exist? Are we supposed to believe these weapons of mass destruction are real because of a few photos and video clips from nine decades ago?

The people at the highest level of all governments lie to the public they supposedly represent. Well, they don’t represent me and I don’t believe the baloney they are peddling.



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Written by MJ Palo and John Reizer

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2 thoughts on “The Nuclear Psyop Narrative

  1. lhakes12 August 22, 2022 / 2:46 pm

    “They would have already used them a hundred times over.” —Dr. John Reizer

    I agree, John. The controlling powers would have already used the nukes to depopulate the world much quicker. And although there have been many threats to do so, it does not happen.
    Just another scare tactic to keep people in their control. More fear mongering!


    • Dr. John Reizer August 22, 2022 / 10:52 am

      Scare tactics! That’s all it is, Lisa! Once you crack the codes of the Matrix, everything taking place in the simulation becomes quite clear.🙂


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