China could put 1,000 Nukes in range of the US and Europe — American Military News

Dr. John Reizer

According to an article published in American Military News, China could put 1,000 nukes in range of the United States and Europe.

The narrative of placing 1,000 nukes, one of which could allegedly destroy an entire country, in strategic positions to attack the United States and Europe is preposterous.

If nuclear weapons are capable of doing the type of damage claimed by the nuclear-armed countries, why in the hell would you need thousands of them? How many times over do you need to destroy the Earth with nuclear warheads?

When discussing the subject of conventional weapons, I could understand the desire of a country to boast about how many missiles are in a given arsenal. However, when we are discussing nuclear Armageddon, 1,000 warheads is a bit of overkill, in my humble opinion. The narrative is ridiculous.

The whole idea of nuclear weapons being paraded around in military celebrations in front of hundreds of thousands of cheering people is laughable.

We often see in the news photos of alleged nuclear weapons in military silos or stockpiled in secret locations. The controlling powers want to keep reminding us that thousands of these weapons are waiting in the wings and could be set off at any time by crazy people worldwide.

The nukes are not real, folks. This is another science fiction story that’s getting more boring and unbelievable each year.

Remember the Hollywood movies where two military people are in a nuclear underground missile silo? The instructions come in from somewhere ordering the nukes to be launched. The soldiers, with beads of sweat rolling down their foreheads, go through some goofy authentication process where they compare secret codes. Then after agreeing with one another that the codes are genuine, they take two keys out of a drawer, put them into a console, and look at each other before deciding to end the world.

Before the missiles are launched, a message is received telling the men underground that the incident is just an exercise. Oh, what a relief it is for everyone watching the drama. The planet is safe for another day, and people can sleep comfortably knowing the sun will come up the next morning.

People have been encouraged by Hollywood movies to fear nuclear weapons and infectious diseases. The movie campaigns have been occurring for decades and have convinced the masses the aforementioned threats are real. The threats are not real!


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4 thoughts on “China could put 1,000 Nukes in range of the US and Europe — American Military News

  1. Kenneth T. June 7, 2022 / 10:04 am

    You didn’t like the movie War Games? LoL

    Recently, while traveling through Washington (that’s DC btw) we took a different route and came pretty close to this large spiraling, pointed monument. ***I’ve heard some people compare it with a phallus.***
    Having many missles is like a big phallus – it’s all about ego

    • Dr. John Reizer June 7, 2022 / 10:09 am

      Yes, Kenneth, you are correct! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the subject. 👍


  2. lhakes12 June 7, 2022 / 1:24 pm

    I saw the remake movie, “Top Gun” with Tom Cruise a few days ago. It was pretty good movie. But, of course, they showed a lot of missles to show us what damage they can do. They don’t want us to forget the fear of deadly weapons.
    The characters in the movie are mostly men and their lethal explosive toys. And although these missles are not as explosive as nukes, it still gets the point across.
    (But I agree with you, John, why the need for a thousand mass destructive weapons? That is a bit overkill!)

    However, what intrigued me in the “Top Gun” movie was the emphasis on Captain Mitchell’s (Tom Cruise) method of instructing his pilots. He stressed not going by the book, and to not think. That if you went by the script and contemplated the situation too much you would come back a dead man.
    In other words, you should react with your gut feeling instead!
    Well, I do not know a damn thing about combat, but I did like that advice. Because going by your gut feeling is really listening to your consciousness. And we should all be listening to our gut feelings, and not to the scripted rhetoric of the media and more.


    • Dr. John Reizer June 7, 2022 / 1:34 pm

      Thanks for sharing, Lisa. That sounds like good advice. 🙂


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