There seems to be some monkey business going on with the monkeypox vaccine!

Dr. John Reizer

Another infectious disease scare means another opportunity for the controlling powers to offer deadly vaccines to the global population.

Who in their right mind would take a monkeypox vaccine that was funded by the same fraudster who was behind the COVID psyop?

Anthony Fauci behind the scenes!

Unfortunately, there will be many people who will fall victim to the newest scam and get in line like obedient fools to receive these new shots.

It’s so frustrating to see what is happening each day and the same people falling for the same scams repeatedly.


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2 thoughts on “There seems to be some monkey business going on with the monkeypox vaccine!

  1. Lisa May 25, 2022 / 10:59 pm

    Fauci, the wicked witch of the world.

    Definition of wicked ,- Capable of harming someone or something. And witch – evil sorcerer or sorceress

    Yep John, that is definitely Fauci giving those orders out to spread the monkeypox.

    And he thrives off of destroying others like a parasite, although he really looks like more of a weasel to me!

    I truly cannot understand how people can trust him!


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