Is Disney facing a financial Disaster?

Dr. John Reizer

An interesting article was recently published about how the Disney Corporation faced a financial disaster in its immediate future. In my considered opinion, there’s much more to this story than the average person might realize, and I don’t think the alleged problems Disney might be soon facing are exclusive to that particular company.

Disney is a vast corporation that owns a plethora of other companies. But perhaps the most prominent and famous part of this company, as perceived by the general public, is its renowned amusement parks located in Florida, California, and internationally.

I have been reading lately that Disney is cutting its complimentary transportation services to and from the Florida airports. Additionally, Disney has been implementing other features in its parks that generate more dollars from guests visiting the attractions. People already have to pay costly admission fees to Disney entertainment locations. They are now strongly encouraged to purchase additional passes to help them get in more of the park experience in a time-efficient manner.

Why now?

What is going on with Disney, and why are they drastically increasing prices and eliminating services?

Let me explain:

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