South Carolina man to be executed by firing squad on April 29th

Dr. John Reizer

Richard Bernard Moore, 57, will become the first convicted murderer to be executed in more than a decade in the state of South Carolina.

Some readers might be wondering where Reizer is going with this piece of news. One day he’s reporting on snake venom, the next day about making a movie, and now he’s writing about the upcoming execution of a murderer on death row.

Richard Bernard Moore has been given the choice of two methods of execution — the electric chair, or death by a firing squad. A third option, death by lethal injection is currently unavailable because of the state’s inability to procure the necessary pharmaceutical products from big pharma.

I used to take care of a patient who worked for the department of corrections in South Carolina. He explained that the reason executions by lethal injections in the state have been suspended was because drug companies didn’t want to be associated with manufacturing pharmaceutical products that ended human lives.

I almost started laughing out loud but managed to control my true emotions outwardly.

Obviously, the state of South Carolina didn’t contact the right big pharma companies. I can think of several drug manufacturers that couldn’t care less about mass-producing drugs that end human lives.

If South Carolina is in a bind and unable to locate the necessary drugs to offer death row inmates the choice of execution by lethal injection, they could always use some of the COVID-19 vaccines that are being administered to the general public. Those products have an excellent track record of killing millions of people!


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2 thoughts on “South Carolina man to be executed by firing squad on April 29th

  1. Lisa April 17, 2022 / 12:15 pm

    It is a sad situation. But your comment made me chuckle, John! 😄
    Pure ridiculousness!


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