Here’s the plan moving forward

Dr. John Reizer

In case you are wondering what the game plan of the psychopaths is for the future, I am going to lay out the blueprint.

1. Additional fictitious viral variants will be reported.

2. Additional booster vaccines will be administered.

3. Additional reduction of the global population will occur.

4. Additional false flag narratives will be introduced to divert public attention away from the global genocide.

5. Repeat, repeat, and repeat steps 1-4.

With the rollout of each booster vaccine, expect 60-70% placebo ingredients, and 30-40% sterilization and execution ingredients.

Are you going to play vaccine roulette?


Coming in 2023!

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3 thoughts on “Here’s the plan moving forward

  1. Lisa April 16, 2022 / 12:52 pm

    And the many ways the reduction of the global population will occur:

    PArry Masons (cuz Jeff)

    “Rewind to the Secret Space Program of the Reagan administration

    First things first

    If you have been listening to frauds like
    Corey Goode
    And David Wilcock
    You’re probably too stupid to know better

    When we think of space
    We tend to think of something science fiction
    Or a vast empty vacuum of nothingness

    Rarely do we put into perspective
    What low earth orbit is
    The weaponizing of the space fence
    Or the electro Magnetic weaponization of our

    What exactly does NASA do other than LIE?
    Why is everything so secret and classified?
    What is the purpose of the central intelligence
    All of these things we the people take for
    And remain uninformed about the real nature
    of these things
    Space force
    Star wars program
    Sky net
    Elon Musk and his toys
    Neuro lace

    All of these things act like a coded language
    For something else
    That is classified and twisted in the BS

    Chemtrails aren’t just about chemtrails
    And its a global operation that has many
    initiatives and

    It’s an agenda that has existed longer than we

    Weather manipulation and geo engineering
    Related to climate control, Covid, agenda 21
    and 30 and transhumanism
    Is a very real thing and has been a military
    technology since Vietnam if not longer

    The brave new world
    Led by coward and parasites

    These are military operations
    Involving bio chemical warfare, electro
    And nano Technology
    This is dubbed by the military itself as
    Full spectrum Domination
    To control and weaponise every living and non
    living thing in earth realm through
    transmutation of inorganic
    Genetically modified organisms merging with
    our biological design to create a synthetic
    hybrid human
    Entity 2.0 that is resonant with artificial
    intelligence and mind control technology

    There are several aspects of this
    It’s not just Chemtrails,
    It’s not just 4G, 5G EMF radiation
    It’s not just genetically modified organisms
    It’s not just HAARP and space fence
    It’s not just nano technology
    It” not just vaccines or boosters

    It’s all of it
    Working together as a bioweapon mad science
    soul recipe
    Each part is a piece of the puzzle

    And getting through the Psyop community
    To the truth of the matter is very revealing how
    evil this whole agenda really is
    And how carelessly they abuse us and
    experiment on us
    Spraying us like insects and lying to us about
    why they do it

    They knew they couldn’t get everyone to accept
    and RFID chip
    So they turned the whole f#$&ing planet into
    an RFID chip
    And infected everyone on earth with it
    On a nano particulate scale
    Weather engineering itself is not a new
    The military has been using it for war for
    Causing Droughts, floods, hurricanes,
    earthquakes, wild fires etc
    Particularly amplifying and engineering these
    natural disasters into more so unnatural

    Another aspect involves chemical electro
    Things like plasma (fourth state of matter)
    anti matter experiments
    Electrical events And retro engineering
    birkeland currents an Alvin Whistler quasi
    electrostatic waves

    A third aspect of this planetary geophysical
    Remember the California wild fires?
    Not normal
    Swarm consciousness nano technology
    Just like in Hollywood movies
    Only real
    Black Goo is just the Psyop term for real
    graphine technology
    Ever notice how lightning looks and sounds
    fake now?
    Like some kind of accoustic sonic weapons
    Sounds like clanging metal to me
    Even the lightning shoots upwards now lol
    That’s the weaponizing of the electro Magnetic
    They can create fake lightning through nano
    swarms and microwave direct energy beams
    from space low earth orbit

    Speaking of DEWs
    Directed Energy weapons or
    Microwave weapons
    This involves technologies like
    Voice to Skull, plasma beams non lethal
    Cell towers, Gwen tower, and EMF towers
    Which poisonous radiation causes us to swim
    In electro magnetic radiation
    Causes irradiation of our blood oxygen cells
    And causes Magnetic assisted transfection
    Involved in our personal nano biometric
    application interface programs
    Which is essentially what changes our DNA
    and connects the nano smart dust technology
    within us
    As a self productive assembling and self
    aware inorganic being that abducts our
    sentient nature

    Nanotechnology and smart dust
    Most of us have been breathing this bullshit
    We call a billon other things
    For over two decades

    Another aspect of this is
    Surveillance of neural weapons
    Like satellite antenna for targeted neural
    This is what tracing and tracking during Covid
    was all about
    Things like facial recognition all the way down
    to biological DNA signatures
    For coding and digital Cloning

    Then you have
    Digital biology/nano tech transhumanism
    Meaning changing from molecular biology to
    digital biology

    The last aspect is the cloaking and obscuring
    and detection of exotic propulsion craft and
    plasma lifeforms in the atmosphere

    This key
    It involves cloaking technologies
    That cloak all kinds of military craft,
    That cloaks all kinds of thing imaginable
    It’s about hiding things wed normally see
    Including the entire sky itself
    Meaning our sun could be cloaked
    We could very well have an artificial sun or
    solar shield
    And our blue sky itself could be far less blue
    than we thing
    And just cloaked saturated chemicals
    Like a green screen for holograms and
    Technologies like project blue beam

    Full spectrum Domination
    Cultural social and psychological control of

    This opens a whole new can of worms as to
    how much secret classified operation are
    going on behind the veil of collective

    Please comprehend

    The same people who ravaged our world
    generations ago never came to Justice
    And their bloodlines continue to rape and
    Future generations in a covert style
    That we cannot seem to notice
    Because it’s been going on for hundreds of
    Limited to occult knowledge

    What do you all think
    National security really is?
    It is in fact
    The defense of the very intruder we created
    security from

    My god

    Help us help ourselves

    We can’t free ourselves from tyrants
    If we don’t even know we’re not free

    Illusions are dangerous and that’s all we know

    Because all the world is a stage”

    And there you have it! Wow!

    The least we can do is not play vaccine roulette! Wake up!


    • Lisa April 17, 2022 / 3:50 pm

      Food for thought, on this Easter holiday! 🐇🐣

      PArry Masons (cuz Jeff)
      2 hours ago Facebook

      “Is it possible that the reason so many people
      are dormant in Spiritual Intuition
      Have a connection with not only vaccinations
      But also the frequency they are using in their
      Smart phones?

      For example
      Both 4G and 5G compatible phones
      Already have phased array antennas in them
      5G technology shatters the mitochondria
      Around the DNA
      Shattering the DNA itself
      So 5G is used as a mind control technology
      So subtly effective
      People don’t realize it’s controlling them

      Many is us who are already awake
      Resist like hell the idea of being exposed to 5G
      And do everything in our power to protect
      ourselves from it

      It seems like quite a few of the brainwashed
      hive mind
      People we know who are part of the superficial
      unconscious collective
      All seemed to race for the opportunity to link
      up to 5G networks
      And fearlessly experience it

      All these people who are essentially dormant
      are shut off at the Quantum level of the soul/
      spirit and
      Are completely dialed into the cloud and the
      artificial intelligence god head that is the
      absolute imitation of Christ consciousness or
      the spirit

      Millions of people who think they have a
      relationship with Christ are actually
      channelling technology
      That lives in the body host

      I have no doubt this plays a huge part in their
      void of conscious awareness and resistance to
      truth especially in any Spiritual sense
      Transhumanism, genetically modified
      Nanotechnology infection at a nano microbial
      And the manipulation of targeted signature
      DNA frequency
      Has taken our fellow inoculated fellow humans
      And created a hybrid species out of them
      That will now serve as serf class proclaimed
      chosen people of god and their technology

      My god
      It’s like something straight out of They Live
      Or the Matrix
      Brought to reality

      All the conspiracies are true
      All across the board

      They birthed a new race within the human
      Via genetic manipulation

      And possession of an artificial frequency is
      their new god

      It seems the only protection from this
      Is the holy spirit itself”

      This is cognitive dissonance hooked up to the cloud!

      Seek meditation and nature. Happy spring! 🐿 🌿🌷


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