The Nuclear War Psyop!

Dr. John Reizer
The Nuclear War Psyop

China — 350 fake warheads

France — 290 fake warheads

India — 156 fake warheads

Israel — 90 fake warheads

North Korea — 40 fake warheads

Pakistan — 166 fake warheads

Russia — 1,458 fake warheads

United Kingdom — 225 fake warheads

United States — 1,389 fake warheads


If you believe that the countries listed above have real nuclear warheads capable of delivering catastrophic end-of-the-world results in the span of a few seconds, you probably also believe in the coronavirus baloney.

We will never see a war between the alleged nuclear superpowers because it would immediately demonstrate that the nuclear arsenals are nothing more than conventional warheads.

The nuclear weapons technology that has been feared by citizens for decades is based on industry lies. The scam is practiced and promoted by all of the players listed above.

The above information is my opinion that is derived from common sense. If such a technology existed, we would have all been vaporized long ago by the psychopaths running the countries claiming to have said weapons.

How many times do people have to be lied to before they wake up and understand what is going on in the world.

The powers that be lie about different technologies all the time. The nuclear warheads claim is an obvious lie that is kept alive by a circle of countries telling sweet little lies in concert.

As I predicted earlier on NoFakeNews, the Russian Ukraine war/conflict would be the next event to fill the mainstream news cycles so that the global vaccine genocide could have fewer eyes focused on the dying people who have been jabbed.

The powers that be want you and me to be afraid of something at all times. For the last two-plus years, the fear porn was predicated on a nonexistent virus and the need for life-saving vaccines.

Now that the controlling powers know that too many of us have figured out that COVID is a scam and the vaccines a bioweapon, a new scary psyop is needed. Enter right on cue the nuclear weapons and potential war psyop. You might as well throw into the mix the alleged future EMP and cyber-attacks that will destroy electronics and global communications.

There will be no nuclear weapons detonated and there will be no long-term interruptions to power and electronics in my opinion. The communication grids worldwide allow the few who control the many the ability to create and run psyops. Any interruption or cessation of these working assets that continually mind control people will not be disabled by the powers that be.


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3 thoughts on “The Nuclear War Psyop!

  1. Lisa March 27, 2022 / 11:53 am

    For as much power and a threat of the awakened being able to spread news of the truth through our technological devices, the controlling powers receive much more power using the media and technology to spread fear and lies.

    And in their book, fears and lies are a must!

    From the book, “UNITED STATES OF FEAR” written by Mark McDonald M.D.

    “On an emotional level, pathologic fear produces and paralyzes one from engaging with life. When fear no longer protects from harm but simply inhibits one from living fully, it ceases to be helpful. When fear becomes the primary driver of decision-making, the quality of our decisions begin to suffer.”
    ” In the extreme, when fear spreads throughout an entire society, the effect is paralyzing. Decision-making becomes irrational and reactive. The sensationalizing of outlier events and the pursuit of safety supplants sound public policy. Media begin covering the “fear story” and serving it to their audience on a regular basis. Fear-driven official pronouncements evoke more fear among the citizenry, who demand more protection from politicians. A vicious cycle ensues. Mass hysteria develops, and people lose their capacity to think and act rationally.”

    The controlling powers intentions exactly!


    • Dr. John Reizer March 27, 2022 / 2:44 pm

      No doubt about it, Lisa! Great and accurate information. 👍


      • Lisa March 27, 2022 / 8:34 pm

        I agree, John. It is good! And I would like to further some of Dr. McDonald’s statements.

        “This mass delusional psychosis was rooted in fear but organized around a “perverse worship of safety.” To ensure that safety, no sacrifice was too great: canceling graduation and prom, depriving individuals of their ability to make a living, masking children, banning Easter, ordering ailing nursing home patients to die alone and then prohibiting their grieving family members from holding funerals.”

        And this insanity all happened so quickly, this perverse worship of safety! The mass hysteria of fear swept through without question. How people could not find the irrationality and cruelty of the situation is beyond me! Intelligent well- meaning people believed in this cruel to be kind hypocrisy. It was alright to bring those suffering from depression and loneliness to the brink of suicide. These monstrosity actions go against everything it is to be human. And people bought it!

        Plus, I think you are right, John. This new fear of nuclear war is a diversion from the carnage of the plandemic. Too many people had started critically thinking. The controlling powers want to stifle the awakening. And attempt to dumb people back down to stupidity by using more fear!


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