Most Americans Don’t Know About The New Nuclear Weapons Russia Has Developed Since The End Of The Cold War (More baloney from the controlling powers)

Dr. John Reizer

The title of this post comes from an article I read written by Michael Snyder. The content of Snyder’s essay discusses how much more sophisticated and lethal Russia’s nuclear weapons are compared to those warheads possessed by the United States.

According to Snyder, Russia has one nuke (the Satan II) that is capable of wiping out an area the size of Texas.

Let me be honest with readers, this is pure nonsense in my opinion. The nuclear weapons that various countries claim to have do not exist. We have been lied to about the nukes by the same liars that have lied about COVID, space technology, and a lot of other things throughout our lives.

If nukes existed (and they do not) we would have seen the technology used in wars that have been fought since WWII. The nuclear weapons narrative is predicated on industry lies. It is a longstanding psyop written and publicized by different governments globally under the orders of a world governing construct.

When NASA lied about going to the moon with Apollo in the late 60s and early 70s they conveniently invented imaginary space travel technology that allegedly transported astronauts to the lunar surface.

We are supposed to believe that the US Space Agency accomplished this amazing feat six decades ago, and has never attempted to go back again?

Have you looked at a toaster, car, refrigerator, television, or telephone from six decades ago? The same machinery today looks a helluva lot different than it did in the 60s.

Everything from a technology standpoint has improved in its design and capacity to function over the years, except for space travel capabilities.

Don’t you think if we had the technology to revisit the moon, we would? NASA has gone on the record and stated that they lost the plans to get through the Van Allen Belts. This is nonsense! They faked the moon landings.

It’s the same situation regarding nuclear weapons. The threat of fake nuclear weapons technology being possessed by multiple countries that can destroy the world ten times over is repeatedly advertised by the lying mainstream media. Don’t buy into the lies!

The nuclear weapons narrative is once again in place and is being advertised by the powers that be to distract people’s attention away from the global vaccine genocide. That technology is real and murdering millions of people!


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4 thoughts on “Most Americans Don’t Know About The New Nuclear Weapons Russia Has Developed Since The End Of The Cold War (More baloney from the controlling powers)

  1. Lisa March 16, 2022 / 11:25 am

    Fox News
    By Kristine Parks

    “A Russian journalist who disrupted a live Russian newscast to protest be country’s war with Ukraine, was released Tuesday by government officials, after being interrogated and fined. However, she could face a decade or more in prison for her protest, according to new Russian laws cracking down on those opposed to war.

    The protester was later identified as Marina Ovsyannikova, who worked as an editor at the state-controlled Channel One news station. After leaving court, she told reporters she was interrogated for 14 hours with no sleep and was punished with a 30,000 double fine, equivalent to 280.00 American dollars.

    Ovsyannikova’s protest went viral Monday, after she rushed onto set during a channel One broadcast holding up an anti-war sign and chanting in Russian, “No to war! Stop the war!”

    Her sign read in Russian, “Stop the war! Don’t believe the propaganda! They’re are lying to you here!” with “Russians against war” written in English. After a few seconds, the live shot jumped to a prerecorded segment.

    While Ovsyannikova was hailed for the bravery by people across the globe, she could face a steep punishment for her actions.

    The journalist could face additional charges under newly passed laws which ban calling Russia’s war with Ukraine an “invasion” or “war” and makes it a crime to spread “fake news” about Russia’s military. Violators can face up to 15 years in prison.

    Before storming the set, the journalist recorded a video of herself admitting she was “ashamed” to have promoted Putin’s “propaganda” for years.”

    And she is indeed brave! Plus, lucky to still be alive. I think this going viral may have been what helped save her life. But it is probably not over. They might want to make a more severe example out of her yet. And if she goes to prison, she could still disappear! Plus, who knows what else could happen to her in prison.

    Plus, sending out fear to other journalists and newscasters will be a priority! And the threat of loss of freedom can be even more terrifying than death!

    Freedom is precious!

    And apparently, Ovsyannikova believes there are a lot of lies going around. Lies on top of lies, on top of more lies! And nuclear war is surely on that list!

    Fear always sets the stage for the controlling powers!


    • NoFakeNews March 16, 2022 / 12:09 pm

      Lots of fake news and propaganda are being broadcast worldwide. The Russian and American governments are not the only ones participating in the spreading of misinformation.

      The idea that the Russians and Americans are bitter rivals about to engage in a nuclear war is nothing more than another staged psyop.

      As I have written before, practically every country in the world participated in the COVID hoax narrative. This is proof enough for me to check the box that states a world government exists and sovereign governments globally genuflect to that construct.

      Thanks for sharing, Lisa!

  2. Kenneth T. March 16, 2022 / 12:07 pm

    I believe there is some fantastic weaponry out there (both defensive and offensive) but the “nuclear” stuff is best left for science fiction.

    • Dr. John Reizer March 16, 2022 / 4:19 pm

      I agree with you, Kenneth! 👍


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