They changed narratives in a matter of days

Dr. John Reizer

The few who control the many have done it again. They flipped the narrative about a global pandemic to one that has the masses terrified about nuclear war.

The most disturbing thing about what the controlling powers have done has to do with the ease and speed with which they were able to change storylines and convince the masses that war in Ukraine is more important than the global genocide currently in play.

The citizens around the world focusing on the war in Ukraine should be more concerned about the war being waged against humanity by nearly every sovereign government on the planet.

Instead of worrying about Mr. Putin, citizens should be focusing on the elected/selected criminals in different countries that broadly influenced and pushed through policies to get innocent people jabbed with a bioweapon vaccine. Many of these people are no longer living because of said criminals.

There’s a war to be concerned about, but it’s not the one getting 24 hours of coverage by the mainstream media.

When the truck convoys began in Canada and other countries, it marked the beginning of the end of the plandemic. I wrote before about a titration threshold being reached by the global population. It has been achieved!

People, after two years of governments and health regulatory agencies lying about a nonexistent virus, became fed up with the false narrative. One fictitious variant after another was shamelessly created out of thin air by government writers to convince an unsuspecting public to receive poisons.

As people slowly awakened, there became a genuine need by the psychopaths to create a different Covid variant — a Ukraine and Russian war, with the constant threat of global nuclear war sprinkled into the storyline. As was the case with Covid, nuclear war technology is predicated on fakery.

People seem to have completely forgotten about the real battle taking place between the controlling powers and everyday citizens. How many times do people have to be played before they figure out that they are being played?


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