European Space Agency to delay Mars Rover Mission Again! (Like they were ever going to go there)

Dr. John Reizer

The ESA (European Space Agency) has announced it will likely have to delay the launch of its Mars Rover for an additional 26 months due to the Russian–Ukraine conflict.

Please spare me from having to read about this science fiction narrative for the umpteenth time!

The outright lies by the controlling powers about space travel technology are getting old and downright boring.

Nobody is going to Mars, the moon, or anywhere else beyond low earth orbits (LEOs). It’s not happened in the past, it’s not happening in the present, and I seriously doubt that it will happen in the future.

Nuclear weapons technology, space travel capabilities, and gain of function research that allegedly weaponizes nonexistent viruses are all predicated on industry lies. It’s all fake — a theater presentation for the masses.


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