The war bells are ringing because too many people have figured out the global genocide.

Dr. John Reizer

When the controlling powers have their backs up against a proverbial wall, they do the only thing that they know how to do — they resort to another psyop or event that can divert public attention away from the thing causing a problem.

When you are smack in the middle of running a global vaccine genocide and too many people are catching on and figuring out the agenda in play, you do the only thing your reptilian brain knows — you instill more fear into the human population by ringing war bells and presenting the false threat of nuclear war.

The truck convoy in Canada has demonstrated to the entire world that the many have the power to control the few as long as the many have the guts to use said power. Additional convoys are planned or taking place as of this writing, and the powers that be don’t like losing the control they have established.

Fear porn and psyops designed to distract public attention away from the global genocide will continue to be implemented. War and the threat of full-scale nuclear devastation (that will never happen) will take over the mainstream media headlines from this point forward as more and more people die off from the bioweapons (vaccines).

It’s going to get interesting as a titration threshold is reached by citizens worldwide and the genocide is finally realized for what it is. The plandemic narrative is about to crumble right in front of our eyes. Something huge is about to go down!


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3 thoughts on “The war bells are ringing because too many people have figured out the global genocide.

  1. Lisa February 12, 2022 / 11:33 am

    Asking yourself “WHY” things are happening how and when they do is of the utmost importance in understanding the world we live in. There are no coincidences! The controlling powers have a purpose for the timing of everything that they throw at us. And distracting us, and keeping fear in us is pertinent in their scheme of things! They do not want us to see the light. Keeping us in the dark is a priority!

    The truck convoy is a bright light. And they are desperate to dim and put out that light out. By throwing a dark cloud in out midst!

    But that bright light is brilliant in its courage and steadfastness!


    • Dr. John Reizer February 12, 2022 / 11:47 am

      The controlling powers are worried because of the fact that many more people have figured out the genocide than having received the jabs. It’s going to get interesting in the months ahead.


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