The Brain is the Battlefield of the Future

Ashley Hayes

The evidence is hard to ignore. Our country– indeed our entire world– has long been run by individuals who stay in the shadows, or even hide in plain sight. They have successfully manipulated the minds of all of us to believe falsehoods that are now coming more into the light; falsehoods like we are “free;” that our votes count; that they care about our children…. All lies.

Everything but everything is about control.

Every major move that has been made on the chessboard of life has been a way for those who deemed themselves lords over us to inch their way forward, to one day totally dominate every person, every transaction, and even every thought. (Indeed, mind control is key.)

Considering all of that, i was thinking about the many extraordinary documentaries (or even podcasts) that have come out over the past five years or so, that have each shown–complete with sources, testimony and documentary evidence–a piece of that very picture (including the site you’re on now!) that when put together, they really do reavel the whole picture (or, to me, the most vital parts of the picture).

The list will, of course, be incomplete, but here you go:

1) The Minds of Men (by Aaron and Melissa Dukes) This is an extraordinary documentary that shows, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that control of [humans’] minds is the #1 goal of our government, our military, our law enforcement. Most importantly, it shows how far back the ability to actually HAVE that control existed.

2) Reading mind-controlled government-slave Brice Taylor’s story will confirm how far it goes back, as well. (She was born–purposefully induced to be born on Presidential Inauguration Day, January 20, 1951.) She was being forcefully molded by her own father, for government purposes, from four months old.

3) More recent videos by Professor James Giordano, stating “The Brain is the Battlefield of the Future:”

4) In-depth reporting (complete with videos and links) on neuro-cognitive weapons currently being used by multiple agencies and individuals:

And while those are related to the all-important control of our minds, the two most important individuals who have reported truths we must know are: Altiyan Childs and Jessie Czebotar.

Altiyan Childs is a former freemason, who has surely risked his life to report the truths about this secret society that has run our nation since it was formed. You can find his video here:

Jessie Czebotar is the most unique individual you are likely to come across, in terms of her history, her information, and her willingness to speak out on behalf of Jesus Christ, to alert the world to the truth of what has been occurring for generations (literally underground) through her own, personal, well-documented, federally-documented experiences. Warning: It’s very difficult to listen to, or read, the truths she shares. But if you are a red-piller (reality) vs. blue-Piller (blissful ignorance), I invite and encourage you to take the time to listen to her podcasts at, to read the multiple transcriptions of her reports at, and listen to her on Right On Radio, the Good God Report and the Reveal Report with George Iceman. (Again, there are truths you will learn that will most assuredly bring you to tears. But I hope that, with this new knowledge of the truth, you will pray harder than ever for God to intercede in the plans of those who don’t even see themselves as part of humanity anymore.)

Finally, controlling the messages, the propaganda, the media has also been key. links to the great documentary about that, Out of Shadows.

While we’re being told not to listen to mainstream media, it’s important to remember that not only are the messages they are overtly providing meant to distort our thinking, but there are covert, subliminal messages implanted in our newscasts, and commercials (and social media and music…), as well. So protecting your mind from this manipulation is essential.

Last but not least: Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick (
3157) by Francis R. Connolly. This is a lesson in the REAL history of the United States.

As written earlier, this is by no means a complete list. These are just several excellent sources of truthful information that I wanted to share and hope are of some use.


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2 thoughts on “The Brain is the Battlefield of the Future

  1. karla altiero February 10, 2022 / 8:34 am

    Robert Duncan who i think played a part of inventing this tech wrote a book about it and how they test it on citizens. Chemtrails/graphene and routers in jab – all for Klaus schwab internet of things and bodies and add MINDS. transhumanism nightmare

  2. Lisa February 10, 2022 / 3:27 pm

    Ashley, thank you for providing an abundance of intelligible scientific details about mind-control and its history. I found the video on the battlefield of the brain with Dr. Giordano to be highly informative. And the fact that it is all scientifically explained makes it all the more real and terrifying. His presentation is a wake up call!

    Plus, I found “Out of the Shadows” to be quite chilling! How the hidden ones behind Disney, Hollywood and the CIA and more are behind so much of the desensitizing of the population and evil amongst us.

    It is very interesting how the word entertainment means to hold people’s attention. And the word Hollywood comes comes from a holly tree that had been used to make wines that cast spells!

    And the CIA invented the term “conspiracy theory!” to cover their tracks.


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