Plandemic terminology

(c) 2021 – 2022 by John Reizer

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Anti-breathers – Persons who refuse to breathe the natural air around them without wearing cloth face coverings or face masks to protect themselves from microbes.

Covidiots – Persons who continue to believe in the existence of a nonexistent disease allegedly caused by a never before seen or isolated sars-cov-2 virus.

Disinfectanoia – An irrational fear of germs and the compulsion to want to continually use hand sanitizers. This psychological disorder is classically observed in people who have lived through a medical psyop for an extended period.

Crowdaphobia – The extreme fear of getting closer than six feet to another human being because doing so might compromise one’s health.

Pharmaceutimania – The irrational belief that the taking of nonprescription and prescription drugs will make people have a better expression of health.

Philo-plexiglassia – The extreme joy experienced by people when interacting with others while being separated by a plexiglass barrier.

Quarantinitis – The irrational belief that healthy persons must quarantine themselves from other healthy people to protect society from an unknown pathogen or infectious disease.

Testadislogica – The irrational and illogical desire to want to continually get tested for a nonexistent viral pathogen by a PCR test that has been proven to be a useless diagnostic assessment tool.

Vaccinamania – The uncontrollable desire to want to have toxic synthetic poisons injected inside your body that will irreparably damage your natural immunity.


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2 thoughts on “Plandemic terminology

  1. Lisa February 8, 2022 / 7:08 am

    These plandemic ailments are serious problems. And so many are suffering from their symptoms world wide. And unfortunately they seem to be contagious by means of continous brain-dousing in media-fabrication tacticitis.
    But I pleased to say that my immune system is strong against the disorders. That is probably because I regularly practice truth-diving. I am not afraid to learn from the veracity and correctness of intellectual conspiracy analysts such as Dr. John Reizer!

    And I delve into this type of enlightenment so often that I must admit that I shamefully had a big smirk on my face as I read about these afflictions. 😄

    Fun phraseology, John!


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