Russia and US inch closer to nuclear war (yawn)

Dr. John Reizer

I have been writing about the preposterous threats of nuclear weapons and the cold war business of scaring the citizens of the world with nuclear technology for many years.

The nuclear war baloney is a hoax. No such weapons exist which is the reason why we have never seen any governments use them in any wars waged on the planet outside of the fakery claimed by the US during World War Two.

The powers that be love to lie about imaginary technologies that have never existed in the first place. We see the same lies being utilized in medicine, microbiology, space travel, and other genres that make up the fabric of our perceived reality.

There are zero nuclear weapons possessed by any country, zero viral isolates of the sars-cov-2 pathogen in any laboratories, and zero footprints on the moon from Apollo astronauts. The lies about many fantastic technologies keep coming. We must learn to take them with a grain of salt.


Target List — A Feature Film

Last year Mad-Wife productions filmed and produced the pilot movie The Target List. The story is now going to become a full-feature movie that will be released in 2023 under the title Target List.

The fact that the story is going into production at all is amazing. The serious illness I suffered last year almost prevented the movie from being made.

I knew when I was writing the novel it was a special project. After my brother read the manuscript in 2019, he told me it was the best thing I had ever written.

I can not overemphasize how happy and proud I am that this particular work is going to be a full-length film. I will provide additional information and updates here as they become available.


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