Car Hacking. Yep, It’s a Thing.

By Ashley Hayes

By now, most everyone reading this will have heard the term “The Internet of Things,” or “IoT.” It describes, according to Wikipedia, “physical objects that are embedded with sensors, processing ability, software, and other technologies that connect and exchange data with other devices, and systems over the internet or other communications networks.” That includes, of course, anything with the word “smart” in front of it, as well as other things you may not have considered which contain what data hackers/criminals/governments/advertisers, etc. want so that they can surveil you, track you, and sell your information until the end of time. Remember “Smart” = “hackable.”

While there has been a tremendous amount of reporting on sites including about the hackability of our bodies, thanks to the graphene oxide, nanobots, etc. contained in various injectables, combined with various materials being rained down on us daily via geoengineering (smart dust, aluminum, etc.), this article is about a subject that doesn’t get discussed very often: car hacking.

Car hacking is an insidious (and extraordinarily cruel) method of sabotage being used, daily, on unsuspecting individuals the world over. There are car-hacking conferences, sites dedicated to car hacking, individuals who promote it, and a plethora of articles and videos on the subject. Andy Greenberg of Wired wrote, in 2016:

“It’s been eight months since a pair of security researchers (Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek) proved beyond any doubt that car hacking is more than an action movie plot device when they remotely killed the transmission of a 2014 Jeep Cherokee as I drove it down a St. Louis highway.”

His article The FBI Warns That Car Hacking is a Real Risk (and it wants to hear if you think you’ve been a victim) discusses how those insurance dongles meant to report your [hopefully, safe] driving habits to your insurance company also make your car hackable, allowing your brakes, windshield wipers, or entire electrical system to be hi-jacked while you are driving.

And while the FBI did, in fact, put out a PSA on this extremely dangerous crime (, it does seem, as Valasek states, “super late” in the game to be reporting something that has, surely, been going on for decades.

Car hacking is yet another weapon in the ever-growing arsenal of invisible, untraceable weaponry that bad actors (government-connected or otherwise) have been using to not only steer (literally) business to their complicit car-repair facilities, but also to psychologically terrorize citizens they’ve decided to target. They don’t care if a woman is driving, or if children are in the car. In fact, because anyone engaging in this is clearly, on some level, a disturbed psychopath, I believe they prefer that children be in the car. These individuals like to hurt children. They enjoy distressing them, hurting them, scaring them.

I can speak personally to this, as it happens to me — with and without my child in the car — on a nearly-daily basis.

Ramola D can attest to my reporting this to her this past summer (June 2021), as my child and I drove up the East Coast from South Carolina to Massachusetts. As we attempted to leave Columbia, our car was violently hacked, shaking throughout, with the doors and windows being locked and unable to be “fixed” until I pulled over. (This was in Richland County, SC, but it happens in Lexington County, as well.) Once I pulled over, I called my mother to let her know what had happened, documented it on video, and started on my way. It happened again, for just a moment. I continued to drive.

More likely than not, the local government-funded fusion center was responsible, as my leaving town would cut into their [very profitable] daily surveillance/abuse of my child and me. ( Fusion centers are secretive organizations run by wealthy, well-connected private citizens and government contractors, as well as law enforcement at all levels, CIA, NSA, DIA, FBI, etc. For more info about fusion centers, see these stories:; and My leaving town meant they’d have to hand the [abuse] reigns over to the next fusion center to do the honors — which they did.

The moment I hit the state line in North Carolina, our car was hacked again, terrorizing my child. It lasted a few minutes, then we drove just fine until we hit the next state line. Hacked again. It lasted a few minutes (violent shaking of the car, locked windows I was unable to roll down, door locks I was unable to unlock, etc.), then it was fine until we got to the next state line. This intentional, malicious, depraved activity happened at each state line until we reached Massachusetts. Happenstance? I think not.

While we had the pleasure of spending some time with Ramola, I discussed these events with her. And because there is no such thing as “private” conversation anymore, - and I suppose to “mix things up” - on our way back down the coast, we were hacked not only at state lines, but also as we went through toll booths (and there were many). Our car shook so violently as we went through the New Jersey toll booth that it terrorized my child to the point that I had to pull over and just wait. After that, we were fine until, well, the next time…

This is something that happens, as I said, on a nearly-daily basis (and multiple times a day). And its violence — and effect — is, I’m sure, difficult for most individuals to fully comprehend simply because of its unprecedented nature. But, physically, I can accurately describe it as being like your car is being tasered. Or being locked in a room you can’t get out of while going 70 mph. . . .

Several weeks later, we ended up going back up the coast, to Delaware, where I’d been able to find work (being blocked from rebuilding my stolen, brandjacked web businesses, and even online work, has been going on for seven years now). While we were in Delaware for the summer, each morning on the way to work, our car was hacked, if only for a few minutes. Then, at night, on a now-darkened highway, our lights would be turned off remotely. This also happened on the way to Delaware itself: the moment we entered a darkened Virginia highway, with no lights anywhere, our lights were turned off, doors locked, air turned off and windows locked. (In this instance, I quickly videoed it, and sent the video, along with a message of what had just happened, to Ramola. Not surprisingly, my phone was then remotely blocked from videotaping anymore — a common occurrence when I try to capture evidence of our remotely-enabled abuse.)

So, if anyone is ever curious as to the level of depravity of those involved in targeting innocent women, men and children, or who may find it difficult to believe that type of depravity exists, I hope this might give you a good glimpse into the bigger panorama of activities. (Of course, this is “just” daily interruptions, psychological terrorizing, time wasting, stress-inducement etc. For more information on the physically-debilitating, invisible, mis-named “non-lethal” weaponry being used against innocent citizens, see Ramola’s years of reporting, and her video interviews on DEWS, cybernetic torture, and bio-neuro trafficking happening worldwide.)

I recently did report this crime to the FBI (per their request noted in their PSA, as well as the Wired article), but not at their facility, as I have been physically blocked, repeatedly, from being able to meet with anyone at the FBI in Columbia, for years. That holds true for other states, as well. (I only rarely attempt it, because I know I will be turned away — unjustifiably, but turned away, nevertheless.) Ridiculously, I am forced to call an “800” number from the security booth, where I then get a phone-jerk who insults me and hangs up on me every single time. (Even the contracted guards seemed confounded that I wasn’t being let in when I was last there, many months ago.) So I mailed a report (handwritten, on the back of their very PSA) to the Special Agent in Charge, Susan Ferensic, via Certified Mail, Return Receipt Requested. I received the green receipt signed with “CL,” and undated. (For the record, for me, even reaching out to the FBI for any kind of help can accurately be likened to going to your rapist and asking for a hug. But I don’t believe that every single FBI agent or law enforcement officer is involved in this sadistic crime, so I reach out, with the very hope that they keep trying to destroy.)

I waited several weeks and received no response. So I emailed her on January 12. I later checked my email and discovered someone had remotely deleted my email to her, but left one in the sent box with her name spelled incorrectly. So I sent another email on January 29, forwarding the previous one. And then, prior to leaving town on January 31, I sent another, describing the car hacking and stressing that it is “just one of the litany of abuses my child and I endure on a daily basis.”

We’ll see what happens.

Finally, if you or anyone you know is enduring this kind of abuse, please reach out to Dr. Reizer, Ramola D, and/or your local FBI. Perhaps if enough people speak out about this [largely unknown, unreported] crime, we can get a little closer to finding some sort of solution.



I’ll be back soon with more informative posts!  In the meantime, feel free to submit articles for possible publication in the website’s article submission portal.

Dr. Reizer


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3 thoughts on “Car Hacking. Yep, It’s a Thing.

  1. Kenneth T. February 2, 2022 / 2:48 pm

    That’s it!
    I’m going to start driving my Model T again — hack that you bas-ass-tards.

  2. Dickie February 3, 2022 / 2:25 am

    Theres a reason ive kept my 96 toyota through the years and maintain and rebuild it myself Never wanted a newer rig Certainly dont now Besides being totally computer controlled automatic transmissim garbagewagons… theyre ugly!

    • Ashley February 3, 2022 / 12:05 pm

      I’m of the same thinking as you, Dickie. But,for the record, the car I drive is over 16 years old. The remote hacking of cars is done a variety of ways (per the various videos I watched of Car Hacking conferences, various articles, etc.).

      You can be hacked if a bad actor (or one of his proxies) puts a $25 “hacking tool” on your car as they walk buy (or a corrupt mechanic installs it), making your car’s entire electrical system remotely accessible from (literally) anywhere in the world.

      You can also be hacked by satellite, by an individual or group with access — corrupt-fusion-center-affiliated, or not. (Illegal satellite-launching is a thing too, by the way. Here’s a link to just one of those stories:

      Car hacking is just another tool in the arsenal of psychological, domestic-terrorism tools used by our extremely corrupt, secretive fusion centers. They either hack directly from there, or pay one of an endless number of proxies to do it. Or both.

      But if you’re not on somebody’s blacklist to psychologically terrorize, or are not otherwise targeted or sadistically, technologically-stalked, you probably won’t have to worry about it.

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