WHO: Over Half of European Population to Get Infected With Omicron in Next 6-8 Weeks

Dr. John Reizer

You must have a plausible reason to explain how and why so many people are dying from the vaccines. The plausible reason about to be given is the Omicron variant that has never been isolated by scientists or through scientific methodologies.

When you are writing science fiction, you can make stuff up on the fly. That’s precisely what is happening. With a fake virus, the plandemic’s architects can deliver as many nonexistent COVID-19 mutations as desired. And more bogus PCR tests will be used to legitimize the fake viral pathogens.

Once the controlling powers have the gullible public seated and strapped inside a disease roller coaster, they can drive those people down a track and make things appear scary.

Unfortunately, the psyop is far from over. The genocide taking place was planned decades ago. The deadly vaccines being administered weren’t designed and created in the last year. They were made years ago and stored in a safe place until the right false flag could be staged, and the public would voluntarily roll up their sleeves and beg to be jabbed!

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