American politics and big pharma: Understanding the game

Dr. John Reizer

Unfortunately, the vast majority of American people are delusional when it comes to understanding their political system and the politicians who become elected to the presidency and other high-level positions.

No matter who is elected to be the US president, the individual is nothing more than a figurehead placed into an official-looking seat to convince the general public that the position has the potential to bring about real changes in policies.

No political candidate running for the American presidency can win an election unless they are beholden to the multinational pharmaceutical industry.

Many people became fans of Donald Trump and ignored the most significant fact of his presidency. He played a major role in getting the COVID vaccines out of the box and into public circulation in record time. He’s still boasting and bragging about the killer vaccines and believes that the products are saving millions of lives. He’s either a fool or a compliant player. I believe that the latter is true.

As for Joe Biden, his longstanding affiliation with the pharmaceutical industry as well as his current position regarding the deadly bioweapons speaks for itself.

Both Mr. Trump and Mr. Biden accepted large financial contributions from big pharma companies during their presidential campaigns. Both men are bought and paid for by the vaccine makers and are responsible for the deaths of millions of people.

When the people of the United States realize that governments worldwide have sold out to a world government and are players in a eugenics operation currently taking place, then and only then will we have a chance to bring about a solution to the problem facing humanity.

In other words, people need to stop looking to their elected leaders for help to end the plandemic because they are part of the problem and not part of the solution.

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