Happy to still be a player in the game

Dr. John Reizer

I don’t usually have an opportunity to write posts that have nothing to do with the machinations taking place within the gigantic Matrix we all reside in. Today’s post is a little different than some of my others.

I am happy to write that although I live in what I believe to be the most incredible simulation in the universe, it’s a wonderful thing to still be in the game.

I am taking the time to enjoy the benefits and experiences afforded by the Matrix. After catching a glimpse of the other side, I appreciate the artificial construct of the game board we know as Earth.

I believe that we all come here to learn valuable lessons and in many different lifetimes. I have believed that to be the case for most of my current life.

After the past several months, I have a deeper appreciation for my prior beliefs about reincarnation and living multiple lifetimes in the Matrix.

I am not here to push my beliefs on anyone. I simply want to remind everyone that life, despite all of the unpleasant things that can transpire at any given time, is still pretty good and precious.

I think we should be living and experiencing our lives to the fullest extent we can. Don’t be afraid to live your life and enjoy the benefits of the life you were made to experience.

You don’t always realize how special our lives are until you almost lose that life in the blink of an eye.

Happy holidays to everyone!

4 thoughts on “Happy to still be a player in the game

    • Lonny Gibbs December 22, 2021 / 9:18 pm

      Thank you for your insight Dr. John and Happy Holidays to you too!

  1. Lisa December 22, 2021 / 2:17 pm

    John, it is wonderful to feel some inner peace coming from you today! I understand how given another chance at life can really make you ponder your beliefs. I certainly never went through anything as catastrophic as you did, but I was given a second chance to live too. When a little over 30 years ago I nearly took my own life in a drunken state. As I tell in my book, Subtle Sabotage.

    That experience clinched it for me, and my 31st sobriety birthday is this coming February. But I also had to do a lot of soul searching at that time.
    And I have relied on my beliefs to help me get through raising a (vaccine-injured) severly autism child. He is still home at 26 years old. And I have to tell you, I still struggle with that!
    But the universe was not going to stop giving me challenges just because I stopped drinking.
    Just this morning I thought he was going to grab the steering wheel on the way to dropping him off at his day program. There was construction, and he did not want to wait. Thank goodness we were flagged to move on just in time. (I am taking the long way tomorrow to avoid the construction)

    But there is still a lot to love and enjoy about life despite the road blocks! Although one can expect those bumps along the road and ladders to climb to bring your soul the opportunity for growth! Those bumps make you stronger and more appreciative of the good times!
    “You have to fall before you can fly” by Kellin Quinn.
    And John, as I learned in reading your book, Michael Morris, I was thrilled to learn that my beliefs are simliar to yours! 🙂


  2. Dana December 22, 2021 / 4:17 pm

    Back in the 70’s an old friend sent me the early Seth Jane Roberts books on the nature of personal reality.

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