My Narrative (Read it carefully)

  1. Useless PCR tests give false-positive results for alleged COVID-19 and associated fake variants.
  2. Vaccines are useless in protecting the public from nonexistent but alleged disease.
  3. Pandemic was created by false-positive case numbers.
  4. Bioweapons of some sort are used to make people extremely ill or die. I know this firsthand.
  5. NFL players testing false positive for the alleged disease even after receiving vaccines. This creates a massive hole in the mainstream medical narrative that vaccines stop the transmission of the alleged diseases.
  6. Vaccinations have become the answer to solving the alleged pandemic worldwide.
  7. I was nearly killed by a bioweapon in the fall of 2021. I was diagnosed by my medical physicians as having COVID-19. I disagree with the diagnosis.
  8. I am not an imposter writing articles on this website.
  9. Please do not read my words and twist them into something different.


Side note: There is a great series on Hulu called Dope sick. It’s about the opioid crisis and Purdue Pharma. What they did you can apply to other big pharma corporations. Watch it!