Dripping the alien/UFO information to the public intentionally

Late in 2017, Tucker Carlson of FOX News broke a story about UFOs being spacecraft from otherworldly origins. The story miraculously made it to the national media and included an interview with a military individual.

This news piece was full disclosure by the powers that be to the American people. Do you think that anyone can just get on a major news network and start speaking about extraterrestrial intelligence? The answer to that question is no! Someone at the highest level had to approve something like this news story.

This is the drip technique. Release sensitive information and see what happens in the way of public reaction. Most of the population is asleep and didn’t even realize that UFO disclosure had been made on national television.

There was a time when the UFO topic was so carefully protected that the national media was never allowed to mention the topic. The fact that this story was aired in the first place tells me that something bigger than what we have ever been exposed to before is forthcoming soon.

The alien presence on Earth is not something new contrary to popular belief. The fact that it is being addressed by the national press at this point is very important.

It is highly unlikely that we are going to receive the entire truth about the alien agenda. But some version of the narrative is underway.

One thought on “Dripping the alien/UFO information to the public intentionally

  1. Lisa December 12, 2021 / 7:14 pm

    It does appear as though extraterrestrials are not as taboo as they once were. Most people used to shun the idea, and now people seem to be more open to the possibility. And could that be because the news media has been gradually willing to share more stories of UFO sightings? But why, is a very good question. Are the controlling powers slowly preparing the world to accept this imminent upheavel because that would aid them in making our slavery to them undeniable? Because in preparing us we will then be more willing to accept defeat and go along with the proposed powerlessness of the situation.

    The controlling powers want to create fear? Fear is their greatest weapon in using mind control against us. People will comply to anything under duress. As we have certainly seen with the compliance of people receiving the vaccines and wearing masks without question.

    The world needs to stand tall as one and not comply. But that is a tall order!


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