Repost – Our incredible trip to Hawaii in 2016

Volcanoes are the most magnificent monuments to our planet’s origin. They are undoubtedly a reminder to anyone paying attention that mother nature has tremendous power and that her work is still ongoing and far from complete here on earth.

My wife, daughter and I had the opportunity of a lifetime as we traveled 4,567 miles from South Carolina to the beautiful state of Hawaii and visited Mauna Loa located in the Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park. It was an incredible journey and a chance for all of us to witness in person the world’s largest volcano. And we weren’t disappointed!

Mauna Loa’s summit rests 56.000 feet above the Pacific Ocean floor and 27,000 feet higher than Mount Everest. The volcano is active and quite dangerous. And right alongside of Mauna Loa exists Kilauea which has been erupting lava flows onto the Big Island of Hawaii for the past 33 years. Scientists estimate that the volcanic activity in the Hawaiian Emperor Seamount Chain has been occurring for over 70 million years and for my family and I to have been able to witness this amazing geological activity was nothing short of incredible.


I Photographed Halema’ uma’ u Crater on Kilauea Erupting on June 5, 2016

On one day we walked across the Kilauea Iki Crater which exploded in 1959. It was like walking on a foreign planet as we made our way across the lava flows and looked up at the crater’s rim perched high above us. The volcanic activity in the Iki crater may have stopped 57 years ago, but there was steam still coming out of the ground everywhere we walked. It was scary, thrilling, and just damn amazing to be in this very special place. It is something I will never forget for as long as I am alive.


My Daughter inside the Iki Crater


Inside the Iki Crater

The volcanic activity on Hawaii has created some of the most beautiful landscapes and waterfalls that you could ever imagine. We had an opportunity to kayak and swim in one of those creations; a 100 feet deep lagoon that was fed by a 250 feet high waterfall.

This was one of the best trips I have ever taken with my family and I thought it would be nice to share the experience with our readers. It was nice to take a break from all the doom and gloom that is taking place in the world and to visit paradise. If you ever get the chance to visit the Hawaiian Islands, do it! You will not be disappointed.


 We Swam in this Beautiful Lagoon

One thought on “Repost – Our incredible trip to Hawaii in 2016

  1. Lisa December 9, 2021 / 7:45 am

    Spectacular! There is nothing like the beauty and force of nature.

    And I can understand you’re wanting to remember and appreciate these special times in your life right now.

    You have been knocked down hard. But you are not old, John!

    And you and many others are fortunate to have been able to travel to these beautiful places on earth. Family’s of autism children (vaccine-injured) are not always so fortunate. Our family is afraid to try to take my son on a plane. His staying seated for a length of time can be a problem. They would probably have to ground the plane! 😂

    At least in a car he is unable to get up and walk around. So we do our best to try to find places of nature’s beauty in closer proximity. But I do admit that it puts me to tears sometimes! I do sometimes feel like I am in a prison.

    Vaccine injuries do not only affect the individual but the caretakers as well. I would imagine that many people are suffering right now in some form or another from their family member’s injuries in receiving COVID-19 vaccines!


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