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Get two Amazon Kindle books for free: September 2nd — September 6th, 2021!

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Free September 2nd — 6th!

A raw and honest page-turning memoir of addiction, family dynamics, resilience and redemption, Subtle Sabotage spans Lisa Hakes’ life as a suicidal alcoholic, her eventual recovery, and her current experience as the caretaker of an adult child with autism and celiac disease. With candid honesty, Hakes takes you inside the grips of addiction, binge-eating and weight loss, and the violent episodes and treatment of her autistic son.

Join Hakes on this twisty and surprisingly humorous adventure as she overcomes obstacle after obstacle. From stabbing herself in the stomach, to losing over 80 pounds with simple methods, there’s never a boring moment in this unique and wonderful life story.

Subtle Sabotage is a candid portrait of alcoholism and autism for readers who appreciate down-to-earth authors who aren’t afraid to tell the whole story.



Free September 2nd — 6th!

On December 31, 2019, a novel coronavirus was mysteriously contracted by several people at a food market in Wuhan, China. The illness rapidly spread to different countries and eventually across Europe and the United States.

After a short period, world health regulatory agencies warned the global community that nobody had a natural immunity to the mysterious virus, and there would be massive casualties.

Dr. Julie Reiner, a chiropractor, and Donald Barnes, a lab technologist both from New Jersey, meet in New York City at The Event in October 2019, a simulated exercise about a world pandemic caused by a novel coronavirus. The two part-time crisis actors form a close romantic relationship along with a strong suspicion that a brand-new infectious disease rapidly spreading throughout the world is a hoax and mysteriously tied to the simulated event they worked.

While most people in the world remain paralyzed by fear from the nonexistent virus, a shadow government is busy at work, behind the scenes, preparing a diabolical vaccine for every living person on the planet.

Plandemic is a medical science fiction thriller about a global psyop that has the entire world convinced an infectious disease is killing the planet’s population. The fake event has the potential to permanently destabilize world economies and forever change social paradigms that have existed through the eons of time. Will the planet’s citizens wake up in time to figure out what is happening?

From the Author

Plandemic is a fictional story about an authentic and polarizing subject that has affected everybody’s lives on the planet. There will undoubtedly be people that agree and disagree with the story’s premise.

Cognitive dissonance will preclude many members of society from being able to embrace or even finish reading this novella. Understanding the world as it actually exists, versus the way it has been portrayed by mainstream media corporations and others sitting high atop the great pyramid of knowledge, is often too difficult a task for most people.

My goal in writing Plandemic was to connect with open-minded readers who are capable of thinking critically about the official narrative surrounding COVID-19. If the book achieves that goal, the story will have served its intended purpose.

–John Reizer



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  1. sandy edwards September 1, 2021 / 9:25 am

    I’m hearing about major shortages coming very soon. It has already started here in groceries. If you need things better get them NOW! Good luck everyone.

    • NoFakeNews September 1, 2021 / 9:26 am

      Thanks for sharing, Sandy!

  2. Lisa September 1, 2021 / 9:45 am

    When I wrote my memoir, Subtle Sabotage, I released a lot tension that I had been feeling about my life. And as I started writing about my son who was diagnosed with autism as a small child, my true feelings about how I felt he was severely poisoned by childhood vaccines and a brainwashed medical community began to surface. I wanted to inform and warn people about the dangers of a world that was not as it seemed. It was the only way I knew how to give justice to my sweet young man who was perforated by a corrupt and greedy system.

    By the controlling powers that now permeate our entire world with these deadly COVID vaccines.


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