Medicare for All—No Care for You

There’s a major quandary in the United States with regard to private healthcare insurance, ridiculously expensive insurance premiums, Medicare and the idea of Medicare for all.

I do think it’s important for a government to invest in the health of its citizens. The problem with putting that idea into place is that a plethora of greedy insurance companies exist and have their claws firmly attached to the current system. That system would have to be overturned and defeated. That’s going to be difficult to accomplish because there are too many politicians protecting the interests of insurance and Big Pharma corporations.

The other problem is that the current healthcare system, mostly, doesn’t work. It’s more of a sickness care profession than one that helps people maintain health. Most of the procedures and toxic products reccomended for prospective patients to keep them healthy will, undoubtedly make these people unhealthy.

The management of already existing diseases by organized medicine is a disaster as well. It barely works with any real level of success. Only in situations that deal with emergency trauma care to stabilize patients with life threatening conditions do we see the real benefits of the profession of medicine.

Some of the healthiest people in America are those individuals that can’t afford wellness care and the vaccines that are included with said care.

People need to be protected from hospital stays and surgical procedures that can financially wipe them out in a few days, but the healthcare system itself must be addressed first, and fixed so that it stops making healthy people sick and sick people sicker.

The PPJ Gazette

December 17th, 2019]

Contributor & author: Jane M. Orient, M.D., Executive Director of Association of American Physicians and Surgeons


  • Democrat presidential candidates are sparring over how much to expand Medicare. Should it be Medicare for all, for people over 50 and children, or for “all who want it”? Does “all” include veterans, Native Americans, and military dependents, who now have their own government program? Does it include everybody who happens to be in the country, legally or illegally? And do the benefits include just what today’s Medicare beneficiaries get, or everything the candidate can think of—dental, eyeglasses, hearing aids, mental health treatment, addiction treatment, “sex-change” surgery, etc.? Does it even include long-term care, which the Affordable Care Act had to discard because it was unaffordable?
  • Medicare for All means government-directed, corporate-managed care. The managed-care “insurance” cartel, giant hospital chains, and private-equity-owned medical practices will make sure that you…

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