Global Financial Markets Plunge

By Gina Flores
Staff Writer for

The markets are plunging around the world today. US markets have just opened and are down dramatically as of this writing.

In Europe we are seeing a lot of volatility. People are very worried here.

Back in the USA,  mainstream news outlets are trying to calm the viewing audience. Should be an interesting week.

We don’t believe this is the big drop yet. This is only a hiccup compared to what is coming down the road.

Stay tuned for future posts.

2 thoughts on “Global Financial Markets Plunge

  1. Gina,

    As you know from our many conversations, the markets are going to be very choppy in the weeks and months ahead. I know that people are going to be in “panic mode” today, but the decline of stocks globally will take place for a prolonged period of time. It’s going to occur because the system is collapsing and not because people are overreacting.

    Great article and welcome aboard!

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