Living Vicariously Through the Lives of Others

By Dr. John Reizer

Editor at

Reality television, American Idol, sporting events, network sitcoms, soap operas, movies, and many other venues are some of the ways the average American lives vicariously through the lives of others. To some degree I guess it is healthy to fantasize about being a movie star, famous athlete, or worldly personality. As a young child, I used to pretend that I was pitching in the World Series while throwing a tennis ball at a brick wall for several hours at a time. But there’s a difference and a fine line, in my opinion, between having a childhood hero or a secret dream of making the big leagues in professional sports and becoming hopelessly obsessed with satisfying your life’s aspirations through viewing the challenges and accomplishments of another.

As a society, too many Americans are fixated on living in fantasy situations. They are sleepwalking through…

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2 thoughts on “Living Vicariously Through the Lives of Others

  1. Guided Here By Your Biggest ‘Fan’, MUM ! Edwina is a Star In Her Own Right as Well as A Friend . Very Interesting John and I Shall Be Returning in The Future, God and The Universe Willing ! Smiles and ALL Good Things JL : ))

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